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Business Intelligence Analyst

Marietta, GA
September 13, 2018

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Saisandeep Adapa

Business Intelligence Developer\Analyst



Six plus (6+) years of extensive experience in implementing, developing & maintaining various Business Intelligence application systems for Financial, Retirement, Investment, Insurance, Consumer Loans, Communications and Consulting sectors using wide range of BI tools.

Two plus (2+) years of hands on experience in developing powerful Data visualizations using Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik.

Good working experience on object-oriented programming like Java & Python.

knowledge on Hadoop Map Reduce and Bigdata concepts.

Two (2) years of strong experience on end to end implementation of Oracle DRM and maintenance of metadata of various upstream and downstream systems.

Hands on experience in both Relational and NoSQL database management using tools like Microsoft SQL server, Oracle SQL, MongoDB, and SQLite.

Experience in interacting with various Data sources like Data warehouses, Exadata, OLAP sources, Packaged Applications (PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, and SAP), Unstructured and Semi-structured data.

Strong experience in writing Linux shell scripts & Windows DOS scripts, which are used in Job automation process.

Extensive experience in end to end installation of Oracle Hyperion EPM suite, OBIEE, Informatica, Power BI, Qlik Sense.

Experience in working with Extract, Transform & Load process using Microsoft SSIS, Informatica (E-T-L) and Oracle ODI (E-L-T).

Extensive experience on SOAP & REST Web Service APIs for remotely interacting with Data Relationship Management server, Planning and Essbase instances.

Extensive knowledge on implementation and working of Service Oriented Architecture.

Experience on working with Oracle WebLogic Server for application administration.

Experience in huge migrations of EPM suite from to which also involved migrating metadata and data.

Good understanding of Hyperion EPM architecture and how it interacts with various downstream and upstream systems.

Experience in Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins.

Extensive experience on using Microsoft Excel for building reports and perform calculations.

Good Experience with Version Control Management tools like GitHub, IBM Clear Case.

Experience in Agile software methodology with Version-One, JIRA & Rally.

Strong experience in writing and updating technical documents on daily basis with changes made to existing environment.

Excellent interpersonal abilities, communication skills, time management and Team skills with an intention to work hard and attain project deadlines under stressful environments.

Highly curious about latest trends in Business Intelligence sector, technologies and thoroughly mastering them with a keen awareness of new industry developments and evolution of programming solutions.


Oracle Tools

Oracle Data Relationship Management, Essbase, Planning, Shared Services, Essbase Studio, Integration Services, OBIEE, Essbase Administrative Services, Oracle EBS R12

Data Analysis & Visualization

Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, QlikSense, Tableau

Application Administration

Oracle WebLogic Server

ETL/ELT tools

Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator




Linux Scripting, Windows DOS, JAVA EE, Apache Ant, Python, MDX, MAXL, DAX, DRM Java Scripts & Native Formula Language, Hadoop MapReduce

Statistical Analysis

R Programming, Python, SAS

Python Libraries

NLTK, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, MRJob (MapReduce)

Relational Database Management

Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL server

Multidimensional database

Hyperion Essbase

Engineered Systems

Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic

Version Control & Automation server

IBM Clear Case, GitHub, Jenkins

Ticket System


Document Management System

Microsoft SharePoint


Corporate Technologies, Inc, Burlington MA Sep 2017 – Present

Client: Site Hands

Role: Business Intelligence Analyst

Implementing GeoAnalytics and GeoSpatial Analysis to provide comprehensive mapping capabilities and also expose hidden geographic relationships.

Migrating existing QlikView Applications (Qvw) to QlikSense (Qvf) applications and involved in resolving the challenges facing during this process. QlikSense Converter is used during this process through QlikSense Dev hub.

Implementing security with section access and application access with Data load scripts in QlikView and QlikSense.

Working with QVD data files in QlikView and QlikSense.

Tools & Technologies Used:

QlikView, QlikSense, Qlik Management Console, Qlik GeoAnalytics, Microsoft SQL server

Corporate Technologies, Inc, Burlington MA Aug 2017 – Present

Client: Republic Finance

Role: Business Intelligence Analyst

Develop Power BI data visualizations which are used for financial reporting of Delinquency rates and Loan originations for client.

Connecting to various sources like mongo DB and SQL server to load the data in to Power BI and build relationships between different source tables.

Converting all the existing static graphs of the client to timely refreshable dynamic visualizations in Power BI.

Wrote various DAX scripts inside Power BI to perform complex data analysis.

Weekly presentations to business users about the reports and changes as per the requirement.

Implemented Hyperlinking between multiple visualizations between multiple dashboards in Power BI.

Recommended new Data visualizations that reflect key performance indications for improving better decision-making capabilities.

Created various dynamically refreshable Power BI visualizations in power point so users can have latest reports for their presentation and analysis.

Various location-based reports are developed so users can drill through the reports on their respective branches.

Interacted with MongoDB databases for data lineage with SQL server and Experience in creating JavaScript for using DML operation with MongoDB.

Involved in complete Data lineage process to validate end to end data validation process from various data sources to Power BI data query views.

End to end Data lineage process, that involves data coming from various source systems to Microsoft SQL server and validate the data on Power BI visualizations.

Created and stored number of T-SQL queries to validate data between different sources and Power BI.

Write JSON scripts for changing data color schemes in Power BI desktop to replicate organization data color scheme.

Interact with Business users and Senior architects for User Acceptance Testing of developed Visualizations and gather requirements if any further modifications are needed.

Gaining knowledge on Microsoft SSIS tool, which is used to develop jobs for extracting, cleaning, transforming and loading data into data warehouse.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, Microsoft SSIS, Stored Procedures, Python, T-SQL, MongoDB, JSON, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel.

Corporate Technologies, Inc, Burlington MA Feb 2016 – Jan 2018

Client: Voya Financial, Atlanta GA

Role: Architect

Interact with business users and technical development team to implement new Versions, Hierarchies and support maintenance of PeopleSoft and EPMA metadata in DRM.

Working as DRM Access Manager to provide security to metadata objects and nodes using Object access groups and Node access groups and authenticate business users and developers with essential security roles on metadata and objects.

Nodes creation and Node level operations are performed to maintain Hierarchy structure in every Version.

Enforced Business rules on Versions, Hierarchies, nodes and properties using Validations.

Knowledge on Creating Blenders, Exports, Imports, Validations, Node types, Properties in DRM that are extensively used in day to day business process.

Develop and configure Custom, defined, list value, lookup and inheriting properties and create property categories.

Developed number of Linux shell scripts and Windows dos scripts which are used in automation of batch schedules.

Developed API’s for DRM tasks groups like Blender, Import, Exports, Version Unload & load, etc. which can be called using wrapper scripts in nightly job process.

Experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Implemented SOAP based service in Java and is deployed to the Oracle WebLogic application Server as a J2EE Web Application.

Handle daily technical production support, responsible for successful nightly business process, instruct offshore team with necessary actions to be followed when required.

Involved in successful migrations of EPM metadata and Objects over the life cycle of projects.

Successfully Upgraded DRM & Hyperion EPMA applications from to

Supported and maintained parallelly over 15 Linux and windows servers during upgradation process.

Implemented OBIEE Easy Push button concept that helps the life of business users easier in generating ad-hoc Hyperion Reports and trigger DRM processes.

Deploy and administer PeopleSoft, DRM, EPM applications through WebLogic server.

Implemented complex logic and business logic for derived properties and validations by using Native Formula Language and Java script.

Created and Administered number of core and custom properties & property categories for Versions, Hierarchies and Nodes.

Perform various node level operations and orphan node validations.

Create and Manage various workflow tasks and models for Data Relationship Governance.

Involved in complete change request management process and interacted with business users to contribute towards creation, management and automation of process associated with authoring and managing changes to master data.

Interaction with organization auditors for auditing DRM master data using Audit option and analyze data changes by viewing baseline versions and change tracking properties.

Created various export profiles that generates various file formats like XML and ADS for downstream systems (PeopleSoft & EPMA).

Automated DRM Metadata Migration, Using Junit language in Eclipse, developed a process that migrates all the DRM extracted metadata objects (XML files) to destination DRM systems.

Assisted IT Head of Infrastructure at Voya in implementing GitHub and Jenkins tools for automating complete Testing process of DRM and other Hyperion development process.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Oracle Data Relationship Management, Data Relationship Governance, JavaScript, Python, Peoplesoft Metadata, Linux, Windows scripting, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Essbase, Essbase Administrative Services, Planning, OBIEE, FDMEE, Informatica, Jenkins, GitHub, SOAP, XML, JAVA EE, Junit, Eclipse, ServiceNow, Oracle SQL, Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Kent State University, College of Business, Kent OH Sep 2014 – Dec 2015

Role: IT Analyst

Assist Professors and students during lab sessions for training students on and Oracle SQL and Microsoft office tools.

Assisted students in development of minor database projects.

Windows and Linux administration activities for all student systems in the lab.

Provide security for students and professors to access database tools and other business-related tools and applications.

Developed Backup and recovery plans for database and involved in research of various recovery strategies.

Assisted professor in a project for collecting weather forecast data using Raspberry Pi device and required sensors to collect data.

Gained knowledge on data collection and maintenance from electronic devices.

Developed Auto retrieval and insertion of NOSQL data using PyMongo and MongoDB with Python programming.

Implemented Machine Learning algorithms with Python NLTK classifiers, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Django.

Used SAS & Qlik sense to develop data visualizations from the collected data and built various KPI reports for Data Analysis and decision making.

Tools & Technologies used:

Oracle SQL, SAS, Python, Jupyter Ipython, NumPy, BottlePy, Pandas, Linux, SQLite, Qlik Sense

Apps Associates PVT LTD, Hyderabad, India Dec 2013 – Jun 2014

Client: Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins, Boston MA

Role: BI Staff Consultant

Extracted data from Flat files, DB2, SQL and Oracle to build an Operation Data Source. Applied business logic to load the data into Global Data Warehouse.

Extensively worked on Facts and Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) tables.

Maintained source and target mappings, transformation logic and processes to reflect the changing business environment over time.

Provided support to develop the entire warehouse architecture and plan the ETL process.

Modified existing mappings for enhancements of new business requirements.

Responsible for developing, support and maintenance for the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes using Informatica.

Implemented Informatica recommendations, methodologies and best practices.

Implemented performance tuning logic on Targets, Sources, Mappings and Sessions to provide maximum efficiency and performance.

Involved in development, performance tuning and optimizations for data/dimension loads, database restructuring (BSO/ASO), calculations, overall Essbase performance. Key techniques used were resetting databases, grouping sparse member combinations, using parallel calculations, managing caches, two-pass calculations & changing buffer size.

Troubles shooting critical issues in timely manner to- ensure the SLAs (Service level agreement) are met.

Worked extensively on data loads, load rules, Calc scripts.

Extensively used calculation commands and functions to improve the performance of applications. Developed Calc Scripts for complex calculations and optimized them.

On time completion of all assigned tasks and meeting the business expectations and timelines.

Involved in Knowledge transfer and development transition to the other team members and to production team.

Created reports Using SmartView and Excel Add-ins.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Informatica, Oracle SQL, Oracle Essbase, Shared services, Planning, SmartView, Essbase Studio, MAXL, Calculation scripts, Microsoft Excel.

Apps Associates PVT LTD, Hyderabad, India Jun 2013 – Nov 2013

Client: Charles River Associates, Boston MA

Role: BI Staff Consultant

Involved in design and development of ASO and BSO cubes to support Planning, Forecasting and Reporting.

Created new calculation scripts as per the new requirements.

Developed reports using Hyperion Financial Reporting, connecting to Essbase cubes.

Updated currency calculation logic and optimized the calculations for faster execution.

Tuned the Planning and Essbase applications.

Involved in development, performance tuning and optimizations for data/dimension loads, database restructuring (BSO/ASO), calculations, overall Essbase performance.

Key techniques were used for resetting databases, grouping sparse member combinations, using parallel calculations, managing caches, using two-pass calculations, changing buffer size and setup the Cfg settings on the Essbase server for better performance.

Understanding the dimensional updates for Hyperion Planning through EPMA dimensional library.

Updated currency calculation logic and optimized the calculations for faster execution.

Developed various shell scripts for automating batch job process and involved in handling nightly job process support.

Extensively involved with end users to support Production issues

Tools & Technologies Used:

Oracle Essbase, Planning, Oracle SQL, Shared services, Hyperion Financial Reporting, SmartView, Essbase Integration services, MAXL, Calculation scripts, Microsoft Excel.

Apps Associates PVT LTD, Hyderabad, India Jan 2012 – Jun 2013

Client: Nuance Communications, Boston MA

Role: BI Associate Consultant

Automated various business processes using MAXL scripting language.

Interact with client on daily basis in handling production issues.

Created Data Grids, Member Lists and Data Entry Forms and updated data on Essbase server.

Perform regular cube deployments to build an outline and load data to Essbase application and database.

Created various standard hierarchies in Essbase and designed how data is getting consolidated and navigated

Created Calculation Scripts and Report scripts in Hyperion Essbase.

Successfully Installed and configured the Oracle Data Integrator ODI software tool in a three-tier environment and performing periodic upgrades, performing source-to-target mappings, storage capacity planning, developing ETL.

Configured Oracle Data integrator ODI Master Repository Work Repository on Oracle Database.

Documentation of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual processes.

Extensively used ODI to load data from Oracle, XML files and flat files

Deployed RPD and catalogs using Enterprise manager.

Created new reports and dashboards as per the business need.

Analysis, Design, Implementation, documentations and BI specifications that incorporate OBIEE development standards best practices as well as ongoing support for Data Warehouse.

Worked on Physical, Business Model and Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer of OBIEE Administration tool.

Checking the status of the Hyperion systems on daily basis and extensively involved in troubleshooting of various production issues.

Worked on Hyperion Workspace reports, validating the reports.

Validating the data (Oracle vs Hyperion) on regular basis.

Worked on Hyperion Shared services, for granting and terminating the access to the users.

Loading the Headcount data in System on regular basis.

Migrating metadata from Production to Development Environment.

Taking backup of Workspace on regular basis and clearing the System logs and Backups.

Involved with Administration team in migration and installations of Hyperion EPM to

Responsible for writing Unix Shell Scripts to schedule the jobs.

Tools & Technologies Used:

Oracle Essbase, Planning, Oracle SQL, OBIEE, Shared services, Oracle Data Integrator, SmartView, Essbase Integration services, Shell scripting, MAXL, Calculation scripts, Microsoft Excel.

Apps Associates PVT LTD, Hyderabad, India Jun 2011 – Dec 2011

Client: Remote Help Desk for various clients

Role: Intern

Involved in intensive training On Oracle EBS tools, SQL, PLSQL, Java, OBIEE, ODI, Informatica, DAC and Hyperion EPM for a period of three months.

Assigned to various real time projects in the organization as a shadow resource.

Involved in high level documentation of end to end project deliverables.

Assigned to various technical support teams, supporting a globally installed multi-org implementation of Oracle Human Resources, Order Management, Financials and

Supply Chain Management.

Participated in Architecting and reconfiguring the applications to accommodate rapidly changing business requirements

Designed and maintained existing and developed new custom interfaces.

Effectively troubleshooted and resolved production processing tickets.

Quickly understood new requirements and supported existing interfaces between Oracle

Financials and other applications.


Master’s in Computer science Aug 2014 – Dec 2015

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

Concentrated on Data Analytics, Data Science, Big data, Business Intelligence

GPA – 3.8

Bachelor’s in Information technology Oct 2007 – Apr 2011

Jawaharlal Technology University, Kakinada, India

GPA – 3.6


Microsoft Power BI Desktop (2016) Apr 2018 – Present

License: 9CCE81

Oracle Essbase 11 Support specialist.

Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Sales and Support specialist.

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