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Software Developer

San Marcos, Texas, United States
September 12, 2018

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Joshua Humphreys

316-***-**** GitHub: jhumfreez

Education Kansas State University – Manhattan, KS

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Graduation: August 2018



Languages: C#, C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, MySQL Software and tools: Visual Studio, GCC, GDB, GitHub, Microsoft Office Suite, Android Studio, Linux, Windows, VMware Relevant


and Studies

Object-Oriented Programming

Projects: Created UML class and object diagrams for Visual Studio Windows form applications following common design patterns Example: Designed and implemented a simulated book store with user and administrative windows allowing serialized state back up and restoration of relevant objects

Coursework: Majority of academic studies (most significantly, algorithm and data structure analysis) and projects focused on OOP concepts and languages; C# and Java

Database Concepts

Project: Collaborated with a team of fellow students to design and present a database web application, relational schema, and database population script; using MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, GitHub, and Python3

Contributions: Designed the E/R diagram, developed queries, and wrote the script to populate the database

Operating System Concepts

Projects: Collaborated with a team of fellow students to implement OS services such as resource scheduling, interrupt processing, and concurrency in the Pintos operating system framework; using C, Bash scripts to automate testing, and GitHub for version control Enterprise Systems Administration

Project: Configured Digital Ocean Droplets to provide a front-end web page that queried user accounts in a back-end database, secured by UFW white-listing and SSH

Coursework: Studied enterprise network architecture, and administration of Linux and Windows user accounts

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