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Electrical Engineer Design

Santa Ana, CA
September 11, 2018

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Tony (Iraj) Ghahramani – US Citizen

Senior Electrical Engineer


Senior Electrical Design Engineer with twenty nine years of experience in Analog, Power Electronics and Power Supply Design Engineering. Analog, power electronics and power supplies are my specialties. Power circuits are in 120 V ac, 220 V ac, 280 V ac, 480 V ac, 28 V DC, and 270 V DC. I also have high frequency digital circuit and logic design background. More than half of my designs have been microprocessor based. I have C, C++, VHDL, OrCAD, PAD Layout, Altium, Lab View, PLC and Touch Screen experience. I have eight U.S. patents, six in analog circuits and two in power electronics circuits. Designed and implemented projects to production. Cut down costs and component counts by hard working and innovating.


MS in Electrical Engineering - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

BS in Electrical Engineering (graduated with honors) - Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

AA in Engineering (graduated with honors) – Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, California

Junior year in Electrical Engineering - University of California, Berkeley, California

Post graduate work in control systems and communication systems at USC and UCLA, Los Angeles California

Numerous courses in Firmware, Digital Signal Processing, C, C++ and VHDL


05/2016 – 08/2018 - Esterline Power Systems Buena Park, CA

Design of 270 volt solid State power controllers for aircrafts

Design of three phase 400 Hertz 23 Amp 120 vrms for aircrafts

Lt spice simulation

12/2015 – 05/2016 – Grote Madison Indiana

Electrical Engineer

Design of Light Drivers for Trucks

LT spice simulation

03/2015 -07/2015 -- Esterline Power Systems Buena Park, CA

Senior Technician

Testing of Hybrid Products.

09/2014 – 03/2015 - Sagem Avionics Costa Mesa, CA

Electrical Engineer

Redesign of Boeing Mesa display switch.

Solving problems and Supporting Apache Helicopter CH53K Display System Controller

Repairing an old test box

Analog Design, Allegro, Schematic Capture and OrCAD

LT spice simulation

09/2013 – 08/2014 – Advanced Sterilization - Division of Johnson and Johnson Irvine, CA

Electrical Engineer

Design changes of NX Sterilization Product to Rohast (RoHS) using PAD Layout.

Documentation Changes of NX Sterilization Product to Rohast (RoHS) using PAD Layout.

LT spice simulation

06/2013 – 08/2013 – Microsoft Fort Collins Colorado

Electrical Engineer

Reworking and implementing design changes of Display with Touch Screen for tablets.

Design of 5.1 Giga Hertz Digital Display with touch Screen for Tablets using Schematic Capture and OrCAD.

LT spice Simulation

11/2011 – 09/2012 – Mophie Santa Ana, CA

Electrical Engineer

Design of Portable Large Scale Battery System and AC Inverter using Linear Technology and Texas Instrument Battery Management Systems. Mostly Analog Circuit Design and Power Circuit design.

Testing design changes for various Mophie power products.

Fixing of MophiePulser Product

Initial phase of design investigation for new a Mophie sport watch product.

Energy Harvesting investigation and initial design investigation.

Did board layouts using Altium.

LT spice simulation

03/2011 – 04/2011 – Cymer San Diego, CA

Electrical Engineer

Test procedure, Test Fixture Design for DC Power Module and AC Power Module for Ultraviolet Light Source Laser System used for LED depositions on glass and Organic LED deposition on plastic for Flat Panel LED Displays

Involved with design changes for Laser System Power Supplies for better efficiency, power dissipation and component counts.

LT spice simulation

12/2010 – 02/2011 – Cellestica Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Test Engineer

Design modifications of Power Supply designs to Manufacturers.

Correcting LED current and LED type for one model.

Testing, invasive screening, failure analysis for Direct TV boxes.

Finding many defective capacitors to be replaced and replacing with better capacitor.

09/2010 – 12/2010 - Online Power Los Angeles, CA

Sr. Electrical Design Engineer

Design and implementation of a touch screen programmable 100 to 525 VDC Source replacing Batteries for UPS testing.

Design and implementation of automatic tap switcher to produce regulated 3 phase outputs of power transformers for 280 VAC and 470 VAC. C programming and PCAD for board lay out.

Finished Automatic Tester design for Teradyne AC Power Module Product. Used PLC and Touch Screen.

Testing and design evaluation of new UPS.

07/2009 – 12/2009 – Quallion LLC Sylmar, CA

Sr. Electrical Design Engineer

Circuit Design of a Lithium Ion Battery Management System for AOPET project involving extensive power circuits, battery charger circuit, power supply circuits, battery management circuits and firmware.

Introduced and implemented POWER IDEAL DIODE using many parallel Power MOSFETS. It auto turned on for 2 mV+ forward and turned off for 2 mV+ reverse. Less than 10 mV voltage drop while forward biased and 100 Amp load and less than 2 uA current while reverse biased, innovative, made battery management simpler and less power loss.

Circuit design of an I/O board including its power supply for AOPET project.

Modified a Lithium Ion battery electronic unit to auto turn on for a load greater than 0.1 mA and shut off for less than 0.1 mA using less than 30 uA.


03/2001 – 04/2009 – Esterline Power Systems Buena Park, CA

Sr. Electronic Design Engineer

Circuit design of a hybrid Solid State AC relay 220 VAC 20 AAC for AIRBUS aircrafts.

Circuit Design Solid State Hybrid Controllers 28 VDC for aircrafts.

Circuit design of microprocessor based solid state power controllers for 28 VDC aircraft busses and NASA re-entry vehicle.

Circuit design of microprocessor based solid state power controller for 270 VDC aircraft buss for a Northrop Grumman drone.

Design of a windshield heater controller for a Brazilian charter jet.

Design of microprocessor based 220 VAC power controllers for aircrafts.

Design of microprocessor based 28 volt power controllers for tanks.

Came with an innovative technique to sense very high voltage.

Designed a microprocessor based automatic door controller for train.

Designed switching power supplies and high frequency DC to DC Converters for several of these projects.

Implemented designs to production. Used OrCAD, PSPICE, C++, LabVIEW, VHDL, Visio.

Was awarded U.S. Patent 7,747,897 B2: “Power Distribution System Using Solid State Power controllers”.

Was awarded U.S. Patent US81980934B2:“Solid state power controllers including current sensing circuitry is configured to bias a general signal to predetermined level in order to substantially eliminate the offset error in an amplifier and A/D converter”.

Wrote test procedures. Created BOMs. Worked to replace obsolete part numbers and design changes for these.

Worked on component selections to satisfy ROHS, Reach, Hi Rel, UL, European and other component requirements.



Eight US Patents:

Analog Instrumentation: US Patents: US 4,151,743; US 4,274,016; US 4,215,566; US 4,282,742; US 4,225,788

Power Electronics and Analog: US patents: US 8,412,966 B2 (Voltage Sensing Circuitry for Solid State Power Controllers); US 7,747,879 B2 (Power Distribution System Using Solid State Power controllers).

US 8,190,934 B2 (Solid State Power Controller including current sensing circuitry configured to bias a signal to a predetermined level in order to substantially eliminate the offset error in an amplifier and A to D converter).

One Foreign Patent

Patent for “apparatus for sensing and analyzing surface characteristics of objects” at Sunkist Research used in color and blemish grader using 300 three color LEDs in a hood replacing six 500 watts lights, camera wheel and filters granted in Australia AU1993048807B; Israel 106,985; Spain 9,302,263

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