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Sales Executive Management

Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt
September 12, 2018

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Curriculum vital(c/v)

Personal data:

Name: Mohamed SAYED Mohamed ALI

Nationality: Egyptian

Birthday Date: 24/10/1986

Number mob: - 012-********- 012********

Address: Egypt, Ismailia, TAMLIK EL GAHEZ area, Block No (3) flat no (2), Building no 2

MATERIAL statues: single

Military statues: Final EXEMPTED

Graduation: Graduate from English section faculty of commerce with grade (GOOD)-(75 Accounting Department)

Graduation year: July 2007

University: Suez Cannel University

Qualifications skills:

1) Ability to work under stress & pressure to achieve co target .

2) Working In team work to get high level score to achieve our Goals

3) Good Attitude & follow Top management vision

4) Have mentality to be leadership & take Right Decision on right Time

5) Fast response to define the Problem & analysis it & get Countermeasure (Corrective & preventive ) action to avoid it happen next time

6) Have Negotiation skills which give me ability to get high Benefits with reasonable satisfaction from other Side (Supplier, Competitors or Clients)

Courses Certification:-


Gotten from Telecom Institution with Good Grad 90%

2) English Certification for 13 Level from Axon institution for Britain Language wit Average 75%

3) Negotiation Skills Certification from Korean Institution which gotten from Korean Country when travel through my job in Korea

4) SCM course (Supply chain management ) Getting By my Co as improving for my skills & Control cycle of (Sales, planning,Logistic, Material, Procurement ) as one team for one target for production

My Experience (Ascending) current Job then Previous Jobs:-

1-Accountant in Procurement Part (SCM Strategy ):-

Company:- LG electronics Multinational company

Title of Position : (Senior Procurement Planning )

Date of hiring: - From 7-02-2008 until now

Years of experience: - 7 years

Duties or Responsibilities (R&R ):-

A) Working to achieve Procurement Capabilities which included in the Following:

1)Procurement Strategy (long& short term procurement strategy)

2)Performance Management (KPI plan weekly & monthly –MRP control Item )

3)Cost management ( Trend price Globally- Cost table –Monitor Monthly variable cost)

4)Procurement CI (CI plan target & result –Negotiation with Supplier )

5)Development Parts Management (Mange activity from intitial Quality assurance & initial production Yield)

6)Supplier management ( Monthly Evaluate Supplier According TQRDCM evaluation )

7)Supplier Risk management (Update & check Supplier Business circumstance information )

8)Control & Match SCM Cycle (Logistic - Material & procure met )

B) Mange & control team as Assistant manger &reporting Direct to My Boss & HQ office which apply this reporting as Following :

Responsible for Order Placement Timing, Supply / Demand Alignment, Material Replenishment and Supplier Performance.

Continuously monitoring, evaluating and improving supplier performance.

Sourcing the most affordable materials for the company's manufacturing process.

Projecting stock levels.

Reviewing tenders and bids.

Controlling the purchasing budget.

Monitoring delivery times to ensure they are on time.

Ensuring the adequate supply of all required materials, components and equipment.

Delivering cost savings for the company.

Managing the procurement supplier relationships for the company.

Helping to source alternative items for buyers and customers.

Developing sourcing strategies.

Managing commodity cost initiatives.

Preparing high quality tender documentation.

Regularly contacting suppliers to renegotiate prices.

Resolving disputes and claims with vendors and suppliers.

Keeping all supplier programs current and accurate.

Delegating projects and tasks to junior staff

Operating Rate Of Supplier (Capa- Ability - Liquidity & Profitability )

Control Unit price of our Product ( quartly, Every 6 month & Yearly )

Control Long Term & short Term of Inventory

Control RFID system of Injection ( Plastic, Press, Module )

2- Accountant in Finance:-

Company: - Green Valley’s for reclamation &Agriculture Company (Junior Accountant )

Date of hiring: - 1-07-2007 until 1-02-2008

Years of experience:- 7 months

Duties or Responsibilities:-

1-Calculated the commercial & industrial tax every three month.

2-Review & control the balance sheet of each client & supplier by posting data entries daily of the transaction of each client & supplier.

3-Issue cheque for client & confirm its Transaction by observing the cycle of banking transaction from in & out balance.

4- Responsible for Daily Saving (In & out ) as Teller & Control daily balance sheet

3-Sales Executive:-

Company: - FODINA Company in Urgada city

Date of hiring:- 1-07-2004

Years experience: - one year

Duties or responsibilities:-

1-Promoted the advantage of the product.

2-Getting new client & customer

3- Achieve the target.

My Vision

I am looking forward Getting more & more Experiences & improve my skills & mentality to be Professional in my Field so according that need Variability in learning Cultures, attitude, communication skills& hard Work .

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