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Project Leader

Evanston, IL, 60202
September 11, 2018

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Mohammad Shahzaib Bukhari 813-***-**** Chicago, IL


Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Dec 2017 University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering Jan 2014 Ziauddin University, College of Biomedical Engineering RESEARCH PROJECTS (INDUSTRIAL)

Project Leader with Dr. Shariq Khoja, Tech4Life Enterprises Jan 2014-Jan 2016 Research and Development of Non-Invasive Hemoglobin Monitor

• Composed and created Non-Invasive Technique to screen level of Hemoglobin with 95% of precision and 90% of accuracy compared to the gold-standard invasive laboratory techniques

• Led on-field clinical trials of more than 1500 patients running from provincial to urban class for most extreme precision and ensured all the quality data stream is fully comprehended

• Created and reviewed SOPs for the clinical trials performed by the lab assistants and other

• Maintained strict protocol for the sterilization of the device and made sure of the biocompatibility of the materials used for the manufacturing of the device

• Trained medical staff on protocols and ways to carry the research in different countries

• Performed statistical analysis to create near perfect algorithm with help of MINITAB which can translate the RAW DATA to an understandable value for the user

• Created Bill of Material (BOM) for the prototypes and the final version of the device

• Worked with the accounts and audit team to create cost analysis of the product

• Supervised a team of engineers, quality analysts and quality engineers working on the circuits design, aesthetics and documentation

• Identified further modification with design validation to make the product efficient, not compromising with the risk of losing the accuracy and precision

• Delivered the final version of the device within the given time and with expected results

• Maintained DHF for the device for further changes and references Project Member with Dr. Shariq Khoja, Tech4Life Enterprises Jan 2014-Jan 2016 Research and Development of e-Steth (Digital Stethoscope) Patent #: WO2016071884A1

• Assisted outlining and advancement of the circuit for the digital stethoscope with insignificant noise in the system

• Led on-field trials and clinical practice for 1000 patients with Medical staff at various clinics and hospitals

• Assisted sales team with the product life cycle (PLC) timeline and status reports

• Assisted organizing and maintaining BOM for the device

• Provided research and assistance on compliance with FDA, IEC and ISO guidelines

• Supported the team in the manufacturing process and product commercialization

• Participated in audits and reviews performed by internal and external ISO and FDA representatives Project Member with Dr. Shariq Khoja, Tech4Life Enterprises Jan 2014-Jan 2016 Research and Development of Non-Invasive Glucometer

• Assisted outlining of the circuit for Non-Invasive Glucometer and in the planning of the field trials

• Led on-field trials for 1000 patients suffering from diabetes and 500 without diabetes with Medical staff at various clinics and hospitals

• Participated in the Data analysis of the Data collected during the 1500 patient trials for the construction of a stable and predictive algorithm


Project Member with Dr. Huabei Jiang, Medical Imaging Aug 2017-Dec 2017 Chemical & Biomedical Engg Dept, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

• Recreated one of the researches conducted by Dr. Huabei where the 2D images can be reconstructed into a 3D image

• Used MATLAB for the segmentation of the images and later to apply an algorithm on different images Project Member with Dr. Anna Pyayt, Innovative Medical Instrument and System Jan 2017-May 2017 Chemical & Biomedical Engg Dept, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

• Outlined and created heat control framework as a semester-end project for Home ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay); part of Modern Biomedical Technologies coursework

• Used ARDUINO to maintain and control the temperature for the result of ELISA

• Planned a simple and compact design to utilize 3D structure for ELISA to be utilized locally and efficiently CONFERENCE PUBLICATION:

• Shahzaib Bukhari, Saad Abdullah, Saad Khan, Nida Husyin, Nateela Tirmizi, Suha Tirmizi, Dodo Khan, Masood Khan, Rafiq Khanani and Shariq Khoja "Transforming Community based Screening of Total Hemoglobin Using Non-invasive Devise" (IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability, Sus Tech 2016) WORK EXPERIENCE

Tech4Life Enterprises (Biomedical/Innovation Engineer) Jan 2014-Jan 2016

• Appointed to design, develop, data manage and innovate new ideas related to health care and e-health

• Conducted clinical trials for prototypes of various devices

• Trained and hosted workshop for doctors, surgeons and engineers

• Developed design verification and validation studies

• Executed validation studies on equipment & processes

• Contributed to project planning, budgeting, scheduling and tracking

• Developed and implemented manufacturing procedures to provide production with easy to follow assembly instructions.

• Drafted, reviewed, and approved protocols, reports, and data

• Participated in and provided input for training on department & division procedures, and policies.

• Analyzed design, process, and test data

S. Ejazuddin and Co. (Intern in Hematology Department) Jun 2013-Aug 2013

• Assisted in installing, troubleshooting and calibrating hematology devices of Sysmex

• Assisted in installing Automated Hematology System (Sysmex XN-9100) National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (Internee in Biomedical Department) Dec 2013-Feb 2013

• Hands-on involvement in working, adjustment, analyzing and troubleshooting of ECG monitors, Patient Monitor, Echocardiogram and Cardiac Angiography machine

• Assisted and facilitate customer relationship between client staff and department staff

• Inspected and catalog new equipment

Ziauddin Hospital (Internee in Biomedical Department) Dec 2012-Feb 2012

• Hands-on experience in X-Ray Imaging, PET scan, Autoclave, Blood Laboratory, Infusion Pumps and Ultrasonic Imaging

• Assisted lab technicians in maintaining daily checkup on lab equipment such as centrifuges, autoclave machines, spectrophotometer

• Performed routine maintenance tasks on medical equipment TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Computing and Modelling: Fluent and Gambit, P-Spice, MATLAB, SAS, C++, C#, MiniTab, Proteus, Multisim, Solid Works

• Microcontrollers: ARDUINO

• Documenting: Knowledge of ISO 13485:2016/FDA QSR, MS Office (Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Access and Publisher) LEADERSHIP AND AWARDS

• Organized and led a workshop in Dubai for World Vision, demonstrating the non-Invasive hemoglobin technology and training everyone on how to operate the device and perform on the patient

• Team leader for the Final Year Project in my Undergraduate Degree

• Won the best Undergraduate Final Year Award of batch 2010 for designing an affordable and effective cricket bowling machine which can bowl at the speed of 145km/h with semi-automated bowling variations to test the batsman

• Invited to demonstrate my Final Year Project to PIA Cricket Academy

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