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Data Engineer

San Ramon, CA
June 21, 2018

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Monika shilpa Are

Mobile: +1-510-***-****


An enthusiastic individual with an overall experience of 3 year 6 months. Experienced in operations management, project management, class room training, service level management, recruitment and coaching for performance.


Currently working as a GIS Technician (Election specialist) with Robert Half for the client San Joaquin Registrar of Voters, Stockton, California from March 2018 till date.

Worked as a Content Engineer/GIS Analyst in Global Logic Technologies for GOOGLE (Google Maps)as a client from April 2012 to May 2013

Worked as a Data Analyst/GIS Analyst for Zen3 info solutions for Microsoft Outsource project( Bing Maps) from May 2013 to August 2015.


MBA (General) 2012 from University of Sunderland, London, UK.

B.Tech (Chemical) 2009 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Hyderabad.

Masters in Computer Science 2016 from Silicon Valley University, California, USA.

Pursuing online Masters in Information System Security from University of the Cumberland, Kentucky, USA.

GIS Technician(Election Specialist):

Working on Arc GIS to maintain the precinct data of the San Joaquin county.

Drawing the precinct boundaries and merging them using Arc map.

Organizing the labels on the map and pin points represents the polling places.

Worked on the Stockton unified and Ripon fire district maps Precincts/Sub precincts data cleaning

Worked on the TRA’s(Tax rate area) of Stockton/Ripon pulled the data and saved .

Worked on the Voting Precincts of 7 Cities in California, USA.

Worked on the consolidation Voting precincts

Data clean up(includes geometry and organized the labels)

Automated the huge data into a simple way by importing the data into the Arc Map

Assigned ballot types to all the sub precincts according to the list provided and automated the data.

Tools : Arc GIS, Auto CAD, Arc catalogue, Excel

Content Engineer (Google)

Worked on Google maps to solve the user issues.

Solved user queries as per the client requirement

Worked on Various Countries (Brazil,Slovikia,Indonesia,Russia,Taiwan,Belgium,USA,CA,Berlin, Germany,IN) using Atlas Tool and also QC'ed the work.

Worked on Streets and Geo codes by using Atlas Tool.

Worked on Report Map issues using Atlas Tool

Worked on marking of POI's and street names.

Process Management: Major Countries Managed are UK, FI, IT, ES and MX Successfully managed end to end mapping of UK and FI and enhanced user data on MX maps through a maintenance effort.

UK was a complicated project and the main challenge there was to revise strategies

Daily and complete mapping within stiff timelines.

This was a big achievement for the team as UK was mapped from scratch.

Policy Communication: Communicate with policy team time to time to segregate a globalPolicy across the UK database.

Mentored 300+ people in groups of 15+ on UK database across all stages.

Italy, Spain are another tougher country which we worked on.

Associates Management:

The largest contingent of GT Ops is based in Hyderabad.

owhere I manage a team of ~32 TVCs in group of ~15 each working on mapping of

omultiple countries with diverse mapping policies.

My team is also responsible for the maintenance of mapped data in the countries we

ohave launched till date.

oProcess Improvement Initiatives: I collaborated with cross office pears on an initiative

oto deep dive into GT stages to actively look for ways to improve process.

We generated 7 ideas of which 6 have been implemented to date and 4 of the 5 implemented ideas show a combined saving of 5% mapping time per

1 idea is focused on improving workflow allocation and though shows no savings, it

oImproves operator morale.

1 idea(Incentive points) is focused to built competency among the associates which

oImproved productivity and quality, by which resulting in ~15% overall efficiency gains

GT Summary:

Ground Truth (GT) project is envisioned to deliver Google created map data for 40+

Developed countries in NA and Western Europe resulting in multimillion dollar cost savings in terms of license fee while providing flexibility to Google product teams to develop great Geo products. Through this initiative, we acquire high-quality map data from authoritative sources around the world and then apply a mix of advanced algorithms, supplemental data (including satellite, aerial and Street View imagery), and human input to create a map that corresponds as closely as possible to the real-world facts that you’d find if you were to visit that location. Apart from Eng, PM (Product Management) and SPD (Strategic Partner Development), GT Operations is one of the key stakeholders in delivering high quality Geo data under extremely stringent timelines.

Collectively we have launched 40+ countries, which will account for more than 48% of Page Views on

GT Ops in HYD contributed more than 90% of mapping in these countries.

Timely and high quality Ops work ensured that all countries data got accepted for launch with no quality regression.

Due to strict timelines and infrastructural resource constraints, tighter process controls, to ensure process/policy consistency and high data quality, GT Ops in Hyderabad works 7 days across 3 shifts (including an evening shift), coordinates with four Google offices (Ops sites) and 4 Engineering offices working in 4 different time zones.

Technical Skills

GIS Software: ArcGIS 9.2 & 9.3, Surfer, Erdas 9.2, MapInfo.

Development Tools: GT tools, Geo Server, Open Layers, Geo Ext. Presentation skills

Process Improvement Projects

Reported Mapping Issues (RMI), Issue Search Page (ISP), Map-Maker (MM), GT-labelling & Quality Check.

Map Viewer/ Front End: GT Tools, Open Layer, Geo Ext, Web Map Server.

Database: Mapmaker, Ground Truth, RMI.

Tools : Atlas, Google Earth.

GIS Analyst/Team Lead (Zen3 info solutions)

oWorking on UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System) Tool to improve the Bing Maps

Updating the accurate information in UHRS tool by using Content and Relevance Processes.

Preparing RTA’s to check the performance of the team on a weekly basis.

Currently Handling 2 Teams Great Britain and Canada Team of Team size 20

Experience in Handling Remote markets like South Africa and Indonesia.

Conducting daily meeting to assign work to the Agents

Assigning Targets to each Individual and following up through emails

Closely monitoring the production of the Team and clarifying the doubts

Imparting Feedback instantly to the team members.

Providing updated guidelines to the team and train them on the new updated guidelines

Performing the audits and providing feedback on the disagreement scores on a daily basis

Conducted regular audits for the team as per the guidelines, follow the escalation matrix when appropriate

Providing the daily performance report to the Team

Reporting the daily performance of Team to the Project Manager

Working on Judge wise reports every Monday and send it to Microsoft and as per Microsoft feedback on the report feedback will be provided to the Agents

Conduct performance reviews and appraisals at regular intervals.

To ensure completion of required weekly and Monthly Targets.

Primary point of contact for client responsible managing expectations, gathering requirements and weekly


Responsible to creating a reporting framework tracking resource allocation, throughput and quality for onsite as well as remote resources

Trained and mentored the data analysts across 8 in house and 2 remote Markets – India, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Indonesia.


Certified in Upper Intermediate English Course from University of Sunderland,London,UK

Received appreciations on various occasions for flexibility and meeting timelines

Ensured 100% quality of the team throughout the tenure of the project.

Contributed to the deployment of 50 FTE to new projects post completion of existing projects by delivering appropriate training.

Actively contributed to the success of existing project and thus attract inflow of new project

Training and Development:

Delivered class room training sessions for the new hires and seasoned staff as appropriate.

Reviewed the existing training plan and make changes as appropriate.

Initiated process re engineering as and when required for process improvement.

Developed interactive training tools such as exercise books, cross words and case studies.

Actively participated in the recruitment drives and thus hire for quality.

Projects Handled:

Bing Local Search at Microsoft(LCM) and FTW(Fix the world):

Gathering the information from the raw data provided by the Client and filtering the data and providing it back to the UHRS tool which can be uploaded to Bing maps by using several tasks available

Tasks which are used to analyse the data are Primary website, NAPC, Category, Duplicates.

Identified the significance of training held and gain the required expertise by going through the required documents

Initiated meetings when appropriate to ensure calibration in terms of understanding of the audit.

Developed an effective plan in line with the required timelines.

Scheduled and implemented internal audits, delivered feedback sessions based on the results.

Conducted refresher sessions when necessary to ensure uniformity in understanding of compliance guidelines

Cross Training Teams

Trained and mentored the data analysts across 8 in house and 2 remote Markets – India, Australia, United

Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Indonesia.

Cross Trained the agents on different tasks as a backup in the absence of other Agents to cover the production

Reviewed the historic performance of the individuals to attend the sessions.

Delivered lesson plans to enhance their performance abilities.

Evaluate the team’s performance on the role plays and retention of information

Provide feedback to the individuals in a professional manner and create solutions

Handed over personalised performance reports to the relevant line manager to set up a platform in production.

Gauged individual performance on the production during the transition phase and provide feedback accordingly.

Maintained and circulated performance reports during the class room training on a regular basis.

Monitored individual performance during the production and worked with the ones who need help in performance.

Technical Skills:

Proficient in MS office, MS Word,MS Excel, MS Outlook, Internet Navigation, ESRI Arc GIS Desktop, Arc GIS server, QGIS,SQL Server, Reporting, Share point, Java, QA,QC.


Won the Best Team of the month for September 2014.

Won the productivity team of the month for October 2014.

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