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Plant Manager

Calhoun, GA
September 12, 2018

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l e p e t e r s e n . t n @ g m a i l . c o m 2 7 6 . 5 9 1 . 7 9 5 3



Evco Plastics Calhoun, GA 2016 to present

Custom Injection Molder Division to a wide variety market

• Completed an early stage 40K SF expansion that included a new tool room, metrology lab, and installation of four (4) new presses ranging from 1,000T to 3,300T.

• Secured the vacant building next to plant operations to move all finished goods inventory to allow two (2) exterior warehouses for storage. Capital investment of $50,000 provided a yard truck and trailers that resulted in an annual cost savings of over $300,000.

• Restructured and re-built the entire Production, Quality, and Warehouse staff to operate as a high functioning, goals oriented, and accountable team.

• Developed an initiative and conducted a plant-wide 5S program to de-clutter, organize, standardize, and sustain to result in improved housekeeping, moral and safety in the work place. PLANT MANAGER

Royal Building Products - Axial Corportation Bristol, TN 2013-2015 Manufacturer and Distributor of Trim and Moldings Building Products

• Lead operations to a 0.0 TRIR safety rating and successfully completed 21 months without recorded injury.

• Through root cause analysis, identified problem in the high intensity mixer in the blending operations that caused material instability for years prior. Attention to resurrect the issue resulted in a 50% reduction in scrap.

• Presented capital and growth strategy plants to state, city, and utilities that secured $11MM in cash grants and incentives.

• Directed and completed over $11MM in capital projects over two (2) years which included the installation of a $3.4MM new extrusion line.


Manufacturing Professional with

over 30+ years experience in

development of High Performing

Leadership Teams and World Class

Manufacturing Facilities operating

at maximum levels with minimizing

budget costs. Strong Quality

background with driven emphasis

on the implementation of Lean

Manufacturing and continuous

improvement in producing goods

for the O.E.M. automotive and

appliance, building products, and

consumer goods markets.

Compassionate and Directive

Leadership experience in both

Union and Non-Union professional



cell: 276-***-****

102 Mountain Laurel Lane NE

Calhoun, GA 30701

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Injection Molding, Blow Molding,

Sheet and Profile Extrusion,

Compression Molding, Vacuum /


Compounding/Powder Blending,

Batch Processing, Zinc Die Casting,

Metal Stamping, Rack and Barrel

Plating, Powder Coating, Screw

Machines, Heading, High Volume

Automated Assembly and Pack,

Custom Order Assembly, Lean

Manufacturing, Six Sigma, 5S,

Visual Factory, Kanban, Kaizen,

Value Stream Mapping, SMED, Poke

Yoke, Standardized Work and Setup

Reduction, Demand Flow

Technology, SPC, Theory of

Constraints, ISO, Supply Chain,

International Sourcing and

Shipping, Operating Budgets,

Capital Budgets, P&L.


Tactical Holdings, Inc. Morristown, TN & Puerto Rico 2012 Manufacturer and Distributor of Military and Commercial Footwear

• Direct and led a major turn-around initiative encompassing leadership staffing, production scheduling, product/process repeat production and reliability.

• Achieved clearing company production backlog of over 35,000 units through improved workflow, line balancing, and restructuring the production scheduling process.

• Directed design and implementation of a warehouse management system. VICE PRESIDENT OF MANUFACTURING

The Tapco Group, a Headwaters Company Wixom, MI 2004-2011 Manufacturer and Distributor of Exterior Building Products, Shutters, Blocks & Vents, Siding

• Directed 5 manufacturing sites, 850 employees, tool and die operations, purchasing, engineering, and supply chain/freight/logistics. 110 Injection Molding Presses and 16 extrusion / thermoforming lines.

• Implemented projects to reduce resin costs by 25%, packaging cost by 18%, process improvements by over $1MM for a total reduction in COGS. Savings projected to be over $7.5MM across 32,000 SKUs.

• Improved use of fixed assets, by vacating 3 leased properties and consolidating two manufacturing plants into one.

• Lowered recorded injury rates and lost time work cases by 65% in the first year. LAWRENCE E. PETERSEN

l e p e t e r s e n . t n @ g m a i l . c o m 2 7 6 . 5 9 1 . 7 9 5 3 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - CONTINUED


Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Selma, AL 2002-2004 Manufacturer and Distributor of Composite Wood Decking, Outdoor Products

• Managed total plant operations and P&L for this 90 employee, 10 extrusion line, chemical compounding, profile extrusion plant.

• Turned operations around from a year of financial loss every month in 2002 to generating

$4.2MM profit in 2003.

• Through the use of lean manufacturing, employee involvement, and redesign of the operations, we maintained building code approval and lowered extrusion scrap from 6% to 3% and identified over $2,500,000 in cost reductions.

• Designed plans for extensive plant expansion and automation. CONTACT ME

cell: 276-***-****

102 Mountain Laurel Lane NE

Calhoun, GA 30701

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Saint Norbert College

De Pere, WI

Bachelor of Science,

Natural Science

Emphasis in Biology, Chemistry,

Math, and Physics

• Two (2) weeks of classroom


Lean/6 Sigma - The Graham


•Multiple 2-3 day workshops &

seminars in the implementation

of Lean & 6 Sigma Workshops on

SPC and Theory of Constraints

• Certified Quality Engineer -



Newell.Rubbermaid (Eldon) Madison, WI/Maryville, TN 1989-2002 Manufacturer and Distributor of Office and Organizational Products-Consumer Goods

• Directed a 24/7, 550-person, 1MM sq/ ft. facility with six direct manager reports; Manufacturing,

• Distribution/Logistics, Engineering, Quality, Maintenance, and Tooling along with Materials, Accounting, and H.R. functions on a daily basis. Annual revenue $140MM.

• This was the first Division of Rubbermaid that was acquired. By creating an environment based on trust and open communication we averted a union campaign in less than 3 weeks.

• Established and controlled an annual operating budget in excess of $60MM. Accountable for labor standards, project cost, capital spending and plant P&L statement.

• Lead the design, layout, and capital expenditure for the start-up of 24 injection-molding machines.

• Reduced plant-wide scrap in the compounding and sheet extrusion department from 18% in 1997 to 3.8% in 2001. Reduced injection-molding scrap from 8.5% in 1998 to 1.9% in 2001.

• Through the use of lean manufacturing, SMED, Poke Yoke, generated over $6.85MM in cost reductions over 4 years.

• Lowered physical inventory of 28,000 SKUs from $24MM to $12MM while implementing a certified cycle count program that increased net dollar inventory accuracy to 99.3%. Increased inventory turns and customer service levels in excess of 99% for on-time shipments and line fill.

• Created visual factory techniques for layout, quality, packaging, and palletizing of product for a culturally diversified workforce. Full implementation of 5S and Kanban. Q.A. MANAGER MANUFACTURING MANAGER

Newell.Rubbermaid (Amerock) Rockford, IL

2,600-employee, 1MM sq. ft. manufacturing site of cabinet and window hardware to retail and commercial customers with revenue of $260MM annually

• Designed and implemented all the quality systems, programs, and procedures for this manufacturing plant.

• Managed and directed a quality department of 35 engineers, technicians, and auditors.

• Reduced overall plant scrap and rework by $5MM.

• Through the sponsorship of A.N.S.I. wrote and developed the national standards for durability and performance for cabinet hardware.

• Drafted and initiated a plan to achieve QS-9000 status.

• Responsible for 10 cost centers, 435 production personnel, 4 pay programs, and $10MM of operating expenses.

• Implemented Demand Flow technology in the assembly departments and automated the high volume (in excess of a million parts per day) packaging departments.

• International travel to work with suppliers and supply chain logistics.

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