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Engineer Executive

Irvine, CA
June 23, 2018

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Allen D. Kasey

Announcement wrt. Recent Career Opportunity [- CV begins on the next pg.]

Dear Executive Recruiter,

DIRECTOR / PRINCIPAL Cloud (MS Azure, AWS, PCF, IBM, Google) Solution Architect

– Please focus on SE USA: Atlanta, GA / NC / Ala. etc. (- Family considerations)

Please note, very pleased to announce that, from November, 2017 to June 2018, I have been at HCL America as a Sr. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (- PCF, Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google, etc.) Strategy / Solution Architect.

As per the comprehensive CV, excellent Director / Principal Business / Marketing / Sales & Cloud Solution Architect experience – esp. very recently at a 3 week Pivotal CF Engineering Acceleration Lab (PAL) / Pivotal CF Enablement Workshop and also meeting with Marketing / Sales / Business wrt. Major Enterprise Account opportunities in ALL vertical market segments – Financial Services / HealthCare / Energy / Manufacturing / Retail, etc.

In addition to supporting Strategic Enterprise Cloud Strategy / Transformation / Migration projects for Major Enterprise customers, this position also includes Establishment of a World Class HCL Cloud Native (CN) / PCF CoE Innovation Lab to make all of the PowerPoint presentations and Youtube videos come to life for Major Enterprise Account Executives (CEO, CIO, VPs, Directors, et. al.) and Members of The Technical Staff, et. al.

Btw, one of my responsibilities is working as a team with Major Enterprise Accounts to issue a Detailed Architecture / Design Spec to INTEGRATE Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) into the AWS and MS Azure Fabric to support all of the Next Generation Cloud Native (CN) applications to prevent vendor Lock IN.

“Mission Critical” Applications / Technologies in the HCL CN / PCF CoE Innovation Lab include: SECURITY, AI (IBM Watson), Big Data, Data Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, CRM, Polyglot Dev, Dell Boomi, Middleware API, CN 12/15 Factor, Microservices, Containers (Docker), Orchestrator (Mesos), Serverless, DevOps, CI/CD pipeline, VMware - PCF, MS Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google, VMware, CISSP, etc.

While I am considering mPura, I am still in the process of making a final decision wrt. my ultimate career direction - so please email: and/or call: 714-***-**** (Mobile) if you are interested in discussing the career opportunities described in the CV beginning on the next page.

Thank you again for your excellent friendship and support.

Best always,

Allen D. Kasey


Phone: 714-***-**** (Mobile)

Allen D. Kasey


A Director / Principal Enterprise Business Strategy or Solution Architect / PM at a Progressive Company where Mission Critical Business objectives are identified and met by utilizing: Hybrid Cloud – MS Azure, AWS, PCF, IBM Cloud, Google, etc; IBM SOA/IIB; Oracle AIA; MS .NET Enterprise; EAI, ERP, CRM, SOA/ESB, API Mgm’t, Microservices, EIM/MDM Big Data, eCommerce, Mulesoft, & Mobility

Professional Profile

“Enterprise IT Interoperability, Security & Strategic Planning is a 7-Layer Issue”

Relevant Executive Management Director / Principal / PM experience including:

Master’s Degree, EE Dept Duke University plus 18+ yrs industry exp: IBM, ATT Bell Labs, UHG, etc.

Excellent understanding of the emerging IT industry trends to identify mission-critical issues.

Director / Principal Level responsibilities: Building Large Organizations / Divisions in Fortune 1-10 Companies: Driving Executive / Project management; run Executive IT & ITARB, Agile etc meetings. Deliver Executive strategy presentations that drive actions and decisions for mission-critical projects.

Experience in communicating technical study conclusions, using PowerPoint/Excel/Word/Visio, etc

Domain Driven Design experience, for financial services, insurance, telecommunications, etc.

Analyzes business requirement user stories and model IT domain based services

Experience working under Agile PM methodology

Enthusiastic, persuasive and self-starter, ability to motivate team members

Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to participate in mission critical presentations

Enterprise Azure / PCF Hybrid Cloud Solution Architect technical experience:

Azure, AWS, Bluemix, PCF Cloud Native platform including the design and automation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), SaaS including: virtual networks, virtual machines, app and cloud services, container, microservices, data center OS services, web sites, data services, et al.

Hybrid Cloud - Azure, AWS, Bluemix, PCF – Strategy / Migration / Transformation Projects

Migration Assessment / Refactor / DevOps: 700+ Enterprise Applications to Hybrid Cloud for Major Fortune 3 Financial Institution.

Hands on experience in Microservices Architecture, Design, Development and Implementation

Experience Developing Cloud Assessment Models, Business Case, Cloud Architecture and Design, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Network & Storage Design, etc. for Azure

Azure, AWS, Cloud Native development framework such as Spring boot, Netflix OSS, Spring cloud

Working knowledge of cloud PaaS platforms such as MS Azure, AWS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry / Cloud Native, OpenShift, IBM Bluemix, Google, etc.

Design and implement APIs, deep understanding of REST, SOAP, HTTP, UDP etc.

Good understanding of the key differences to architect and design enterprise cloud native solutions ( as compare to traditional data center based solutions

Experience with CICD technologies such as Jenkins, GitHub etc.

Knowledge of front end and Mobility technologies (JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js, Backbone).

Experience working in Middleware products such as TIBCO, MuleSoft, IBM MB, Oracle AIA etc.

Experience with relational database system (e.g., MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle).

Experience with open data systems (e.g., MongoDB, CassandraDB, CouchDB, Redis).

Familiarity with design patterns (e.g., Cloud, Integration, Presentation).

Experience with security such as AD, SAML, Single Sign On, OAuth 2, Mobile Data Mgm’t, CISSP, etc

Certifications (- equivalent experience): Hybrid Cloud – MS Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, PCF Cloud Foundry; Middleware / API Mgm’t - IBM, Oracle AIA, Microsoft, Mulesoft API; PM - PMI/P, Agile; Security – NIST 800, ITIL, CISSP

Executive Experience Summary

HCL AMERICA Executive Management Consulting, Irvine, CA [- please also refer to pg. 1]

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (MS Azure, AWS, PCF, IBM Cloud, Google) Sr Solution Architect

UNITED HEALTH GROUP (UHG) OptumRx IT (- Fortune 1 Healthcare Company), Irvine, CA

Director, UHG ORx IT Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Dept. / PM


Principal Systems Engineer 5 (SyE 5) / PM – EAI/SOA Enterprise Appl Integration


Principal Software Engineer / PM - Multimedia Advanced Development Lab


Member of the Technical Staff (MTS) – “UNIX PC” Workstation / Server SW Engineering Lab


Assoc. Principal Systems Engineer – IBM San Jose Advanced Development / Research Labs

Education / Affiliations

Duke University: Master’s Degree – Published Graduate Thesis Duke Electrical Engineering Dept:

“Optimum Suboptimum Detection Performance of Gaussian Signal in Gaussian Noise of Unknown Level” - including Computer Simulation of the Data Analytics Algorithm – Duke Library

University of Delaware: 2 Full Degrees – BS EE & B.A., Psychology

Member: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE 802 Voting, Amateur Radio - WA3FCX

Professional Career / History


mPura (Innovative Mobility Applications Company), Irvine, CA

Director / Principal Enterprise Cloud Solution Architect / PM

July 2014 to Present [- Please refer to Ultimia Wireless pg. 4: 12+ years Total Experience]

Responsible for providing Executive Leadership and direct “hands-on” management and development for the Enterprise Application Integration and Solution Architecture wrt. Strategic “State-of-the Art” Mobility (iOS & Android) Apps for mHealth and mWallet: Healthcare and Fortune 3 Financial Co. mobility apps:

1. “State-of-the-Art” Mobility (iOS & Android) App Solutions – UI/X, iOS SDK and Android SDK, etc.

2. Hybrid Cloud IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – AWS: Elastic Load Balance, EC2 Proxies / Service, MySQL, EC2 Hadoop, EMR Cluster, Master/Slave, Big Data Spark, SparkSQL / YARN, Hadoop, S3, Mule; MS Azure: Office365, Hyper-V, et al; PCF / Bluemix / CN, PaaS; DevOps, Chef, Puppet; VMware, VCE Vblock.

3. Middleware SOA/ESB – Mulesoft 4.1 Studio; Anypoint API Gateway Management, CloudHub platform utilized for ESB/API/SOAP/REST/HTTP, RAML, Data translation between business applications / services, Migration from Mulesoft 3.3 / 3.6 to 3.8 Studio ESB API/Hybrid Cloud, Microservices MUnit.

4. “Back End” Enterprise Systems Integration - IBM SOA/ESB IIB: WebSphere, DataPower, etc; Oracle Fusion AIA: WebLogic, etc; Microsoft MS .NET Enterprise: BizTalk, WCF; Salesforce, Pega 7, etc

5. “Back End” Database - IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DB, NoSQL, et. al.

6. “Back End” Big Data – Apache Spark / YARN, MDM, Cluster, Hadoop, et. al.

7. Security “Best Practices” for 1-6 - SOX, PCI DSS, tls / ssl Encryption / Key Mgm’t; SSO SAML 2, OAuth 2, Data Residency/Breach, etc; Healthcare: HIPAA, HL-7, ICD 10, Medical Records, etc; Financial Svcs: GLBA, NCUA, Privacy, etc; Big 4 Audits wrt. compliance with Security & US Fed Gov’t Standards.

HCL America Executive Management Consulting, Irvine, CA

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (MS Azure, AWS, PCF, IBM, Google) Sr Solution Architect

November 2017 to June 2018 [- Please also refer to pg. 1 of this CV for additional information]

Responsible for Strategic Enterprise Cloud Strategy / Transformation / Migration projects for Major Enterprise accounts which also includes Establishment of a World Class HCLCloud Native (CN) / PCF CoE Innovation Lab to make all of the PowerPoint presentations and Youtube videos for CN apps come to life for Major Enterprise Account Executives (CEO, CIO, VPs, Directors, et. al.), MTS, etc.

Capgemini Executive Management Consulting, Irvine, CA

Enterprise Strategy / Senior Cloud Architect Manager, Finance & Healthcare Dec 2016 to May 2017 Hybrid Cloud - Azure, AWS, Pivotal CF / CN / Bluemix – Strategy / Migration / Transformation Projects

Migration Assessment / Refactor / DevOps: 700+ Enterprise Apps to Hybrid Cloud Fortune 3 Finance Svc

IBM North American (NA) Systems Operations Integration Center, Irvine, CA

IBM NA Satellite Integration Solutions Architect / PM* - October 2015 to March 2016

IBM NA Satellite Integration Operations Solutions Architect - Strategic IBM Enterprise Accounts.

Mattel (World’s Largest $6B Toy Sales, Marketing & Manufacturing Co), Los Angeles, CA

Principal IT Enterprise Solution Architect / PM* - May to June 2015

Responsible for Enterprise Applications and overall Technical Solutions Architecture for the strategic ERP Oracle Financials, SAP Ariba Enhancements project and, in less than 2 weeks, AUTHORED and gained IT ARB APPROVAL for the ACE International Trading Upgrade project for Executive Stakeholders at Mattel Corporation. Provide documentation and “hands-on” technical leadership for the BRD, MATAR/ARB review meetings as well as manage all aspects of the SDLC / Agile process.

NiSource (Large $5B East Coast / Mid-West US Energy Company), Gary, IN

Principal IT Enterprise Solution Architect / PM* – Core Team - May to June 2014

Responsible for the Enterprise Applications and Solutions Architecture for the strategic Customer Emergency Alert Notification Project for NiSource Corporate for all Executive Stakeholders. Successfully Authored and lead the IT ARB Executive Business & Technical Review and gained Approval for the Application SW and HW IT platforms for the project - including IBM SOA and ESB, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Microsoft MS .NET and SaaS (TFCC CRM) Hybrid Cloud MS Azure.

DirecTV, El Segundo, CA

Sr. Enterprise Solution Architect / PM* - July to Nov 2013

Responsible for applications and solutions architecture for the strategic “customer facing” Revenue (Sales) and Marketing Divisions of DirecTV. Successfully lead the Executive Business & Technical Review and gained Approval for the High Level Design (HLD) for the Application SW and HW IT platforms for the LifeShield Integration project. The Application SW and HW IT platforms included IBM SOA ESB, Oracle Middleware, Microsoft MS .NET Framework client systems and Hybrid Cloud LifeShield (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS) for the major project. * = Consultant

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) North Carolina, Durham, NC

Sr. Enterprise Solution Architect / PM* – Enterprise Architecture Dept. - Jan to April 2013

Responsible for the application and solution architecture for the ObamaCare Affordable Care Act (ACA) Federal and Private Exchanges for BCBS in North Carolina. Application SW and HW IT platforms include IBM Mainframes SOA and ESB, Oracle Middleware, MS Windows client systems. In addition, IBM RSA and SOA ESB utilized as well as MS .NET Framework and IaaS,PaaS,SaaS Cloud (AWS, IBM and MS Azure Clouds evaluated - Azure selected) for State of NC University Student Blue Insurance project. Major ObamaCare ACA projects included US Federal Healthcare Exchange Readiness for Individuals, Small / Medium Groups and Major Enterprise Corporations. * = Consultant

United Health Group (UHG) ORx (- Fortune 1 Healthcare Co), Irvine, CA

Director, UHG ORx IT Enterprise Architecture Dept. / Sr. IT Enterprise Solution Architect / PM

November 2009 to October 2012

Established the UHG ORx IT Enterprise Strategy & Architecture OCIO Program by obtaining UHG OptumRx ITARB, CIO, VP, Director, etc. approval. Recruited and assimilated 5 Level 29 Sr. IT Segment and Domain Architects, with potential plans for 20+ additional Sr. Architects. Selected as a member of the UHG OptumRx IT “Future Systems” (FS) Leadership Team. Responsible for Sr. IT Enterprise Soln Arch systems integration of the UHG ORx system into UHG Corp Healthcare applications.

IBM RSA and IIB SOA/ESB WebSphere, DataPower, etc utilized extensively as well as Oracle Fusion, MS .NET Enterprise; Salesforce; Pegasystems, etc and I/P/SaaS Hybrid Cloud (Azure, AWS, HP, IBM, etc. evaluated - AWS and Azure selected) for the major projects (- selected for Sales). Delivered a comprehensive presentation of the UHG OptumRx IT EA Strategy & Architecture Program to UHG OptumRx IT CIO, Sr. Directors, Sr. Managers & Team Leaders that included the following:

1. Fundamental EA / 4+1 / TOGAF / Enterprise Architecture Organization documents

Fundamental EA and Organizational principles utilized to establish the UHG OptumRx IT S&A Program - approved by the UHG OptumRx IT ARB - CIO, Sr. Directors, etc.

2. UHG ESP OptumRx IT Roadmap Program

Overview of the important UHG ESP OptumRx IT Roadmap (Casewise) Program.

3. UHG OptumRx IT Enterprise Architecture Domain Mapping Methodology Description of the Innovative UHG OptumRx IT S&A Business Requirements Mapping Methodology – ensuring “Fair and Objective” Switzerland-based (- Neutral) Technology Recommendations.

4. UHG OptumRx IT PMO SDM Architecture Engagement

Includes the UHG OptumRx IT PMO SDM / Architecture and Security Review Process, RACI slides and ref. UHG OptumRx IT Cap Planning Methodology.


Overview of the UHG OptumRx IT OCIO Model, including a description of the "UHG IT Business Solutions Architect" responsibilities (Slide 52).

6. UHG OptumRx IT RSA Guidelines – UHG RSA Process, BVD, VFQ, IET, etc.

The UHG OptumRx IT RSA will also be utilized for the PS IT "Future Systems" Program.

7. Future UHG OptumRx IT S&A Program Initiatives, and, in addition:

7A. Build upon / "Leverage" the Fundamental Principles and the current successes of the UHG OptumRx IT Strategy & Architecture Program.

7B. Continued with the UHG OptumRx IT S&A Engagements and Projects described in 1 - 6 above.

7C. Official Executive Level UHG OptumRx IT OCIO Presentation / Announcement.

7D. Establish closer alignment with UHG IT CIO John Santelli's “Value Added Architecture” Vision, Leadership and Direction..

7E. Review of 40+ Capital Planning Program Charters - determine which Strategic UHG PS Programs will be supported by our Program.

7F. 0thers - as deemed appropriate.

ULTIMIA Wireless / Microsoft Consultant, Irvine, CA

Executive Director / VP Enterprise Solution Architect / Program Manager

Nov 2000 to Oct 2009

Provided technical leadership Executive Management, Program Management and “hands-on” Technical Leadership for Enterprise Applications and “Back-end” Services for next-generation "Seamless Mobility" between Cellular <-> 802.11a/b / Bluetooth networks for Major Cellular Carriers, including Verizon Wireless, Healthcare and Financial Services Applications, etc.

Enterprise Mobility (iOS and Android) Applications included SMS/EMS and BREW for Subscribers and “Back-end” Services: Authentication, Billing, Device Management, Subscriber Management, J2EE/J2ME management, personalization, policies and restrictions, etc utilizing: EAI, ERP, IDE, PMI/PMP, Business PM / Workflow, Architecture, Administration, Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning, Clustering, Load Balancing, Hot Back-up, Disaster Recovery / Problem Resolution, Hybrid Cloud (Azure / AWS) and SW Development.

Mobility SW Applications include SMS/EMS and BREW for Subscribers and “Back-end” Services: Authentication, Billing, device management, subscriber management, J2EE/J2ME management, personalization, policies and restrictions, etc utilizing: EAI, ERP, IDE, PMI/PMP, Business PM / Workflow, Architecture, Administration, Capacity Planning, Performance Tuning, Clustering, Load Balancing, Hot Back-up, Disaster Recovery / Problem Resolution, SW Development utilizing:

1.IBM WebSphere 4/5, BEA WebLogic 7/8.1 - Workshop / Workflow / Portal / Integration / Message Broker / B2B / Admin

2.Static: Apache, Web Server, iPlanet, IIS, HTML, etc.

3.Portal Framework, Java, J2EE, EJB, JDBC, JSP, App Server, Servlets, JNDI, JDEC, JMS, JTA, IDL, SNMP, XML, Mail, Security;

4.Integration (Workflow / Data / Process): SAP R3, RDMS (Oracle 9/11i), PeopleSoft 7/8, IBM Host, DB2, CICS, MQSeries, Microsoft .NET Framework, HLT, JDBC, non-XML <-> XML.

5.Upgrade and migration from WebLogic 6.x to WebLogic 7/8.x; BEA Portal v4.x to Portal v7/8.x, App Server components to support SAP R3, Business Warehouse, MS Exchange, Docmentum, etc.

6.Install/Admin, clustering, performance tuning, new design of components & architecture in WL 7/8.1

7.Development in J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JMS, Struts and EJBs – Rational RUP / XP.

8.Designing the system from conceptual documents – extensive use of Workflow in 8/9/10

9.Written system requirement document and system architecture documents

10.Developed functional specifications from the above documents validated by Hughes SW Systems

11.Preparation of business plan for meetings with investors

12.Project scheduling, budgeting, and acquiring necessary hardware systems & software tools for product prototyping (PMI/PMP, ISO 9001,ETS, PPG, Rational RUP, XP)

13.Prototypes / Field Trials in Java/J2EE (WebLogic), J2ME, WAP, XML, SOAP/UDDI, VxWorks, GPRS, Palm OS, & Packet PC, WebSphere, WebLogic Portal, Personalization & Integration.

14.Developing a middle tier application framework by using J2EE/WebLogic 6.1/7.x/8.1, IBM WebSphere 4/5, MS .NET, XML, Web Services, SOAP/UDDI with Vitria, Vignette, SiteMinder.

Please note, additional projects while working at Ultimia Wireless (2000 – 11/2009) Below:

STATE of CALIFORNIA Dept. Motor Vehicles IT MODERNIZATION, Sacramento, CA

Sr. SW Engineer / PM Team Lead* - Enterprise Application Architecture Integration


Successful Completion and Approval of 12 Business Utility Services Design Specifications for the CA State DMV IT Modernization Project.

Provided comprehensive “DMV customer-facing” technical coordination and leadership to DMV project teams. Relevant technologies included IBM SOA, Java / J2EE: IBM WebSphere, RSA, RUP, IBM Mainframe, MS .NET Framework, etc.


Sr. Systems Engineer 5 / Sr. Tech PM* - EAI/SOA 3/N -Tier Application / Middleware / Infrastructure

2007 to 2008

Provided comprehensive Interdisciplinary Systems Engineering / Technical Program / Project Management to the assigned project teams, transcending traditional functional barriers and complying with all aspects of NG directives as a Systems Engineer 5 – including utilizing IBM SOA ESB DataPower, Oracle Middleware and MS .NET Enterprise - that resulted in Approval for the following projects:

Adhered to all approved CMMI, QA, PMI/P processes as defined and implemented by the NG ITS EPG:

1.NG EAI / SOA Corporate Integration Initiative / Project

EAI/SOA/DataPower Practice, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Application SW.

One HR Multi-Sector Service Center – including integrated Data / Call Centers

2.HR support for 125,000 NG employees – BPM and re-engineering

EAI/SOA, SAP, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, IBM Host, DB2, DataPower Informix, Informatica, etc.

Call Center Integration: Lucent, Cisco, VoIP, IVR, OSS, LAN/WAN, Wireless, etc.


Innovation Labs Director - Enterprise Application Architecture Integration / PM Consultant


Directed efforts to define and implement the USTRI Innovation Laboratory as a showcase for emerging technology solutions for strategic major customer business applications – especially for Fortune 100 customers. Provided Executive-level Enterprise Application Architecture / PM Consulting for strategic Business Applications for Wellpoint, etc

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