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Executive Assistant Director

Los Angeles, CA
September 12, 2018

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Daniel Gilboy 323-***-****

• 15+ years of experience on 50-some TV and limited-release movies, for clients such as NBC/Universal (SYFY), Lifetime, Lion’s Gate, Anchor Bay, etc.

• Exemplary organizational and disciplined project management skills, having dealt with 5 or more film projects at a time, all in different stages of Development, Production and Post.

• Digital Asset Management on systems like Shotgun and FileMaker Pro

• Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop and Premiere, but also ProCreate, Maya, Nuke, Fusion, Final Draft and Office.

• Extensive experience interacting diplomatically with Actors, Directors, Executives, Production staff and Crew, as well as direct collaboration with VFX artists in-studio.

• Not only capable and conversant in production workflow, but also a quick learner of new procedures and technology.

• Honest and direct feedback, with tact developed working on low budgets where Writers and Directors must sometimes be disappointed without sapping their drive and motivation.

• Passionate about creating the best project possible with the time and budget available. I want to do good work and inspire those around me to give it their all.

• A proactive self-starter, finding resourceful solutions to challenges. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and have done so on everything from re-writing boiler plate contracts to developing tracking systems, re-writing scripts (sometimes on-set), shooting VFX elements and 2nd Unit, and even generating main title sequences with little or no resources. A “fixer” who jumps in to solve whatever the crisis at hand.

• Enlivened by a fast-paced and demanding environment, I utilize both the intuitive and analytical brain centers. (Left and Right Brained)

• I’ve learned through experience that the creative process is not just emotional expression, but a discipline that requires continued re-evaluation for the most efficient and effective approach to each situation.

Turnwater Productions

VFX Producer. On-set and Post Supervisor.

I collaborated with Directors and Producers to conceive and plan shots, helped execute those plans on-set, hired and supervised VFX artists/companies through completion and delivery. I was also contracted as a 2nd unit Director, Screenwriter and Director. VFX Producer/On-set Supervisor

Why We're Killing Gunther (2017) (TV) ... WWKG Productions – Taran Killam Christmas Icetastrophe (2014) (TV) ... Reel One/Cinetel/Syfy – Director: Jonathan Winfrey VFX Post Supervisor

Drone Wars (2016) (TV) ... Cinetel/Anchor Bay - Director: Jack Perez Dam Sharks (2016) (TV) ... Cinetel/SyFy - Director’s: James and Jon Kondelik Director (and Screenwriter)

Global Meltdown (2017) ... Alberta Film Projects

Pretty Little Dead Girl (aka Her Secret Killer, aka Faint of Heart) (2016) ... Reel One Screenwriter

Karma (2018) ... Cinetel Films/SyFy

Viral Impact (2017) ... Cinetel Films

I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine (2015) ... Cinetel/Anchor Bay – Director: R.D. Braunstein - Screenwriter

Variant (aka Screamers: the series) ... Premiere Bobine (Un-produced) Adaptation of Philip K. Dick Short story into a series bible and Season One outline. Daniel Gilboy 323-***-****

Cinetel Films

Production Executive

Producing 8 to 12 movies a year at an independent film company with extremely high pressure and requiring a great time commitment. I hired and supervised vendors, including direct supervision of artists in studio. I was the on-set Producer and Distribution company representative. The liaison between Production, Development and Post, I fostered relationships with Actors, Directors, Crew, Technicians, Visual Effects Artists, and Executives I maintained quality control with final approval over finished shots and final edits, including Producer’s cut on over 35 broadcast television movies for clients like SyFy (NBC), Lifetime, Lions Gate and Anchor Bay. It was here that I became a ‘fixer”, rewriting scripts, directing 2nd unit inserts and reshoots, creating main title sequences, supervising color timing sessions and sound mixes, accepting deliverables per deliver schedule, generating motion graphics, editorial temp effects, and directing VFX element shoots. Cinetel Films

Executive Assistant to the President of Production Even though I was an exemplary assistant, whom my employer still uses as her gold standard, within 9 months I was promoted to Producer for going above and beyond, taking work off her plate. In this position I renovated the filing system, migrated the contact system to a new program. With discretion in dealing with well known actors and Executives, I handled the calendar, screened calls, and assisted with complex international travel arrangements. I drafted agendas, and arranged meetings during which I took comprehensive notes and followed up with department heads for progress reports. GKS Mastering and Duplication

Production Coordinator

Dealing with Executives from several large studios such as DreamWorks, Sony, and Capitol Records, I delegated staff assignments in Graphics, Packaging, and Delivery to ensure fulfillment of orders in a fast-paced environment, even joining in as needed to aid print and packaging of rush orders.


Gonzaga University

Fine Art

Storyboard Artist, Concept Design, Motion Graphics, Musician, Composer, Writer, Improvisation and Acting Instructor, and I make a hell of a cup of coffee.

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