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Engineer Java Developer

Santa Clara, California, United States
September 12, 2018

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Robert S. de Heer Santa Clara, CA, 408-***-****,

Summary Senior DevOps Engineer full-lifecycle experience developing scalable, cost-effective, creative, innovative online solutions. Self starter with a talent for improving internal production processes and procedures. Effective leader and hands-on collaborator with QA, marketing, engineering, and management. Successful transformer of failing applications/platforms to highly performant systems.


Senior DevOps Engineer (Contract) November 2015 – January 2018

Relevance Labs, Supported sysadmin team in new Chef rollouts. Ansible, Chef Server, Chef Analytics, Chef Compliance, Chef DSL, Chef DK, ChefSpec, RSpec, AWS, Food Critic, Test Kitchen, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Centos, Ubuntu, Ruby, Apigee, Rancher. WebMethods.

Provisioned, configured and application instances on AWS. Provisioned AWS infrastructure with Terraform. Documented AWS infrastructure provisioning process.

Led rapid application deployment transformation under tight deadline.

Trained new developers how to develop and maintain chef tooling.

Reviewed applicability of Chef Analytics and Chef Compliance tools for the Barclays environment.

Implemented several custom cookbooks per client specifications.

Documented build system architecture, including reference architecture, proprietary pipeline, and PAAS infrastructure.

Configured Chef Server with Chef Analytics in test environment. Configured Chef Compliance in test environment. Reviewed Barclay’s needs and the capabilities of Chef tools and recommended an integration path.

Worked effectively in pair programming environment.

Leveraged advanced features in Chef, such as handlers to meet customer requirements.

Wrote custom Chef resource for platform-specific administration.

Added features to Rancher stack.

Added features to Chef Automate stack.

Documented new processes. Suggested organizational performance improvements.

Senior DevOps Engineer November 2016 – Present

Taos Technology Solutions, AWS EC2, Route53, S3, EBS, ELB, Cloudformation. Lambda; SparkleFormation, ElasticSearch, Chef, chefspec, rspec, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Packer, AWS, nginx, Lambda, EC2, Route53, Terraform.

Owned deployment of QA, Staging and Production ElasticSearch deployments. Collaborated with architects and dev team to tune ElasticSearch stack.

Automated ElasticSearch administration with ansible scripts. Automated EC2 provisioning with Ansible, Packer and Jenkins.

Added features to Chef automation code, including unit tests.

Completed Docker training.

Completed ITIL V3 training.

Implemented AWS Lambda function for parsing data files in S3.

Assisted with CIS security audit.

Built nginx reverse proxy.

Wrote Lambda function to clean up Packered AMIs.

Suggested ways for Taos to improve DevOps transformations.

DevOps Architect May 2007 – October 2015

CoreLogic, San Mateo, CA: Premiere enterprise mortgage lending platform

Internet applications, Linux, Windows XP, Java, J2EE, WebLogic 9.2, Virtualization, XML, system and application architecture, Web Services, Hibernate, Subversion, Jboss, Ruby, Chef, Python, Appdynamics

Rearchitected legacy J2EE applications to containerized/cloud architecture.

Promoted to Site Reliability leadership role.

Transformed legacy build and deployment system to continuous integration/continuous deployment platform leveraging new tooling such as Chef, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus.

Automated deployment of complex application topology on JBoss with Chef. Reduced stack deployment time frame from one day to minutes.

Improved productivity of development team by encapsulating standard tasks in parameterized Jenkins jobs.

Built modular deployment infrastructure with Chef. Ported deployment infrastructure to production environment. Introduced new deployment tooling to Operations, and Security interests within the company and facilitated production rollout.

Identified application platform enhancements that could decrease server response times by over 1,000 times.

Identified ways to improve development practices and improve dissemination of business/platform knowledge between developers.

Implemented several new application modules.

Identified and implemented a way to speed development cycles, which saves some developers over one hour a day.

Solutions Architect December 2006 – May 2007

Visage Mobile, San Francisco, CA: Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

Enterprise applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Service Component Architecture (SCA), Windows XP, Java, J2EE, WebLogic 8.x, XML, XML Schema, system and application architecture, WSDL, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Web Services (WSDL, W3C XML Schema), IntelliJ Idea, Ant, SQL, architectural documentation, UML, CVS, CruiseControl

Solutions architect for customer integration projects.

Spearheaded effort to rearchitect application platform to decrease costs by roughly $250,000/month and increase release frequency leveraging SCA.

Documented platform feature enhancements per organizational templates.

Senior Technical Architect July 2005 - August 2006

US Postal Service, San Mateo, CA: National provider of postal delivery, business and consumer services

Internet applications, Windows 2003, Java, J2EE, ColdFusion MX6 and MX7, JRun, WebSphere 6.0, XML, XML Schema, Relax NG, system and application architecture, WSDL, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Web Services (WSDL, W3C XML Schema, WS-* APIs, wsdl2Java), Hibernate, IntelliJ Idea, Ant, Oracle 9i/10g performance analysis and tuning, SQL, UML, ChangeMan, Java performance tuning, CruiseControl, Government Clearance

Architect for application that serves 30 – 150,000 users (900 concurrent), processes $700 million in transactions annually.

Spearheaded and designed performance tuning effort that improved reliability of the system by several times at the database, J2EE container, application code, SQL, and system architecture levels which resulted in a 9,000%+ increase in application capacity (3,000% actual, 9,000% with recommendations).

Collaborated with management, project owners, marketing owners on enterprise application integration project to serve 130,000 users.

Designed and coded web service for high volume/performance enterprise integration with NCR Post Office terminals.

Documented technical architecture of system.

Introduced development team to iterative/extreme programming practices and implemented development infrastructure with continuous integration.

Collaborated with organizations senior database architect to fine tune interactions with database.

Prototyped migration of ColdFusion application to J2EE/WebSphere 6.0.2 deployment with Struts.

Chosen for promotion to Program Manager.

Senior Software Engineer January 2004 – January 2005

AREVA Corporation, San Jose, CA: Worldwide leader in power industry systems and software

Internet applications, Windows 2000, Java, J2EE, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), JMS, Web Services, IntelliJ Idea, Ant, JUnit, Oracle 9i, real-time programming, SQL, JRun, JBoss, JDom, UML, VSS, Mathematica 5, linear algebra, Java performance tuning

Technical lead for Settlement component used for processing billions of dollars worth of energy transactions. Performance tuned application leveraging profilers, best practices, Javolution real-time memory/performance enhancements and batch processing.

Participated in client design discussion meetings. Mentored co-workers in design practices.

Designed and documented enterprise data integration component for receiving, parsing, validating enterprise data streams.

Designed and coded intra-application messaging component based on JMS. Improved application build and deployment process.

Java Developer (contract) July 2003 – January 2004

Classroom Connect, Brisbane, CA: Online educational applications

Internet applications, UNIX (Solaris), Java, J2EE, Extreme Programming (XP), IntelliJ Idea, ATG Dynamo, Ant, JSP, SQL 2000, CVS

Migrated and integrated ATG Dynamo modules.

Redesigned ecommerce shopping cart system user flow.

Learned and leveraged extreme programming (XP), including test-first design and refactoring.

Java Developer (contract) June 2003 – July 2003

Sun Microsystems, San Jose, CA: Computer networking firm

Internet applications, UNIX (Solaris), shell scripting, Java, J2EE, JDBC, Sun One Studio, Sun One Application Framework (JATO), iPlanet, design patterns, vi, Ant, Servlets, JSP, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, iPlanet, CVS, performance tuning, unit test development and automation (JUnit, Cactus, Maven, JUnitDoclet)

Designed and coded several application components with the Sun One Application Framework.

Automated unit test stub generation and maintenance and execution with JUnit, Cactus, Ant and JunitDoclet.

Owned performance testing task for components and application.

Documented development environment setup which improved developer productivity.

Troubleshot and found solution for IDE performance issue that greatly improved productivity of team.

Java & Cold Fusion Developer (contract) February 2003 – May 2003

Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA: Computer networking firm

Internet applications, UNIX (Solaris), shell scripting, Java, J2EE, JDBC, Sun One Studio, design patterns, vi, Ant, Servlets, JSP, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, iPlanet, Cold Fusion, Teamware

Designed and coded (user interface and Java) several new features for full-lifecycle product management tool using Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Bourne Shell and Cold Fusion.

Wrote Ant scripts for build and deployment process.

Worked on Solaris desktop with Sun One Studio and Teamware for source management.

Fixed bugs in existing application.

Wrote shell scripts for administration of site.

Java Developer (contract) February 2002 – May 2002

Intuit, Mountain View, CA: Leading developer of tax preparation and personal finance applications

Internet applications, Java, J2EE, Sun One Studio, JDBC, Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Toad, Ant, LDAP, Tomcat, IIS, JavaScript, DHTML

Product Development

Designed and coded JDBC database access system to execute Statements, PreparedStatements, and CallableStatements, using CachedRowSet and Oracle connection pooling with a singleton design pattern.

Finished six-month project in four months; coded pages in Javascript and DHTML, and contributed to overall application architecture.

Reduced database traffic to enable concurrent usage by 1,000+ managers, by writing SQL statements using proprietary Oracle functions and stored procedures.

Survived (and compensated for) two layoffs, as part of a small five-person development team.

Collaborated with Quality Assurance department to test and debug application components.

Redesigned user interface to improve online appearance and usability.

Process Improvement

Shortened development time by 1 hour per day and synchronized developers’ efforts by streamlining compilation and jarring procedures via Ant and streamlining source management. Standardized file naming conventions and directory/package structure.

Reduced setup time from one day to sub-three hours for development and production procedures involving Tomcat, Oracle drivers, Ant, isapi dll configuration, and IIS technologies.

Cut product deployment time 75% by documenting most efficient deployment techniques.

Internet Engineer February 2000 – May 2001

BrightStreet, Cupertino, CA: ASP serving online retailers

Internet applications, Java, J2EE, JRun, JBuilder, JDBC, Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion Studio, Visual Source Safe, SQL 2000, JBuilder, Rational Rose, UML, WebLOAD, XML (JDOM, Oracle, Xerces, XPath), JavaScript

Rebuilt ‘bare bones’ Cold Fusion application into an extensible, scalable, Java-based product.

Wrote four complex core application components, utilizing J2EE technology such as JSP, Java Servlets, custom tags, Java Beans, interfaces, XML, JDBC drivers, Javadoc, and internal classes for database access.

Saved company upwards of $100K by solving the unanticipated problem of "gluing" application together with a self-created component, using XML and JDom. This enabled Integration Group to configure application with an XML document, instead of having to rely on Engineering.

Appointed by Development Manager to Project Lead; worked extensively with project managers on incremental product releases.

Leveraged debugger built into JBuilder to debug Servlets.

Helped troubleshoot and maintain existing Cold Fusion application to continue satisfying client base, while constructing eventual Java replacement.


AWS Certified Developer Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate


Bachelor of Arts

University of California, Berkeley, CA

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