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Network Engineer, Project Manager, Project Engineer

Lewisville, Texas, United States
September 13, 2018

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Skills Summary:

Operating systems :Dos, Win *.*, Win 95, Win 98,SE, Me, Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, NT Server, and, Workstation, Macintosh, 7.0, - 10.4.X, Star OS, Cisco IOS, Linux and IDirect

Browsers: I.E, 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, and 8, Netscape 3.0, 4.0, 4.04, 4.05, 4.61, 4.7, 4.8, Firefox and Chrome

Email Applications: Outlook, Outlook Express, ccmail, & Lotus Notes

Software: Not limited to Back Office, Office 97, 2000,Office 11,Office 2007\server and 2010\server including excel, PPT, Word, and Project(common use with most applications), Lotus notes, Sap R3/CIC, Remedy, RTT, GIS Tool, Actix, Net analyst, Citrix, Lucent OMP, ROP Analyst, OMC-RAN, XMS, Data Pro, AAA,PDSN FA, HA, WebEx, Wire shark, Star OS, IOS, C3, Webmon, Casemon, OSS, CSONE, SON, IDirect Sat Manage and Compass

Various software: Wireless Sync, Blackberry, Smith- Micro, Active Sync, and proprietary Samsung, Cisco Verizon Software

Hardware: Basic system connectivity, Server Build outs (UCS), hubs, various PBX switches, and Internal System connectivity involving mostly but not limited to Lucent Cell, Dell 750/850 Servers, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining, Auto Test, Ascom,Lucent, Starent (Cisco) Cisco ASR5k/ASR5500/7600/HWIC/Routers/ISR with Cellular modules, UT Starcom, PCRF PCF, IWF.1X, EVDO RNC’s., IDirect NMS, Linkstar

Network: Dial up networking, TCP/IP, and stack, Free PPP, PPP, RAS, LAN/WAN, CDMA, LTE, VPN, FTP, FTPS,SS7, BGP, TDMA, Edge, 802.11b and 802.11g, Motorola, Lucent, and Nortel systems, Good understanding of CDMA, AMPS, 2G, Async, 1XRTT, EVDO(3G), LTE, UMTS, Cisco Packet Core-SGW, PGW, CSG, FA, HA, Femto/Small Cell and Satellite.

Field Experience includes but not limited to: Lucent Modcell integrations, new turn ups of cell sites, and switches. Other duties include troubleshooting/turning up new facilities for carrier ads and span ads. Third party wiring and troubleshooting. Insuring Hazmat and EPA standards have been adhered to. Various battery cabinets are maintained such as ADEKKO, LUCENT and NORTHSTAR. Power Plant troubleshooting and repairs made to PECO, PECO 2’s and MARCONI’s.

Cellular Devices: All Samsung handsets from February 2002 to 2004, an assortment of Motorola, LG, Qualcomm, Audiovox. Droid based smartphones and tablets, Aircards, Embedded Cards and other various handsets and devices, PCEX, Cisco ISR, HWIC, and Cisco Small Cell.

Service providers: Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Metro-PCS, AT&T, TELUS, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Vodaphone, US Cellular and other smaller SP’s in the Americas and abroad.

Certifications: IP Convergence, 9453 XMS(Extended Management Systems), 9326 eNodeB LAA1.1, LTE RAN LE, Overview of MPLS, CL5597W EBH Cell Site, OFDM, LTE SAE Evolved Packet Core EPC, ALU LTE Overview, Award solutions of LTE, Networks Overview, RMT CDMA Modular Cell Base Station Operations Mtce and Administration, Smart Antenna Technology, JDSU EBH QT-600, 7750SR-7705SAR, Dataminor.


o1994-1995 Metro-Tech, Technical institution, OKC, OK

Electrical 1&2

o1994 Westmoore- High School, Moore, OK

High School Diploma

Work Experience:

Verizon- Plano, TX (Sr. Network Engineer) 2017-Current

Job duties include-

Activating new Satellite Sites and refreshes, Quality Control lead and Escalation Engineer for new and existing Activations and QA, designing and deploying new Satellite Networks and Systems. Developing and deploying new processes and procedures a crossed multiple departments. Driving failed site activations and rejections in order to start the billing process. Test existing and new database and network management system enhancements. Project Management and Engineering for new and existing roll outs. Assist with emergency deployments for disaster situations. (Hurricanes etc.). Designing and documenting new WAN solutions and systems.(Lots of Project Management involved)

Cisco Systems- Richardson, TX (Network Engineer TAC/Mobile Wireless/SP Mobile/Small Cell) 2012-2017

Job duties include-

Assisting customers with configuration needs on Cisco Software (SON) and Hardware (Routers, Switches and Small Cell) that include but not limited to 1800, 1900 and 3800 series routers, ISR’s such as 800 series that supported either PCEX or embedded cellular and Wi-Fi modules. Configuration needs ranging from initial software/hardware configurations, provisioning and activation assistance to connect to providers etc. More complex configurations such as for failing over to the cellular from a primary connection via T1/E1 or other hardwire/wifi connection, VPN, R&P, NMS configuration assistance, flapping interface assistance due to IP Source Violations, poor RF conditions, interference or other radio driven issues related to carrier settings PLMN, channel or band selection etc. Other job duties include trouble shooting, resolving and providing RCA on customer network outages due to configuration, hardware failure, design, upgrades and or other issues on the Packet Core PGW/SGW/MME/IMS primarily on ASR5K&5500’s/SAMI hardware, Interfaces, protocols. Along with other non Cisco equipment such as PCRF and other IMS products and OEM’s (Maviner, Openet, Tekelec). Analyze traces, log files, graphs, MOPs and other data to provide customer feedback, resolution or provide data to BU/Development Teams and or other teams when needed. Set up and assisted in lab recreates for myself and or other teams. Project Manager

Develop, deploy and review new training documents for new hires or team members on packet core and 3G/4G cellular modules and devices. Approve and provide feedback on new products, product documentation and concepts. Assist and or drive effort on large sales opportunities or deployments on Packet Core and 3G/4G ISR’s and HWIC’s. Escalation point for other teams and TAC groups when needed for various issues such as customer complaints and technical issues. Collaborate with multiple BU teams, other TAC teams, Account teams, Sales teams, Advance Services teams and partners such as Service Providers to drive issues and or projects to resolution. Lab Advocate for team, attending meetings, working with CALO on Lab reconfigurations, recreates, managed additional equipment and new products, spear headed RMA’s and overall communications between TAC and the Lab to help other teams achieve their goals.

Verizon Wireless- Southlake, TX (Network Support/Operations/Design/Implementation) 2004 – 2011

Job duties include -

Providing technical assistance and in-depth troubleshooting of all elements of the network for both Large Enterprise customer and employee base including tracing and analyzing Network elements and assisting with identifying issues causing network outages. Identifying various RF parameters Ex: IA’s, successful and Dropped Calls, troubleshooting BTS, PCF- Packet Loss, Disconnects and Configurations issues, PDSN-Packet Loss, Disconnects and Configurations issues, RNC-Boarder issues, Packet Loss, Disconnects and Configurations issues, AAA issues from basic connectivity to authentication issues including A11 and A12.

•Working with various Engineering and Technical departments to resolve network issues but not limited to System Performance, Data Engineers, Cell Technicians, Switch Technicians

• Troubleshooting wireless air cards and terminals including programming and debugging. Advanced support with Blackberry’s, mobile phones, mobile phones intergraded with, Pocket Pc 2002 and 2003, Smart phone 2002, 2003, Windows Mobile 5 units and palm operating systems starting with 3.5.2 to current.

• Training new employees, developing training guides and technical bulletins to distribute to other members of the team.

•On Core teams for new implementation projects to be released Including: Device Software Update and Brew Manager

Building/Maintaining mainly Lucent-, 2G, 3G and 4G Networks. Various types of antenna systems, and Power plants. Wiring/testing and troubleshooting of new facilities copper and fiber. Wiring/troubleshooting of external and internal alarming. Replacing/troubleshooting of various types of cards and components, Filters, Amps, Radios CTU’s, Controllers, EVM’s, Base band filters, etc. Note: Turn up and rehome of new sites to new switch. Drive testing to confirm sites are functioning correctly. Locating interference issues. Other duties include-Working with Data Sales/System Perf to fix issues with our Enterprise clientele such as Conoco-Phillips.

Samsung Telecommunications- Richardson, TX (Technical Trainer & Project Manager) 2002 – 2004

Job duties include-

Tier 2 and tier 3 technical supports, Provide support for Enterprise customers, This includes advanced support with Pocket Pc 2002 and 2003, Smart phone 2002 and 2003, and mobile phones intergraded with palm operating systems starting with 3.5.2 to current.

•All testing, supporting, and writing training documentation for tier 1 and 2 for Samsung call centers including RMA and Technical Support departments on all handsets, accessories and data bases that the call center utilizes mostly PHP, Lotus Notes, Sap R3/CIC, and others.

• Applications used include and not limited to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Word, Adobe Photo shop and other applications used for development and Implementation of policies, procedure’s, and technical specifications on all wireless terminals and accessories that were used from 2002 - 2004.

•Interfacing with product management, field engineers, data engineers and software developers on pre launch products or existing issues with current handsets, accessories and various other issues. Involvement with the interviewing, hiring and termination process. Also part of leadership meetings to help solve current call center issues.

•Drive testing with Device Engineers

• Monitoring, and coaching all level 2 and RMA personal. New user set ups including PC set up, phone systems and interaction with IT to complete these tasks.

Digital Matrix, Addison, TX (Tier 2 support) 2000 – 2001

Job duties include-

Working with various networks using 2000 Pro, Server, and NT with all service packs, modem

pools, general connectivity and beta testing in house software


Stream International, Carrolton, TX (Tier 1 support) 1999 – 2000

Job duties include-

•Configuring computers for one of largest Internet service providers in the nation. Operating systems

Include, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 98se, Me, 2000, NT, and Macintosh.

Blalock Electrical, Lewisburg, TN (Electrician) 1999-1998.

Job duties include-

•Industrial and commercial wiring on hospitals, schools, and industrial plants. Also reading blueprints

and leadsman on the job

Fry Construction, Dallas, TX (Medical Imaging Specialist) 1998 –1997

Job duties include

• installing Medical imaging machines’ including Cat scans, MRIs, and X-ray machines to wiring the

Generalities of Hospitals in the greater Dallas and Ft Worth areas .

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