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Mental Health

Boynton Beach, FL
June 20, 2018

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Alan Meyers, Ph.D., NBCFCH,

Ordained Minister


Educational Background:


**** **.*. ** ****** and Human Services, Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA.

1971M.A. Clinical Psychology – University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico

Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

The Graduate Fellowship in Psychology

1968B.A. Psychology – University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida


Ordained Minister/ Spiritual Healing/ Spiritual Counseling/Grief and Loss

Author of the book, “All-Time-Is-One”

Nationally Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy

National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists

Professional Experience:

Experienced group facilitator

2017: Royal Recovery, Delray Beach, FL.

Experienced Program Developer/Administrator, Clinician and Therapist in Mental Health and Addiction and Recovery

2013 to present:

Author, “All Time Is One”, a study of the author’s many regression cases with clients

involving spiritual healing.

Lecturer, researcher and practitioner of spirituality and spiritual healing philosophies and

practices. Lecture material also considers and discusses the relation of spiritual healing to

behavior and mental health issues and 12 Step Recovery.

2000 to 2013:

Founder/President/Developer of Alternative Treatment International, Inc., Clearwater, FL, a Residential, Detox, IOP and OP clinical program that treated addiction and mental health disorders using both clinical practice combined with 12-Step and alternative healing techniques that focus on Mind, Body, Spirit, Environment® in recovery. The program was licensed by the State of Florida and Certified by The Joint Commission. ATI operated for 13 years and then changed its focus to become primarily a Yoga and alternative healing center.

Developer and Author of “Perception Therapy®”, a new therapeutic technique

designed to provide psychotherapeutic assistance to addicts, alcoholics and dual-

diagnosis disorder patients. A 300 page Perception Therapy Wellness Guide, therapeutic card deck, journal, and positive and experiential affirmations card deck have been developed and written by Dr. Meyers and published by A.T.I. A book about “Perception Therapy®” is in progress.

Owner of Registered United States Trademark for Perception Therapy®.

Owner of Registered United States Trademark for Mind-Body-Spirit- Environment®.

1996-2000 Primary Therapist-Pathways to Recovery, Delray Beach, Florida - Alcoholism, addictions and dual diagnosis disorders treatment.

1994-1996- Private Consultant on Staff Development to Long Term Care Facilities. Trained Administrative, Nursing, CNA and Support staff in all phases of staff development and Customer Service including Infection control, complaints, reputation improvement, medications, and all areas of staff improvement.. I evaluate and train staff on all three shifts.

Conducted counseling with residents and families (grief and loss counseling) in Skilled Nursing Facilities, extensive article writing and publishing. Editorial board member-Nursing Homes Magazine.

1993-1994 Director of Cocaine Abuse Treatment Services, Glen Beigh Hospital,

West Palm Beach, Florida.

1990-1993- Clinical Director, Care Unit of Coral Springs, Coral Springs, Fl. Psychiatric and

Dual Diagnosis Hospital.

1973-1990- Principal Investigator

International Research Project on Coca and Cocaine under auspices of Peruvian

Ministry of the Interior, Department of Health, Lima, Peru.

International Private Consultant to Drug Abuse Treatment Center,

Ciudad Obregon, Mexico

Executive Director

Tucson/Pima Drug Abuse Clinic, Tucson, Arizona

Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Pima Community College, Tucson, Arizona

1971-1973 Program Director /Clinical Director

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse/Director of Methadone Program, Middlesex County Drug/Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center, New Brunswick, New Jersey



Professional Organizations:

Member - National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists

Member - New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Listed in - National Register of Professional Hypnotherapists

Member - National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

Member - Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association


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14.Author, “All Time Is One”, Alan Meyers, PH.D., second printing, Tucson, Arizona 2014

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