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Quality, Reliability, ISO, FDA, Lean Manufacturing

Chicago, IL
Open to fair compensation
June 14, 2018

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*** * ******* ******, ***# ***, Chicago, IL-60607 +1-312-***-**** LinkedIn: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Industrial Engineering graduate with focus on Statistical Analysis, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Statistical Process Improvement, Quality Control, Operation Research, Optimization, Production & Layout Planning, Data Analysis, Supply Chain Design, and Logistics.

Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (Equivalent to ASQ Certification).

Grasp on Aggregate Production Planning, Supply Chain Network Design, Transportation/Distribution Models, Various Mathematical models to determine the optimal level of production, and Deterministic/Probabilistic models for managing Economies of scale.

Hands-on experience of DOE (Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments) and its application for Product/Process Design, General Business Operations, and Manufacturing.

Hands-on experience of Process Capability Studies, Process Validation, DFMEA/FMEA, NCR, APQP, PPAP, CAPA, Statistical Methods for Process Control, and Good Manufacturing Practices in compliance with ISO 9001 and FDA guidelines.

Familiarity with Quality Control tools and lean methodologies such as DMAIC, 5 Whys, 8D, 6S, Root Cause Analysis, Kaizen, SWOT Analysis, Pareto’s Law etc.

Understanding of Assembly Line Design and Optimization.

Professional experience in designing and executing IQ/OQ/ PQ Protocols (Installation, Operating, and Performance Qualification Protocols) and using Minitab to deduce statistical inferences for the same.

Experience of Management System Auditing in compliance with the guidelines of ISO 19011.

Understanding of Stochastic Processes, Markov Chains, and Queuing Models for strategic decision making.

Solid Understanding of Hypothesis Testing, Inferential / Descriptive Statistics, and ANOVA (Analysis of Variance).

Knowledge of Predictive Analysis, Data Mining, and Presentation of Data for meaningful business opportunities.

Proficiency in Python, SQL, XLMiner, Microsoft Excel, Excel Solver, and Data Visualization Tools (Tableau, Plotly).

Certified with Essential Training for using Amazon Web Services.

Understanding of Flat File, Hierarchical, Relational Databases, and Modern Databases (NoSQL).

Knowledge of statistical analysis tools like H2O, Rapid Miner, and XLMiner.

3+ years’ Project Scheduling, On-site coordination, Vendor Management, Project Bidding, Technical Bid Evaluation, and Resource Management experience with Samsung Engineering.

The professional experience of leading the cross-functional team of 16 members towards successful project completion.

Effective organizing, documentation and communication skills. EDUCATION

Master of Science, Industrial Engineering GPA: 3.84 May 2018 University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago IL

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.92 June 2012 Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India


Tools: Auto CAD, ERP, Tableau, Minitab, SAP, XLMiner, MS Excel (Pivot Tables, Macro, VBA). Certification: Six Sigma Green Belt Lean Certified, SQL Essential Training License-688A0D8548524D578B99CDE501F9A847(, Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Service License-028A5D (, ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management License-42451878/ 131841096 (SGS Academy), Internal Auditing / QMS Auditing ISO 19011: 2011- AJR Enterprises Languages: Python, SQL, T-SQL


Lean Industrial Engineer 06/2017 – 05/2018

AJR Enterprises St. Charles, Chicago, IL

Statistical Analysis: Analyzed past data of 22 years and predicted demand to anticipate the incoming orders.

KPI’s: Set up the matrices and calculated the baseline for KPI’s like DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunity), CONQ (Cost of Non- quality), and Material Yield to monitor the performance of the business.

Time Study: Designed Time Study for 32 different manufacturing processes to attain the process control.

Layout Planning: Improved floor layout design for deployment of more than 500 equipment for the efficient production process.

Economical Production/Order Quantity: Calculated the optimum production levels and reorder levels to avoid backorders.

Cost Estimation: Executed Cost Evaluation Study to determine the cost of 7 new products.

Quality Management System: Performed various tasks like identifying qualified suppliers, determining critical inspection measures as per product design, carrying out Troubleshooting, Bottleneck analysis and Root cause analysis etc. to implement/maintain the QMS as per FDA and ISO guidelines.

Vendor Qualification and Part Qualification: Designed the supplier’s scorecard criterion and helped the purchasing team to maintain the Approved Suppliers List as per QMS guidelines. Compiled SOP for Component Qualification (also known as Supplier Part Qualifications).

Data Visualization: Helped AJR team with the visual presentation of data for customers, making Production Charts, setting up Process Control Charts and Control Limits.

Product Development: Designed and deployed the production process flow, assembly drawings, artwork, work routers, and inspection measures for more than 10 medical devices products.

Process Validation: Developed more than 150 IQ/OQ/PQ protocols and defined the validation rationale and executed the process validation.

Product Validation: Developed and executed Validation Study for a brand-new family of medical devices (SPS-Sitting and Positioning Systems). Analyzed and documented the dynamic/static verification findings as per FDA guidelines.

Internal Auditing: Functioned as the lead auditor for frequent QMS audits in compliance with ISO 19011:2011. Research Assistant 04/2017 -- 06/2017

Exponent Greater Chicago Area, IL

Data Collection: Data warehousing efforts for a large user study conducted on behalf of a Fortune 50 company.

Data Visualization: Representation of Data to the clients, developing relevant charts and maps.

Data Warehousing: Assisted research team in developing complete ETL solution for data warehousing, building a supporting relational database model, and carrying out the bottleneck analysis. Design and Procurement Engineer 07/2013 -- 05/2016 Samsung Engineering New Delhi, India

Project Management and Scheduling: Identified, analyzed, and planned project activities for 3 global projects based on the criticalities of activity and availability of resources.

Engineering Management: Ensured a smooth and timely exchange of interdisciplinary information among clients, vendors, and engineering teams for multiple projects at the same time.

Bill of Material: Maintained material plan for timely replenishment of large variety of Control Valves and Flow Regulating Instruments for 30 months long off-shore oil and gas project at Ruwais, UAE. Modelled linear programming problems to account for time and money constraints. Worked closely with Design and Engineering teams to optimize the BOM.

Technical Bid Evaluation and Vendor Coordination: Evaluated and reviewed the technical bids from different clients and vendors like ADNOC, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Siemens. Profitably negotiated on engineering changes and saved the estimated amount of 318,000 USD.

Resource Management: Planned manpower and resources to upkeep the project schedule.

Standardization: Prepared more than 100 standardized work procedures, checklists, calculation sheets, and spreadsheets to ensure project quality.

On-Site Coordination: Visited and performed quality checks at two project sites in Al Ruwais-UAE and Gujrat-India to ensure the correct implementation of design work and minimize the reworks. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Performance Validation of Hole Burning Laser Machine (Quality Assurance)

Designed and identified the performance qualification criterion and criticality of air hole burning process for manufacturing SAGE MAT’s with the aim of reducing inspection cost.

Used Minitab to perform Gauge R&R studies and to draw statistical inferences for performance Qualification. Popcorn Experiment (Process and Product Optimization Using Designed Experiments)

Conducted Popcorn Experiment with 25, RCBD (Randomized Complete Block Design) to apply and to gain better-understanding DOE techniques for optimization of the process of making popcorn.

Performed additional experimental runs to conduct RSM (Response Surface Methodologies) and CCD (Central Composite Design) to further optimize the results of RCBD design

Restaurant Prediction Model (Kaggle Data Set)

Built a prediction model by implementing random forest model using R to predict the revenue for 100,000 potential restaurant locations.

Market Basket Analysis (MS Apriori Algorithm)

Applied MS Apriori Algorithm (a significant improvement over traditional Apriori Algorithm) to find frequent patterns with multiple minimum supports.

Included “Cannot-be-together” and “Must-have” item constraints in MS Apriori Algorithm to further refine the pattern discovery. Sentiment Analysis (US Presidential Election, 2012)

Built a Naïve Bayes classifier from labelled data to classify tweets into positive and negative class for two candidates; Obama and Romney.

Used Rapid miner to train an LSTM model with the idea to explore long-term dependencies. AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS

Awarded as Best Graduate Engineer Trainee: by Samsung Engineering for the year 2013-2014.

Frontier Leadership Award by Samsung Engineering: Won as project leader for leading a team of 16 engineers.

President of Undergraduate Mechanical Society: Appointed as the president of Mechanical Society “YANTRASHILPA” during the final year of B.Tech.

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