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Manufacturing Quality Engineer

Dearborn, MI
September 11, 2018

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Dearborn, MI, ***** 313-***-**** LinkedIn


Highly motivated and passionate graduate student with 2+ years hands-on experience in Quality and Manufacturing who can add value to your organization by implementing the appropriate tools at the right time to contribute to the business drivers and customer satisfaction to stay competitive in the global market.

Areas of Expertise:





Kano Model

Process Improvement


Statistical Process Control

Pareto Analysis


Supplier Quality Assurance

Measurement System Analysis


Master of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering 09/2016 – 04/2018

University of Michigan Dearborn GPA: 3.40

Related courses: TQM and Six Sigma, Quantitative Methods in Quality Analysis, Productions Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE), Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis.

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering 08/2012 – 05/2016

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University GPA: 3.60

Professional Experience

1.Research Assistant 06/2018 - Present

Performing data driven analysis to help a Major OEM develop superior vehicle interiors right the first time.

Translating customer needs into engineering specifications to develop functional design changes.

2.Engineering Materials and Thermodynamics Tutor 11/2017 – 04/2018

Responsible to manage and organize all the tutoring activities related to engineering department.

Assisted and tutored undergraduate students with Engineering Materials and Thermodynamics courses and helped students in understanding the concepts from a practical view point.

3.Manufacturing Quality Engineer at Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) – India 01/2014 – 12/ 2015

Monitored various process operations in the manufacturing of gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors and process charts for manufacturing operations were prepared and value stream mapping was done.

Real time Statistical Process Control (SPC) was continuously monitored to make sure the process is in control.

DFMEA and PFMEA documents were created and updated with common problems. Root causes of common problems and adjustments were made accordingly to yield best quality and defect free products.

Performed IQ, OQ and PQ operations to make sure the validation equipment is properly installed, calibrated and performing according to the desired standards. Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk values were observed and analyzed.

Various tools and measurement equipment like Vernier calipers, Micrometers, Sine bars, Depth gauges, Height gauges etc. were used to make sure the product is meeting GD&T and surface finish requirements for excellent quality outputs. Measurement System Analysis (MSA) was performed to check for accuracy and precision.

Gage R&R was continuously monitored to check for % contribution of components causing variation in measurement and process.

Worked closely with the design teams to improve the manufacturability of the product. Developed SOP’s and work instructions, blue print drawings, sketches, concept drawings and made sure that products produced are to the customer’s requirements and specifications.

Supervised manufacturing processes such as turning, facing, grooving, milling, broaching and drilling operations. Effectively applied the knowledge of engineering drawing, production drawing, GD&T, heat treatment etc.

Areas of opportunity for reducing the manufactured product cost have been identified and prepared check lists to perform manufacturability analysis to identify design improvements and reduce manufacturing costs.

Academic Experience

1.Implemented Quality Tools To Improve The Throughput For A Social Service Project (Helping Hands) To Meet The Refugee’s Requirements When High On Demand: 01/2017 – 03/2017

Understood the organization’s concern that it is not able to meet the refugee requirements in the affected areas of the world when demand is high. Understood the refugee’s requirements with help of a Kano Model.

Conducted Gemba (to check for the current process) walks and observed the current process in action. Created a detailed process flow chart with the help and support of the process owner. 5S was immediately implemented.

Value stream mapping was done to identify the critical and important process step time parameters and the process performance metrics to identify the key bottle neck areas causing the problems.

Layout of the current process was modified and equipment like gravity slide conveyors were recommended as one time investment to solve the problem and reduce time and the number of volunteers required to do the work.

Process step time parameters were collected again and improvements were documented for future reference.

2.Implemented Six Sigma Methodologies For Hospital Discharge Process To improve Business Metrics And Customer Satisfaction: 02/2017 – 04/2017

Used DMAIC approach to solve the problem. Selected and incorporated the right quality tools to come up with the solutions which have direct impact on the business drivers of the hospital.

Generated detailed Process Charts to understand and get familiar with the current functioning and operation of the organization relevant to the problem statement in the Project Charter.

Value Stream Mapping has been performed by collecting data of time taken at each process step to identify all the value adding and non-value adding steps and bottle-necks. Pareto analysis chart was generated to further identify the problems in the current process.

Process Stability Analysis, Process Capability Analysis reports were generated and Fish Bone tool was used to narrow down to the variables that are causing delays in the patient discharge process.

New improvements were recommended and a stable process was created that reduced the patient discharge time by 5.28% which resulted in improved process and customer satisfaction. The same was documented.

3.Design and Fabrication Of An All-Terrain Baja SAE Vehicle: 08/2014 – 05/2016

Succeeded in building an all-terrain vehicle by planning, designing, analyzing, manufacturing, fabricating and assembling different systems, sub-systems and components to build a functional vehicle.

Performed machining operations such as turning, facing, grooving, profiling, milling, broaching, deburring etc. to fabricate the required components according to the GD&T requirements.

Developed process charts for the entire build involving various disciplines. Documented design, assembly and manufacturing issues and corrective actions for future use. Implemented the available tools and resources in the most efficient and productive manner. Motivated and directed the team to follow lean methodologies and workplace discipline throughout the project.


Design and fabrication of a motorcycle for a self-initiated customization project. 05/2017 – 09/2017

Vice President for HFES student chapter at The University of Michigan Dearborn. 10/2017 – Present

Technical Skills

Design and Analysis: CATIA, Solid Works, Minitab, Microsoft Office Suite.

Manufacturing Skills: 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean manufacturing, Continuous improvement, Bill of materials (BOM), Six Sigma, TQM, Statistical trend analysis, Quality control and assurance, Materials management, Materials requirement planning (MRP), Process Improvement, Product development, PFMEA, DFMEA, UFMEA, CAPA, IQ, OQ, PQ, Waste and scrap reduction, Inventory control, Scheduling, Forecasting, Capacity planning, Cell manufacturing, Good manufacturing practices (GMP), Warehouse management, Material selection, Capacity Planning, Process & equipment Validation using MSA.

Processing and Assembling knowledge: Lathe, Milling, GTAW, GMAW, Spot welding, Laser welding, Friction welding, Water jet machining, Laser cutting, Wire EDM, CNC machining, Forging, Casting, Injection molding, Blow molding, Forming, Rolling, Extrusion, Drawing, Shearing, Bending, Adhesive bonding, Soldering, Brazing, etc.

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