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Information Technology Active Directory

Brooklyn, New York, United States
September 12, 2018

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Abebe Fikre



Fist name Abebe

Middle name Fikre

Last name Haile

Phone number 617-***-****

Email address

Address *** ****** *** ** *

Cambridge, MA 02140


•18+ years of diversified experience in telephone Switching, Multiplexing, Helpdesk, Computer Network design, Installation and administration, Cisco phone management and IT Project Management areas ranging from installation, design, administration and consulting.

•Outstanding educational background in Electrical and computer engineering: MSC, Master’s degree in computer engineering and BSC degree in electrical and computer engineering and ITIL certified.

• Highly motivated and results oriented team player and individual contributor with excellent communication skills and a proven record of working with various customers, vendors and internal stakeholders.

Professional Experience

2012 GC to August 23 2018 MSH Management science for health

ICT Manager, system and network administrator

Provide overall supervision of the computerized MIS, including working on the requirement analysis, design, and implementation of the different systems. This may include managing of analyzing user needs, developing system requirements, designing the system, and managing or monitoring the implementation of software and hardware.

Design, Install and configure LAN/ WAN for MSH-Ethiopia Central and regional Offices including installing and managing Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series and 2900 Series Switches and Cisco 5505 and 5510 ASA series as Site to Site VPN and Firewall

Install and Configure Cisco 2100 WLAN controller and Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Points and create a separate VLAN for different wireless network SSIDs

Install and configure WAN accelerator - Expand Networks Acceleration (expand networks virtualization)

Install, configure and manage VMware ESXi 5.5 & 6.0 and VMware on Dell PowerEdge 2900, 2950 and T310

Configure and maintain enterprise level virtualization servers and appliances.

Configure and maintain the components in VMWare 5.5 and 6.0

Configure and maintain VMWare including VMWare, ESX host resources, Virtual Center, update, Distribute Resource Scheduler, (DRS), High Availability (HA), Linked Mode and vSwitch infrastructure.

Install and terminate fiber-optic and Ethernet cablings and other supporting communications, LAN equipment and infrastructure

Install, configure and manage Network Access Storage servers

Install, configure and manage windows 2003/ 2008 server as Active Directory, File, Print, WSUS and Symantec and Kaspersky Antivirus servers for MSH-Ethiopia Central office

Migration of Active Directory and DNS servers

Install, configure and manage Linux Ubuntu server for District Health Information System (DHIS).

Install, configure and manage webservers – Pharmaceutical Logistics Information Tracking System, DHIS2 and Short Shelf Life Products Management System and participate in this projects as a Network Administrator

Manage MSH Ethiopia user accounts on Microsoft Exchange server 2003/ 2007

Participate in upgrading Exchange Server 2007 to 2010 and 2013 and Manage accounts on Exchange server 2013

Install, Configure and Manage Expand Networks and Riverbed WAN Accelerators

Install, Configure and Manage Barracuda Web Filters

Install, Configure and Manage Cisco Maraki

Install and configure HP ProLiant, HP Blade Servers and HP Storage server and work on disk quota management system

Install and configure HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader and Symantec Backup Exec

Manage group policy objects in Active Directory

Install, Configure and Manage Panasonic TDE-600 PABX

Writing scripts for deploying applications, configuring user settings and managing network resources.

Coordinated lab testing of new software to ensure stable implementation

Worked with more closely with the MSH-US Corporate IT team on numerous projects

Work closely with Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Ethiopian Telecommunications on different issues

Support 500+ users in MSH on IT related issues including frequent travel to field offices for the installation of new IT services and IT support

Provided support to Help Desk for complex/major network problems

Evaluate different bid proposals on IT related issues for all MSH projects

Participate in IT project plans intended to continually improve/upgrade the network infra-structure

Prepare Documentation and training materials

Work closely with Health sectors in developing implementation plan, monitoring and evaluation system in relation to preventive and curative maintenance of diagnostic equipment.

Additional task The New OLLIE Web site for Ethiopian is launched and he is assigned to handle the content management part having the following tasks

From 2009 GC to 2012 GC Ethio telecom Ethio Telecom

Intranet System and Network Administration manager

Design, implement and configure ethio telecom corporate Internet network

Project coordinator and technical lead for the implementation of Intranet Network in 250 different branch ethio telecom offices and Automate their customer care services

Coordinate and supervise Network section, system administration section, IT security section and computer maintenance and office automation section

Project coordinator and technical lead for Cisco IP phone project design, implementation and roll out for 8500 staffs in ethio telecom]

Preparation of ICT equipment Specification, technical evaluation of Bid and technical inspection of delivered equipment.

Work closely with departmental managers to determine future network needs and plan for network changes

Develop methods and tools to be used to test and implement new LAN/WAN equipment

Create projects that are designed to either add functionality required by the company or to address ongoing network failure issues

Engage in regular network troubleshooting activities and resolve network connectivity issues

Analyze the current network structure and submit quarterly comprehensive reports to executive team on how to make the network more efficient

From 2004 GC to 2009 GC Ethio telecom Ethio Telecom

Intranet System and Network Engineer

Network Designing, Installation and configuration of Routers, Core, distribution, and Access switches

Installation of Wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN)

Install, configure and manage Kaspersky antivirus

Team leader in corporate Intranet Project

Administration and Support of System Servers ( i.e DHCP, domain controller, Active directory and exchange mail server )

Administration of Corporate Intranet Security (web filtering, ISA.)

Manage Corporate Intranet Network Expansion and Automation.

Computer Maintenance and support in windows 7 and Linux OS

Preparation of Specification, Evaluation of Bid and inspection of Computer and other related devices of the corporation

Install, configure and manage Cisco works Network Performance and Monitoring Tool

Install and terminate fiber-optic and Ethernet cablings and other supporting communications, LAN equipment and infrastructure

Support fabric interconnect network that communicates between server environment and storage

To maintain a high degree of client service for all ICT support queries

Install, configure, test, maintain and decommission computers, printer’s scanner copier and network devices.

Develop a user and operational manuals for the developed application software

Give Network maintenance support Study the workflow of each unit and automate the ma manual system flow and develop a

Work jointly with colleagues by sharing knowledge, experiences, idea and resources.

Identify and take corrective action when users are running computers with the contrary of ICT policy.

Helpdesk performance measurement using trouble ticket response time

Helpdesk performance measurement using trouble ticket response time

Reinstalling cables which are directly installed from the switch without trunk and nodes.

Troubleshooting network problem and maintain the problem using basic troubleshooting commends helpdesk performance measurement using trouble ticket response time

Create, develop and manage content for MSH ET ’s web presence (requires working with content management software)

Helpdesk performance measurement using trouble ticket response time

Duration: - From 1998 GC to 2009 GC

Position: - senior technician

A seasoned Telecom Professional in IT industry in Telecom Domain (Telecom Equipment) as AXE -10 System.

A seasoned Telecom Professional in IT industry in Telecom Domain (Telecom Equipment) as DMS 10 and 100 System.

Changing subscriber data, e.g. activating a new subscriber line, providing a new service or changing the subscriber class of an existing subscriber

Changing routing data, e.g. initiating a new route

Recording statistics, e.g. traffic recording, such as monitoring of traffic

Measurements for a period and reporting or, in some cases, evaluating the result.

Fault-finding, testing and repair of subscriber lines

Fault- finding, testing and repair of trunks

Fault-finding, testing and repair of the GSS and SSS units

Maintenance of the AXE power supply and power distribution system

Engineering, design, testing and installation of new technologies of new technologies.

Knowledge of Nortel DMS-10 switches, Alcatel-Lucent 7000 Series Routers, AlcatelLucent

DMX fiber transmission equipment, Calix C7 concentrators, FTTH, XDSL, GR303, Muxes, DACS and other Telecommunications equipment.

Knowledge of SS7 network element configuration, Broadband, IP-VPN, xWDM,MPLS/VPLS, Metro Ethernet, Systems, and LAN/WAN integration.

In-depth knowledge of network architecture and communication technologies such as



Experience interfacing with LECs, ISPs and other vendors or service providers.

Responsibilities also include involvement in other affiliates and the engineering and design of whatever projects as needed to include

Cleaning /blowing dusts from switches, patch panels, UPS and racks.

Successfully completed project

1. especimen referral system :- A timely delivery of TB culture test result is essential for effective TB patient care, initiation of treatment, and patient follow up. Thus, eSpecimen RS software has been developed by CTB project as part of cold chain vehicle specimen transportation to improve the turnaround time of result delivery system. Please click on

2. PVDMS system implementation at FMHACA in collaboration with FMHACA IT personals please click on

3. IP system configuration and roll out for 8000 ethio telecom higher officials.

4. 99DOTS project: - is a low-cost approach for monitoring and improving TB medication adherence. It can be utilized either as a supplement to existing DOTS programs, or to enable remote observation of doses administered by patients or their family members. (On progress)

5. Tele-radiology: - Tele-Radiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from the radiographer in one location to the radiologist to another for the purposes of sharing Tele-Radiology utilizes standard network technologies such as the internet, wide area network, local area network (LAN). (Ongoing project)


6. DHIS2 Systems:-District Health Information System 2 (DHIS2) is an application for collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of aggregate or statistical data. It is tailored to health information management with dynamic data model, flexible user interface and based on open source Java development frameworks. DHIS 2 analytics is so easy to use that anyone can take advantage of it. There has been successful experience in the use of DHIS in health programs locally and internationally. (Ongoing Project)

7. ETC corporate Intranet Project LAN and WAN network connection for 500 ethio telecom branch offices as team leader and senior lead engineer

8. Alert eLearning system maintenance and support

9. SMS internet notification system project which will be used for more than one thousand all Health facilities

10. Integrated Web and Mob system for TB contact investigation project which is going to be installed at

St. Peter hospital (Ongoing project)

1.5 Special Award and Recognitions

• Special award form ethio telecom for the successful accomplishment of ETC corporate Intranet Project as team leader and senior


• Special award from ethio telecom for the successful accomplishment of CISCO IP phone Project as project director and administrator.

• Recognition certificate for the contribution of country leader ship teams development of Management science for health Ethiopia

country strategic road map .

• Honorable mention for recognizing my peers for workplace environment promoting positive workplace environment

• Recognition from USAID funded HEALTB project for the for the successful accomplishment of SMS.

Internet notification system project which will be used for all Health facilities

• Special award and recognition for my dedication quality of work and exceptional responsibilities and ability to work under challenging environment from USAID funded HealTB project

• Recognition for significant contribution to supply chain management system in Ethiopia

• Letter of reference for the deployment of an electronic helpdesk system to track problems and incidents and provide important information for decision making establishment of a VPN connection between A.A Bahirdar to USA

• Certification of participation for the 4th ICT Ethiopia exhibition bazar and conference organized by ministry of communication and information technology.

• Letter of recommunication for the part time instructor in computer architecture logical design and computer mathematics from CPU business and information Technology College.

• Letter of recommendation for Addis Ababa Tegbareyd technical and vocational education and training college for the part-time instructor from 2004 to July 2005.


• Masters of Science Degree in electrical and computer engineering (computer engineering) with 3.65 GPA from

Addis Ababa University technology faculty from 2006 -2009 G.C graduation

• Bachelors of Sciences Degree in electrical and computer engineering (Computer Stream) from Addis Ababa

University technology faculty from 1997-2004 G.C

• DIPLOMA in Electricity from Addis Ababa Technical and vocational Collage from 1989- 1991 G.C

Selected Professional Trainings

• DIPLOMA in DMS-10 operation and Maintenance from Telrad Israel in 1995 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Java programming by Massachusetts Institute of technology in Addis Ababa

University technology faculty 2004 G.C summer session

• CERTIFICATE in strategic business Management from ETC College of telecommunication and

Information technology from Dec 23 - 25 2009 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Managing and maintaining MS Window Server 2012 Environment from ETC College of telecommunication and Information technology from June 08 - 21 2010 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in implementing managing and maintaining a windows server 2012 network infrastructure from ETC

College of telecommunication and Information technology from June 02 - 13 2010 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Planning implementing and maintaining a windows server 2012 active directory infrastructure from July 30 to August 08 2010 from ETC College of telecommunication and Information technology

• CERTIFICATE in FETEX-640 ABCS and FUJITSU E-600 Series Digital PABX from Ethiopian Telecommunications training institute at

from June 03 - 14 1996 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in AXE-10 operation and Maintenance from Ethiopian Telecommunications training institute in at

July 05 - 13 1999 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Signaling from Ethiopian Telecommunications Training Institute at April 8-19

1996 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco Implementing intrusion protection systems at April 24 2006 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco Internetwork troubleshooting at from May 15-19 2006 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco Securing Network with PIX and ASA from May 8-12 2006 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco secure virtual Private network from May 2 -5 2006

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco building Cisco Internetworks in 2006 G.C

• CERTIFICATE in Cisco Building Cisco Multi-Layer switching Networks from May 30 2005 G.C

• Certificate of building scalable cisco interworks at June 06 2005

• CERTIFICATE in Panasonic PABX system and Panasonic IP systems with NCP 500 & NCP 1000 series from 25-26 2012 G.C by reem Trading

• CERTIFICATE international ITIL v.3 certified at September 2011 G.C

• Certificate of training IT service management based on ITIL V.3 Nov 01 2010 G.C

• Certificate in information security governance from south Africa at August 3 2010 G.C

• Certificate of coaching, mentoring and conflict from management training institute at

September 16 2013

• Certificate of fundamentals of Linux from ITSC at May 03 2013

• Certificate of advanced Linux system administration at Jun 14 2013

• Alcatel lucent omni PCX product training in 2016

1.7 Summary of part time teaching experience

9 years of teaching experience in University colleges and capable of giving lecturers and hands-on training on

• Data Communication

• Network administration

• Advanced Networking and protocols in 3G

• Computer Architecture

• Logic design

• Electrical engineering from Basics to High level

• Internetworking of telecommunication and computer networks

• Advanced distributed systems

• Advanced telecommunication and broad band technology

1.8 Publications

• Basics of computer networking now the book is used as CPU College

Network course student guide

• Basics of Network administration now the book is used as CPU College Network

Administration course student guide

1.11 Reference

• Name:- Gail Amare

Company:- ILR I

Position :- operation manager

Cellphone :- +251-***-**-**-**

Email : -

• Name:- Zelalem Eba

Company:- MSH

Position :- MSH country operations director

Cellphone :- +251-*********

Email : -

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