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Engineer Injection Molding

La Jolla, California, United States
September 15, 2018

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Ziyang Sun

858-***-******** Charmant Dr • San Diego 92122 • • Summary

Experience with developing processing scripts in Python and simulation with Matlab.

Three-year experience of CAD with Solidworks and AutoCad.

Familiar with the manufacturing techniques of sheet metal forming, injection molding and 3D printing.

Working experience of GD&T and FEA, mechanical and structural analysis with ANSYS. Education

University of California, San Diego 09/2017-12/2018 Master of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering GPA(3.7/4.0) Beihang University 09/2013-6/2017

Bachelor of Engineering in Flying Vehicle Power Engineering GPA(3.61/4.0) Experience

Smart Robot Designer, UCSD Design Lab, San Diego, CA. 04/2018-07/2018

Led a team to design and test a bioinspired mobile robot. Used SLIP model to achieve the jumping locomotion of the legged robot.

Modeled the 3-D model of the robot by using Solidworks and finished the motion simulation. Performed and documented the project. Applied the RCA to point out and solve the problems

Derived the forward and inverse kinematics. Developed python code to control leg position with ODrive BLDC controller and executed PID and time-optimal moves in order to control the robot finishing the walking and jumping tasks.

Data analyst, MAE 228 Course Project, UC San Diego 04/2018-05/2018

Worked with a dataset representing different permutations of Mercedes-Benz car features in Python to predict the time it takes to pass testing. Features Engineering with 385 features and 4000 samples, combined the appropriate models: LSVR, RFR,GBR. Predicted the bench test time and got the Top 15% on Kaggle. Turbomachine Designer, Beihang University Fluid Machinery Lab, Beijing, China. 09/2016-01/2017

Designed and manufactured the turbomachine. Optimized and tested the product to meet its required performance.

Completed the aerodynamic design of the centrifugal compressor and centripetal turbine, including the attack angle, the blade profile and number, the area of throat, the pressure ratio, the nozzle pressure ratio.

Applied the AutoCAD and Solidworks to model the turbomachine. Applied the DFR to verify the reliability.

Manufactured the turbomachine which could raise the speed of 3400 rpm. Research Assistant, National Laboratory for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing China 07/2016-06/2017

Research of the effects of different types of inlet distortion on stall inception in a two-stage compressor, aimed to develop an advanced Stall-Warning approach.

Applied DFM in the crankcase design and optimization, worked with a manufacture engineer to get a high cost performance.

Designed and constructed the test system: experience with the design of PCB, the steady and dynamic data sensors. Applied rational sampling distribution to reduced signal interference.

Analyzed the characteristics of different distortion on the flow field by RANS and the CFX software. Amplified the database of the two-stage compressor in different inlet distortions and with the SPS Casing Treatment. Utilized the FFT and Wavelet on stall inception data processing.

Implemented the self-correlation algorithm and probability statistics to predict the stall. Through setting the threshold of relative coefficient and the probability as the warning limit, it guaranteed the active control have twice time to adjust the condition when the compressor stalls. Assitant to QA Engineer, China Mobile Group Design Institute Co., Ltd, Changchun China 07/2015-09/2015

Research the combustion and emission performance for the CA6DLD-26E5 DieselEngine

Mastered the main technical parameters and test conditions of the Diesel Engine, including diesel temperature, inlet air pressure drop, inter cooler pressure drop, exhaust back pressure, post cooling temperature.

Learned the structure and operation principle of engine, and completed the assembly and part inspection of the prototype.


Skills: Matlab; C; R; Python; AutoCad; Solidworks; ANSYS; Adams; PLC; Machine Learning; SQL

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