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skills and experience in Design, Analysis focus on mechanical systems.

Rochester, NY
June 23, 2018

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*** **** ******, ********* *****, Rochester NY 14623 C: 585-***-**** Summary

Mechanical Engineering Graduate with proficient skills and experience in Design, Analysis having strong aptitude of mechanical systems, system designs, manufacturing and programming possessing good problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills. Knowledge Base

Finite Element Analysis, Computational Gear Design, Mechanics of Materials, Dynamics of Machines, Powertrain Sys & Designs, Engineering of Systems, Computer Aided Machine Drawings, 3D Printing, Manufacturing Automation Control, Manufacturing Processes Projects

LOW-COST LIGHT USING GRAVITY Designed a mechanical system coupled with step generator to obtain light without running costs which can make it to overcome geographical limitations. My role in project was to design mechanical gears involving worm and spur gears. Could generate 15 minutes of light in one fall of weight. Gear system was designed in CATIA Jan 2015-June 2015 GEAR REDUCTION CASE STUDY Designed gearset for intended for right angle motor speed reducer. Spur and Bevel gears were used for 9:1 speed reduction of 6hp motor at 2800 rpm with shafts and bearing providing 25000-hour life with 99% reliability. Aug 2016-Dec 2016 CONFORMAL CONTACT BEARING ANALYSIS Analyzed FEA contact behavior of cylindrical journal and complete ring sleeve system under plane stress conditions using ANSYS with supports at different points, loads, contact pressure without lubrication. Aug 2016-Dec 2016 AUTOMATED CAR WASH Designed a program in RSLogix5000 to perform operational sequence for car wash. Ladder diagram language is used for most of project. Add on instructions and sub-routines were used to program operations. PID instructions were used to control water at set-point. Aug 2017-Dec 2017

RE-ENGINEERING OF TOASTER OVEN Proposed redesigning of toaster oven providing more value to stakeholders. Root problems were found out by A3, Analysis of flow of value in manufacturing was obtained by CVCA, Engineering Metrics were deduced from Functional analysis which were in turn used to find competitive solutions to system design by QFD and based on customer requirements using Kano model to filter down the needs. Cost Worth Analysis and Design of Assembly was done to reduce time, cost and find efficiency of redesigning. Jan 2017-May 2017

DESIGN OF PLANETARY GEARBOX Designed planetary gearbox to transmit 350 KW with gear ratio 9. 2 Planetary gears with gear ratio 3.5 and 2.57 were used. Final Weight and Volume of gearbox obtained was 178 kgs and 0.216 cubic meter. KISSsoft and KISSsys were used for designing of gears in the project using concepts from Computational Gear Design. Jan 2017-May 2017 3D PRINTED KINEMATIC SCULPTURE Designed kinematic sculpture in Solidworks, 3D printed and assembled. ABS was used for project and 3D printed on Stratasys Fortus 450 mc. Spur and Planetary Gear system was used for the project. Aug 2017-Dec 2017 STUDY TO PREDICT SURFACE ROUGHNESS IN END MILLING Studied potential reasons for deviation from theoretical model for end milling and proposal of more accurate model to predict surface roughness. Low carbon steel as workpiece and Solid carbide square tool was used for end- milling on CNC. Proposed model was developed by orthogonal first order design and machine learning Aug 2017-Dec 2017 Skills & Certifications

AutoCAD, CATIA(Certification), ANSYS(Certification), GD&T(Certification), SolidEdge, KISSsoft, KISSsys, Integrated Gear Design, Microsoft Office, C++, MATLAB, Customer Value Chain Analysis, A3, Quality Function Deployment, Octave, RSLogix5000, Solidworks, CNC Machining, Machine Learning, App Designing, Microsoft Office, 3D Printing, Design for Assembly, Cost Worth Analysis. Education

MASTER’S IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Rochester Institute of Technology 2016 2018 Focus: Mechanics/Design GPA:3.44

BACHELOR’S IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering 2011 2015 Experience

QUALITY INTERN RINDER INDIA PVT.LTD PUNE, INDIA Accomplished project to check process capabilities of die design, materials in injection molding, design of fixtures and sealings in assembly of the product and reliability tests which in turn helped the company to improve efficiency of the assembled product and reduce the rejections of the parts. Dec 2012-Jan2013

• Monitored temperature regions and pressures which were responsible for material clogging in mold machine

• Assisted in tool room with finishing of sprue, risers and vents ensuring smooth material flow in the mold

• Analyzed design of fixtures which were responsible for holding the product to check at various stages during assembly

• Tracked process parameters responsible for robotic sealing of reflector-lens housing.

• Worked with quality engineers to check product’s wear with respect to temperatures responsible for longer duration of run and varying weather conditions

MANUFACTURING INTERN,EMINENCE EQUIPMENTS PVT LTD,PUNE,INDIA Worked as Manufacturing Intern with hands-on approach on Machines like Lathe, Milling, CNC and Slotting Machine. July 2015-Dec 2015

• Monitored tolerances responsible for the finishing of machining which determined accuracy of the product.

• Inspected wear of gear system used in conveyors with respect to load at different points and materials used.

• Worked in toolroom to improve finishing of the tool used in Lathe and Milling Machines

• Assisted in producing reports like Kaizen, A3 and process monitoring charts at various workstations GRADUATE TEACHING ASSISTANT ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Teaching Assistant for the course

“Introduction to Programming for Engineering Students using MATLAB”. Responsibilities related to this course included– hands-on in class, assisting students with the programming exercises both during studio and office hours. Working through the exercises prior to class and identifying text book and lecture slide errors, as well as identifying areas for improvement. Jan 2018-May 2018

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