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Manager Software Engineer

Vista, California, 92083, United States
June 14, 2018

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Vista, CA *****

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Pete Calkins


To acquire a position in software development utilizing my experience and skills developing, testing, documenting and supporting applications.


09/2014-Current United Pacific Electronics Carlsbad, CA

Electronics “Kitter” (Receive/Kit/Pack/Ship)

Organized and created a system for inventory (Shelving/Number scheme/Database)

Created utility for searching multiple BOMs against incoming items, mapping fields for label program, and looping through BOM items for in stock inventory.

Created utility for outputting in-stock inventory for post to electronics broker site

Received items, checked values against BOM, checked into various “kits”, counted, leadered, labeled items, checked out-going packing lists, etc... Full service quality checks and kitting.

Received, assembled, shipped hundreds of kits.

Inspected finished boards/fabs received from CMs (contract manufacturers)

04/1999-06/2018 Microvision Development, Inc. Carlsbad, CA

Software Engineer/QA Manager/QA Analyst/Support and Documentation Writer/Support Technician

Tested and approved for release various versions of retail software products. (WebExpress, WordExpress, SureThing Disc Labeler, SureThing Office Labeler (aka “DesignExpress”), SureThing Photo, Photo Manager (that product was never released)iSkinEm, Ticketmaker, DecalMaker, Memorex ExpressIt, Maxell CreateIt, Avery Media Factory, Staples CD Labeler, iaPeel, StyleYour Labeler, MusicMatch CD Labeler, 3M Printscape, Poker Chip Customizer, etc…)

Tested web sites (,,, various landing pages, and “design cloud” feature in software.)

Provided feature requests to improve interface, functionality, usability, and speed.

Wrote help topics and tutorials.

Managed forums and provided support for all products.

Wrote custom testing utility for com control functionality in C# ( eventually this turned into my hobby project, ExcelFileToolBox: )

Wrote custom scripts to transfer old UBB forum posts/users to new ASP based forum platform (ASPPlayground).

Wrote custom scripts for Adobe Photoshop to prepare images for our program’s “Design Gallery”.

Learned PHP/jQuery/SQL. (Wrote a recipe site to learn: ) This is a continuing side-project of mine.

Learned Java. Created the Browsermator for automating Selenium actions:

Learned C#. Created the ExcelFileToolBox for searching, mapping, combining excel files:

Coding Projects:


Learned/implemented Visual Studio and WinForms

Implemented ExcelFileDataReader to import various excel file formats into classes/structures and DataGridView C# components

Created CSV file structures and temp files for integration into other software.

Created custom field sorter/mapper

Combined codebase with my custom SureThing Com Control testing utility for integration with SureThing printing.


Learned/implemented PHP using Netbeans IDE, EasyPHP (WAMP) and Xamp

Implemented complex SQL queries (compound statements, inner joins)

Re-architected code from old MySQL to PDO (PDO is much more secure and cleaner to use with arrays)

Implemented jQuery/Ajax while retaining no javascript functionality

Implemented Bootstrap for multiple view sizes/mobile support

Implemented Asynchronous file uploads and interface updates (collapsing columns, lists, populating columns/data on the fly.)

Implemented full bookmark, share link and back button functionality (with or without javascript)

Implemented auto-fill functionality for search fields. (using database tables for user-specific search terms and global search terms)


Learned Java 7 and 8 in Netbeans and Eclipse

Re-architecture of code separating GUI from data for com-like launching of software (can run/launched without GUI)

Implemented model-view-controller style coding

Learned exactly when and why to avoid tightly coupled “spaghetti” code.

Implemented Selenium framework and various webdrivers.

Implemented file loads/saves, and cloud file uploads/loads/saves

Implemented “JavaFx” cloud functionality. (PHP/Javascript communicating to app through registered Java classes.)

Implemented reports and screenshots as native Java window or saved HTML file (w/Base-64 encoded, in-line images)

Implemented e-mail functionality for e-mailing reports or only failed reports.

Implemented Windows/Linux compatibility. (More or less taken care of in Java, but you need to call the right System constants for certain things like file separators and there are some file permissions issues that are different.)

Implemented installer builds for Windows.

Implemented workarounds for various webdriver/selenium bugs.

Implemented a one-click data driven launch for what I call “BrowserBots”. (A “browsermation” file, a map-file which maps certain action fields to certain data, and attached csv datafiles.)

Implemented a dynamic form interface for uploading “Browserbots”

1989-1999 Armstrong Medical Industries San Diego, CA

Warehouse Manager

Packed, shipped, received.

Managed workers

Created inventory system


1996 - 2001 UCSD La Jolla, CA

B.A. Visual Arts, Media (film/video)

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