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Annapolis, MD
June 19, 2018

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Reginald C. Shorter

*** ******* ***** ****

Crownsville, Maryland 21032




Visionary and goal-oriented IT Senior Executive with demonstrative experience in planning, developing, and implementing cutting edge information solutions to address business opportunities. Develop strategic plans for operation of client services, product support, quality assurance, and training. I am Top Secret Clearable.


Computer Science Major: University of Maryland University College

Major: Computer Science and Information Systems

Minor: Computer Applications

Concentration: Networking/Computer Architecture

Computer Science Major, Bowie State University Bowie, Maryland

From 8/88 - 5/90

Relevant Courses:


IDS/IPS, PIX, ASA, Introduction to Cisco Routers, Advanced Cisco routing, System Integration and Design, Cisco maintenance and support, Building Cisco Multilayer Switch Networks 6500, Cisco Certified Network Administrator Boot Camp, Network Security I & II, Monitoring, Analysis and Response System (MARS) Unified Computing System (UCS)


Ontap Version 9.0 Cluster and System Administration

Ontap Data administration and Protection

Juniper Networks:

Junos 4000 Switching


Disk array administration – AMS2500, 9570, 9970


Introduction Administration & Advanced Administration

Dell Equal Logic:

Configuration and management administration – PS4210


Introduction and Administration


Splunk Administration, Architecture Overview, Using Splunk, Searching and Reporting,

Advance Searching and Reporting


Core fundamentals, Implementation and Maintenance

Sun Solaris:

Systems Administration I, Systems Administration II, Network Administration I

Network Administration II, Network and Windows N/T Integration.


Sun Storage - SAM-FS and QFS Administration

CheckPoint Firewall-1:

Checkpoint Security Administrator

Checkpoint Security Engineer


TNG Network monitoring and performance

Extreme Switch Networks:

Command Line and L2 Switch Configuration:

IP Unicast routing and Layer 3 switch configuration:

Interactive Network and Design and Trouble Shooting

People Soft University:

People Tools 1 & 2

Server Administration


Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center, Windows 2000, Implementing Active Directory, Exchange Server, 2000 Exchange Server, Exchange Development and Implementation, Outlook, Access, Excel, Word, HTML programming, TCP/IP Internet working, CGI Script programming, Windows98, Windows XP and 2000, NT 4.0 Server, Workstation and Enterprise, In Process of MCSE

Microsoft University(Redmond, Seattle):

Wireless 802.x administration


SQL End-User, Develop Application with PL/SQL, Backup and Recovery,

Database Administration and SQL-Net Client/Server


Fast Track to PowerBuilder

Transition to the PowerBuilder Environment

Digital Equipment Corporation:

NCSA and Digital WEB Server Installation, Netscape WEB Client Installation, Digital Windows N/T, Firewall, Pathworks, IntranetWare V4, NetWare V3.11 System Manager, NetWare v3.11 Advance System Manager, NetWare Service and Support, Digital Unix System, Datatrieve Programming for the Business Professional, VMS System Management I & II, Network Management I & II, Vaxcluster System Management, ALL-IN-1 System Management (office automation package), Programming in VAX C

Hewlett Packard Corporation:

System Management, Operating Systems and Office Share courses


PC Hardware & Software Installation, Introduction to Client/Server


The Maryland State Archives

350 Rowe Blvd.

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Phone: 410-***-****

Position: Deputy Chief Information Officer

Date: May 15, 2006 - Present


Information Technology – Network Security and Design – Operational Support

Technology and business visionary with executive and hands on experience managing computing strategies in a multi-million dollar environment. Strong record of success in creating robust technology architecture integration and budget cost control. Proficient staff organization and development, with strategic analysis providing internal consulting. Management of staffing, budgeting, development, design, and integration of software and hardware systems for multi-site operations and administrative centers for over 5,000 users worldwide. Oversee IT operational infrastructure and deliver technology resources to development projects. Oversee the design and development of web Intranet / Extranet sites for disaster recovery site. Direct Technical Support, Application Support for large scale file and block replication applications. Hired managed and retained staff while fostering productive quality initiatives throughout the university and State of Maryland systems.

The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR)

1100 N. Eutaw Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

Phone: 410-***-****

Position: Infrastructure - Network and Telecommunications Manager

Date: August 5, 2003 - 2006


Chief consultant on technology to the CIO and executive team. Contributing to the definitions of key strategies business objectives and leveraging the State of Maryland’s IT capacity. Highly qualified network manager/engineer with over 25 years of operational experience. Results oriented and effective leader with a consistent record of exceeding standards and expectations. Ability to proactively identify and resolve problems – reverse negative trends, maximize productivity, and help an agency or organization grow. Design and implemented network architecture for The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) which consist of 55 remote T-1 Frame-Relay tail circuits, for migration into Network Maryland Layer 2 services, State wide Government Intranet (SwGI) and conversion from external Internet Service Provider to Internal ISP with a substantial cost savings. Conversion of all DLLR sites from IPX to TCP/IP utilizing Frame-Relay, and ATM to Frasi connections. Managing, procuring, and re-engineering of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for unemployment insurance, job services and State of Maryland Income Tax system for all DLLR sites. Project manager for the Network Operations Center (NOC) for all sites related to DLLR and the Department of Labor, Washington D.C. Management and creation of all Request for Proposal bids for network, infrastructure, Intel systems, and technical information.

Management of Strengths in:

Team leadership and collaboration

Deployment of large scale networks

Profitability improvements

Productivity improvements

Network design and maintenance

The Fleet Business School

Annapolis, Maryland

Position: Director of Networking and Information Technology/ Instructor


Phone: 410-***-****

Contact: Yes

Coordination and curriculum development for all computer programming, data processing and telecommunications classes. Supervision of computer and network instructors for Windows N/T, TCP/IP, and Novell operating systems.

Highly inquisitive, creative and resourceful, demonstrating excellent skills in communication and collaboration with faculty, staff and students. Skilled in all phases of network computing, with good working knowledge of network protocols. Excited by the challenge of expanding my knowledge base for the study of computer architecture and the evolution of computer logic.

Various telecommunications projects: telephony, distance learning, and Internet implementation

Lincoln University

1409 G Street, N. E.,

Washington, D. C.

Position: Computer Instructor / Part-time


Under the supervision from the computer science director, teaching various computer

classes. Designs and teaches various computer courses for senior adults. Creates course outlines and write instructions for each course.

University Systems of Maryland System Administration Headquarters

3300 Mezerott Rd. Adelphi, MD. 20783 Tel: 301-***-****

Position: Systems Programmer and Technical Support Manager

5/14/92 to 08/03/02

Phone: 301-***-****

Contact: Yes

Provide technical and business support for various (24) university campuses which include network, OS support, desktop, and mainframe software configuration management.

Design, implemented and managed Wide Area and Local Area networks, security and Firewall administration. Installation and configuration of routers throughout the campus community consisting of OSPF and BGP protocols. Development and coordination of RSA Security Smart Cards and SecurID systems implementation. Organized and directed application web site installation and administration for secure e-payment systems. Virtual Private Network (VPN) installation for all internal and external network clients. VPN firewall to firewall encryption and hashing technologies incorporating (IKE, ISAKMP, FWZ, MD5, etc Remote dialup design and configuration for all internal clients. Network Switch installation, configuration and management of VLANS. Development and implementation of The State of Maryland Financial Management Information Network for all University of Maryland and State of Maryland Campuses and client services. Administered Unix and Windows NT/2000 LAN administration throughout the campus community. Re-engineered migration and integration of all Networking Operating Systems from DECnet into industry standards using TCP/IP. Supervision of employees time and work evaluations. Main consultant for The Governor of Maryland Information Technology task force. Research, development and engineered of all network upgrades and enhancements. System management and administration responsibilities for Class (B & C) Local Area and Wide Area Networks. Microsoft Exchange electronic mail administration management for the UMS campus community. Maintaining hardware and software support contracts and agreements. Purchasing of new equipment for all University of Maryland System campuses. Management and support of NEC 2000 PBX phone system. Configuration and management of the Interactive Video Network.

Technical Support

Date: 1/91 – 05/1992

Position - Systems Programmer II

Provide technical leadership support for all hardware and software for all UMS campuses.

Installation and testing of operating systems layered and third party products for VMS and Digital Unix at the central site and other Campuses throughout the network. Evaluate and resolve Request for Technical Service and Service Request, which requires COBOL programming, systems analysis and the use of programming case tools. Maintaining production programs for Financial Resources System, Student Information System and Human Resources System. Inform and train personnel in the use of system software.

Technical Support

Date: 1/90 - 91

Position - Systems Programmer I

Managing internal as well as external network's which consist of 11 universities and one college. Install all wiring and hardware for LAN and WAN maintenance. Administering Network security for LAN, WANs and monitoring network traffic. Troubleshooting network problems for other schools and universities. Investigate and solve Internet and DECnet networking problems. Installations of Digital Equipment software patches. Migration into TCP/IP environment. Installation of network communication devices into network topology.

Operations Staff

Position - Data Processing Tech. I, Data Processing Tech II, Data Processing Tech. III

Date: 5/86 - 1/90

Programming using Datatrieve, Forms Management Systems, and COBOL. Installing coaxial, transceiver, Ethernet cables, DECservers, Delni's, Multiplexers, repeaters and Vitalink bridge connections to insure better system performance. Scheduling and running production jobs for all University of Maryland Campuses.

Automatic Teller Machine Service Inc. (ATMSI)/WELLS FARGO

Subdivision of NCR 8090 Oakland Center Columbia, Maryland

Position - ATM Field Engineer (supervisor)

8/87 to 9/90 (part-time on call)

Contact: Yes

Operating System Knowledge:

Skilled in the use of Sun Solaris, Digital Unix/OSF, VAX VMS, MS-DOS, WFW, Windows, Pathworks, Macintosh, Ultrix, NetWare, Cisco and X-Windowing interface with all.


I have a zeal for learning new and creative technology. A current member of the State Network Users Group (SNUG), The University of Maryland Telecommunication Engineering Committee, Bowie State University Information Technology Committee. Digital Education Computer User Society (DECUS). Network Security Committee for the University of Maryland, Electronic Messaging Association (EMA). Checkpoint User Group, State of Maryland Network Maryland Advisory Committee. Network Maryland Engineering Committee.


Network design and implementation of the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) for All University of Maryland Colleges and Institutions.

Consultant and network engineer for the Maryland State House - Governor of Maryland

Consultant for the States Attorney Generals Office (Baltimore Maryland).

Consultant and design technician for Morgan State University

Consultant and design technician for The University of Baltimore’s network.

Consultant and systems technician for Coppin State College network.

Consultant and systems technician for Salisbury State University network.

Consultant and systems technician for Towson State University network.

Consultant and systems technician for Bowie State University network.

No veterans preference.

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