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Engineer Engineering

Calamba, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
September 13, 2018

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RF New Product Introduction and Test Lead Engineer

Wireless Antenna (LTE) Assembly and Test

Performs New Projects Introduction set-up, qualification and up to mass production stage.

Conducts statistical analysis on critical parameters defined on the process.

Provides training – testing/tuning/troubleshooting and circuit diagram briefing to new technicians.

Works on the procurement of new tools and equipment needed for building and testing products.

Reviews build yields and Pareto’s regularly. Work with various program team members in analyzing and improving yield using SPC (Statistical Process Control).

Leads in setting up test stations needed for expansion or support of products. Commissions and maintains these test stations. Knowledgeable in the function and operation of RF and microwave circuits and devices.

Knowledgeable on the characteristics, function and operation of RF test equipment and accessories

Knowledge in any of the RF or microwave test and mfg processes (SMT, thin film hybrid microelectronics, micro soldering etc.) and standards (IPC610, MilStd883)

Provides technical analyses/reports for RMAs and low yielding products

Work closely with engineering during the development phase to gain an in-depth understanding of the design and design tradeoffs.

Aid engineering during the DVT testing and Provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM).

Release Daily and Weekly Accomplishment Reports.

Computer Skills

C / C++ Application, GUI program and LabView user

Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and Pivot Table and Adobe Photo shop expert

JMP Application / Mini Tab and Synergy expert

SAP / MES user


Knowledge to conduct DOE (Design of Experiment)

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

Applying 7 QC Tools

DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control)

CPK (Process Capability) and SPC (Statistical Process Control)

Root Cause Analysis and 8D methodology

Miscellaneous and Machines

Knowledge on ICT (In-Circuit Testing)

Kaelus PIM Analyzer and Vector Network Analyzer

Expert on Pick and Place, Tape and Reel Machines

Expert on Solder and Wire Bonding Machine

Expert using Spectrum Analyzer, High Performance Scope like NH3 Profile measuring tool, quick vision, DAGE and Vertex, Oscilloscope, OIS motion tester and Auto Focus Testing machine.

Knowledge on Die Dispensing Machine

Knowledge on Resonance and Frequency Tester

User of CNC Machine

Knowledge on Singulation Process

EHS (Environmental Health and Safety)

Leader in Chemical Management

(Reduced IPA consumption by 60% and Epoxy by 20%).Member of Environmental Health and Safety Group

Successfully designed/developed tester, incorporate manual scanning to tester for an auto scanning.

-Improve UPH of Camera Module testing from 70 ~ 85 pieces per hour.

Successfully designed/developed pick and place nozzle cleaning/purging.

-Improve yield by 2%, contamination on die/chip decreased.

Successfully developed ATE file consolidation and data gathering.

-Easily tabulate data for fast analysis of failure.

Reduced ATE probe/pin consumption by conducting operator training.

-Decreased consumption by 5%

Provide a proto type jig for manual application of epoxy/glue or manual encapsulation.

TDK Philippines Corporation

Test Engineer 3

(Camera Module Actuator/ Voice/Video Coil Motor and Magnetic Heads)

Manage /Supervise Test Engineering Team

Analyze ATE performance through yield and failure monitoring using Statistical Process Control (SPC) rule and provide necessary Corrective and Preventive measures.

Supervise tester qualification using Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GRR) and Correlation.

Develop ATE algorithms, software, and hardware to enhance cycle time and data analysis capabilities.

Performs New Projects/Product Introduction set-up and qualification.

Evaluates new methodologies of materials, process and ATE.

Monitors machine uptime, utilization, consumable parts/consumption and control.

Provide either direct or functional supervision or training to other Engineer, Technician and operators.

Trains engineers, technicians and operators on machine qualification through quality data check and analysis as well as hands-on training of newly hired operators and develop training materials and it samples.

Coordinates with and gives feedback to suppliers, vendors, customers and design persons-in charge regarding design or machine failures and proposals

Released Daily and Weekly Accomplishment Report.

Performs other task that may be assigned by the manager.

Fujitsu Computer Corporation of the Philippines

Process and Development Technician

(Wafer Fabrication and Magnetic Head Assembly)

Tabulate data from HPGL Gram load, Dage thru Wire full, Peel and Shear Strength as daily machine qualification.

Initiate analysis and provide CA/PA to improve wire bonding and die attached yield.

Resolve issues relating to line stoppages or lot put on hold. Verify defective products/units and disposition them accordingly.

Communicate for equipment spares and auxiliary materials to responsible team.

Initiate process simplification, equipment modification, tools and improvised fixture to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and cost.

Perform evaluation for new model, technology and new project up to mass production period.

Performs other task that may be assigned by the superior.

Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Date Graduated: June 2013

University of Perpetual Help Binan Laguna

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Camera Module New Project Benchmarking

Conducted in Xiamen China

Date: May 01-05, 2016

Optical Image Stabilization Technology Transfer Training

Conducted in TDK Yangmei Taiwan

Date: June 01-13, 2015

iHS Technology and Process Qualification Training

Slider Dynamic Testing Pick and Place Machine

Conducted in SAE DonnguanGuandong China

April 26 ~ May 15, 2010

DOE Training by SEIPI

Conducted by: Mr. Peter Awayan

Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: April 2017

Fire Fighting Volunteer

Conducted by: Calamba Fire Brigade Team (Walfredo Velasco)

Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: May 11 - May 15, 2015

Job Hazard Analysis by SAFETY HOUSE INC.

Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: October 10, 2014


Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: October 03, 2014

Root Cause Analysis by Arnold David

Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: August 28 to September 02, 2011

ISO 9001-14001 and OHSAS 18001 Seminar

Place: 119 East Science Ave. SEPZ Laguna Techopark, Binan Laguna. Phils.

Date: November 05~06, 2008

Birth Date:

November 5, 1977

Place of Birth:

Cabuyao Laguna



Marital Status:


October 2017 ~ Present

March 2005 ~ September 2017

Jan. 1997 ~ August 2005

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