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Houston, Texas, 77054, United States
September 14, 2018

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Analytical and results-oriented professional, offering hands-on experience in petroleum engineering to utilize acquired skills and knowledge honed from strong academic and career background toward career advancement. Skilled at conducting research projects, including identifying hydrocarbon exploration, testing data and reservoir simulation, and estimating resource volumes and recoverable hydrocarbons. Equipped with well-defined communication, problem-solving, technical, and research skills, along with effectiveness in establishing productive relationships with diverse individuals. Articulate communicator. Proficient with Microsoft Office Applications, CMG, Eclipse, R, and NIS elements.


Reservoir and Production Engineering Data Research and Analysis Petrophysical and Geological Evaluation

Well Testing and Logging Core Analysis and Oil Recovery Laboratory Management

Production and Process Improvement Cross-functional Collaboration


Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Engineering (GPA: 3.77/4.0): Dec 2017

Missouri University of Science and Technology • Rolla, MO, USA

Relevant Coursework: Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Exploration and Development Seismology

Petroleum Economics and Asset Valuation Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (GPA: 3.75/4.0): May 2013

Missouri University of Science and Technology • Rolla, MO, USA

Relevant Coursework: Applied Reservoir Simulation Advanced Well Testing Analysis Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

Petroleum Geology Well Logging Drilling and Well Design Well Performance and Production Systems

Secondary Recovery Improved Oil Recovery Processes

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences: Jun 2011

Fudan University • Shanghai, China


New AERO Technology • Houston, TX, USA

Reservoir Engineer, Volunteer Nov 2017–Present

Assist in evaluating new business opportunities, asset optimization, and technical support for exploration projects

Provide hands-on assistance with the identification of acquisition and exploration opportunities

Initiate the creation of correlations between geologic and completion variables and well performances

Perform resource volumes and recoverable hydrocarbons estimations through probabilistic, deterministic volumetric and recovery factors

Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd • Daqing, China

Geophysicist Intern Jun 2013–Aug 2013 / Jun 2016–Aug 2016

Skillfully conducted interpretation of subsurface geoscience and related data to support hydrocarbon exploration and development projects of Daqing oil field

Held responsibility in documenting, interpreting, and integrating geophysical and geological data

Examined and established rock physics relationships at both regional and field development scales

Performed interpretation of fault juxtaposition 2D and 3D seismic to estimate trap geometry and size

Interpreted detailed 3D seismic data of known fields to select prospective drilling locations

Summarized results and presented reports on field geophysics


Missouri University of Science and Technology • Rolla, MO, USA

Lecturer Jan 2013–May 2016

Facilitated lecture and led laboratory sessions for PE 3001 Petrophysics course

Arranged instruments for the measurement of basic petroleum parameters including permeability, porosity, surface and interface tension, hydrocarbon density, wettability, and saturation


Missouri University of Science and Technology • Rolla, MO, USA (Jan 2012–Dec 2017)

Project Name: Study and Pilot Test of Preformed Particle Gel Conformance Control Combined with Surfactant Treatment

Role: Research Assistant Date: Jun 2013–Dec 2017

Evaluated formation using testing and logging data from Proterozoic to Permian zone of South Kansas

Performed numerical simulation on geophysics data from the field using CMG

Conducted emulsion stability testing using various surfactant and nanoparticles

Implemented coordination and analysis of the best preformed particle gel (PPG) and surfactants for well candidates

Utilized confocal-laser-microscope system in creating optical method for emulsified oil-water-surfactant solution

Assessed multiple factors such as hydrophilic-lipophilic balance and concentration by confocal-laser-microscopy

Project Name: Fluid Flow Characterization of Unconventional Resources Using Micro- and Nano-fluidic Chips

Role: Research Assistant Date: Jan 2014–Dec 2017

Completed the design and fabrication of optical micromodels through lithology plasma etching method

Took charge of organizing experimental apparatus for submicro-scale on-chip studies including fluid handling, image capturing, data analysis systems, as well as on-chip porous media, and laser confocal microscopy system

Used capillaries and nano-scaled fractured micromodels to identify surfactant effect on oil recovery factor

Studied flow patterns and interfaces of micromodels using machine learning method

Conducted extensive research on sweep efficiency and residual oil distribution in microscopic

Project Name: Fluid Flow in Nano-scale Ceramic Membrane and Its Application on Unconventional Gas

Role: Research Assistant Date: Jan 2012–May 2013

Examined gas and water one-phase flow behavior with core flooding tests using shale and tight sandstone, as well as fluid flow behavior in nano-scale porous media through well-characterized ceramic membrane

Calculated and analyzed gas and water permeability of membranes with nano-scale pore size using Perm-600

Applied Klinkenberg correction and examined Knudsen effect in assessing gas flow

Oak Ridge National Lab • Oak Ridge, TN, USA

Project Name: Silicon Micro-model Fabrication for Nano-Scale Hydrocarbon Flow Behavior

Role: Visiting Scholar Date: Jun 2014 and Apr 2015

Implemented network design with conventional and fractured patterns of nanofluidic chips for flow behavior study

Utilized various instruments such as mask aligner, atomic layer deposition (ALD), and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) in fabricating nanofluidic chips with silicon wafer and borofloat cover-glass

Fudan University • Shanghai, China

Project Name: Isolation by Distance of Cultivated Rice Affected by Human Activities

Role: Research Student Date: Sep 2009–Jun 2011

Analyzed the evolution distance between more than 10,000 samples of cultivated rice from villages in Yunnan Province

Identified effects of human activities such as seeds exchanging that affect genetic distance

China University of Petroleum • Beijing, China

Project Name: Water Flooding Law of Horizontal Well in Heterogeneous Bottom Water Reservoir

Role: Research Student Date: Jul 2010–Sep 2010

Documented various permeability ratios and hyper tonicity width of different reservoir planes

Reviewed literature regarding secondary recovery, horizontal drilling, and petroleum geology

Northeast Petroleum University • Daqing, China

Project Name: Influence of Mass Concentration and Mineralization of Polymer Solution on its Viscoelasticity

Role: Research Student Date: Jan 2010–Feb 2010

Assessed the viscoelasticity and rheology of polyacrylamide solution

Recorded polyacrylamide solution changes under different concentrations and temperatures


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