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Electronics and Computer Engineer

Sacramento, California, United States
September 11, 2018

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Seeking a full-time position as part of a technical team where I can utilize my knowledge of analog and digital electronics, embedded systems integration, and software debugging to further develop my engineering problem solving skills in a real world environment.


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona GPA: 3.13

Pomona, CA June 2018

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, B.S.


AC/DC Circuits

Microcontroller Systems

Digital Logic

Communication Systems

Industrial Electronics

Motion Control Systems

PCB Manufacturing

RF & Waveguide Measurements / Calibrations

Qualifications & Skills

Programming: C, C++, JAVA, Linux, LabVIEW, Verilog

Software: NI Multisim, OrCAD PSpice Designer, MATLAB, AutoCAD: SolidWorks & E.A.G.L.E.

Hardware: DMM, Digital Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer

Testing/Design: Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC), AM/FM Transmitter & Receivers, RF analysis, Smith Charts, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA’s)

Project Leadership Experience

Internet Of Things-Home Automation Sep 2017- June 2018

Senior Project – Cal Poly Pomona 20 Hours/Week

Worked along side a team to develop a central control hub, a local network, in which sensors would be able to intercommunicate exchanging data and instructions.

A Raspberry Pi and MQTT Mosquitto, a publish/subscribe message broker, enabled sensors to send data and receive instructions within the network.

The broker embedded in the Raspberry Pi directed data or instructions to each sensors: stepper & servo motor-to open/close blinds, sensor-measure humidity/temperature, relay sensor-turned fan on/off, load cell-measured weight for mail box, and magnetic sensor-detected garage door status.

Node-RED, a browser-based visual tool, implemented data representation using: flow diagrams, charts, gauges and buttons.

LED Volume Unit Meter Jan 2018 – Mar 2018

PCB Manufacture Designer – Cal Poly Pomona 11 Hours/Week

Conceptualized and developed design, including Printed Circuit Board and a custom enclosure.

Prepared fabrication drawings and Gerber data files necessary for attaining PCB from suppliers.

Utilized soldering iron, oscilloscope, meters, and other test equipment to validate functionality.

Populated printed circuit boards with thru-hole components & built an enclosure for proper presentation.

Grid Alternatives January 2016

Volunteer – Inland Empire, CA 3 Days/Month

Completed safety briefing on electrical installations, roof construction following OSHA regulations.

Assisted team in the installation of 5.8kW solar panel system on residential home project.

Implemented proper installation techniques on the railing system used for the solar panels.

Wired panels with MC4 connectors following the National Electric Code standard, NEC.

Educated homeowners on the benefits of the owning a solar system.

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