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Biomedical Engineering Graduate

Gilbert, AZ
September 12, 2018

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D ale Franco L. Caagbay



Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.63 M ay 2016 Masters of Science in Engineering, B iomedical Engineering, G PA 3.67 May 2017 RESEARCH AND DESIGN EXPERIENCE

Sensitivity of Lyapunov Exponent Calculations - Masters Applied Project Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

● Researched and validated current methods of gait analysis with the ASU Locomotion lab using both reflective markers and accelerometer data by comparing Lyapunov Exponents

● Prepared subjects for biomechanical analysis, and conducted dynamic stability experiments

● Generated detailed experimental protocols to be used by the lab for future trials

● Generated Matlab code for analysis of collected data

● Responsible for project management and planning

● Presented research project at Biomedical Engineering Symposium to various companies and ASU faculty members

● Mentored by Dr. Thurmon Thurmon Lockhart

Real Time Nosocomial Infection Prevention System – Senior Capstone Project Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

● Collaborated with a team of engineers and developed, designed, and tested both software and hardware for a health monitoring system prototype.

● Increased consumer base by interviewing different potential users of device and maintained professional working relationships clinicians.

● Designed SolidWorks model to provide visual aid to potential investors

● Implemented human factors principles to reduce the risk of device misuse

● Completed FDA Regulations forms and provided required information on device design

● Compiled Device Master Record, and Design History File

● Presented Capstone project at Biomedical Engineering Symposium to various companies and ASU faculty members

● Mentored by Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Leland Hartwell and Founding Professor Dr. Antonio Garcia. WORK EXPERIENCE

Business Analyst - SurePower Consulting Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

● Assisted with servicing and consultation of new software for utility company during system wide software transition

● Responsible for managing and fixing errors in billing for large, time-sensitive accounts

● Implemented quality assurance practices to ensure customer satisfaction Graduate Research Assistant Locomotion Lab, ASU Spring 2017

● Used GRAIL system and reflective motion capture markers to perform approved experiment overseen by mentor

● Responsible for preparing subjects to undergo gait analysis experiments and explaining procedures to them

● Maximized experiment efficiency through in depth preparation of materials Biomedical Technician – Project CURE Summer 2016

● Tested and repaired various types of medical equipment (patient monitors, ultrasound machines, defibrillators, etc.) to confirm condition of instrument

● Contacted companies for assistance in testing devices

● Labeled and packaged equipment to be shipped

Engineering Math Tutor – Varsity Tutor/ Spring 2015 – Present

● Calculus, Differential Equations

● Statics and Dynamics

● Maintained client relations by reporting on progress of students ACTIVITIES/VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

Volunteer – Project CURE Summer 2014

● Sorted various disposable medical supplies which resulted in easier access to necessary parts

● Used Excel to perform inventory checks by cross referencing scanned items in warehouse and items recorded in system TECHNICAL SKILLS/RELEVANT COURSES


● Simulink/LabVIEW

● SolidWorks

● R Statistical Computing

● Human Factors

● Parametric/Non-Parametric Statistics

● Biomechanics/Neuromechanics of Balance

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