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Data Entry Manager

Columbus, OH
June 16, 2018

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Andrew Hawkins



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (In Process)


**/**** ** ******* **********, Columbus, OH

**/**** ****** .*** *********

Mobile web application for engineering technician (ASP.NET, Webforms, C#, SQL)

Security measures taken to ensure integrity of user data

Wire framing and design for web application. Mobile, desktop, and tablet compatibility

End user research to evaluate required and requested functionality

Automated data entry and statistics (Windows forms, C#)

Digital signage to navigate guests to meeting and notify those whom will attend the meeting (Iron Python)

Big data client for upper management and vice CEO ease of use, accessibility, and efficiency (Android, Node.js, SQL)

Storage managing system, using windows form data entry. Qr codes are generated to help expedite the placement and retrieval of products.

Google captcha integration with support page (WordPress, JavaScript)

XML data parser for delta airport flight display monitors


Business professionals of America 1st place regionals in java programming

Business professionals of America 1st place regionals in network design

Google AIhackathon most creative: In a team of four we made buck I spy (Android, Amazon Alexa, Google voice, Firebase, Google Vision AI)


Music app that connects to home library. It has lyrics, and album covers (Android, node.js, mongodb, python, C#)

Voice recognition for multiple functions as, music server interface to play requested songs, text read and reply, email read and reply, Stock updates, weather updates, news updates

Vr development for mind palaces to help people remember or study

Pop tart galaga game development with light weight java game library. Using play station 3 controller for user input. (AI, Java, graphic design)

Branches- group project to make knowledge more accessible. By using algorithms to find when you are likely to have forgotten information, branches helps you learn faster and more efficient. (


Mr. Matt Weiland, I.T. manager, Radiant Technology, Phone:800-***-****.

Mrs. Brandy Brockway, Eastland Career Center, 4465, Phone: 614-***-****, Ext.1398.

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