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Manager Office

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
June 14, 2018

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Mary Alice Toney **** Rougon Road

Lot #**

Port Allen, LA 70767

Email Cell 276-***-****

OBJECTIVE: Seeking employment with the opportunity for further training and Career advancement in accounting and management position.

EDUCATION: Upper Pointe Coupee High School

Innis, Louisiana Graduated January 1974

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician

P.O. Box 29233 Colu mbus, Ohio

Certification Date: March 13, 1986

CERTIFICATION: Notary Public for State of Louisiana

Certification Date: November 1993

SKILLS: Computers - Microsoft Office, JD Edwards payroll syste m, Process [nterims, Process Union Payroll, JWalk for Union Sites, Trutrak, SAP, PCTS, Hollier, Tungsten, MAPPS, ADI, TSJ, Doc usphere, Access Data Base, People Fluent, Sage 300, Replicon, Concur, supervised employees and work well with others.

REPORTS: Daily labor summary reports, Weekly labor reports and cost reports, incentive weekly reports for backup for billing, daily force reports, manpower reports by craft, various reports from Shaw Direct portal and ADI Clock System, attendance reports, weekly rosters, ADI missing punch reports, labor summary reports for hourly and salary, absentee reports for hourly employees, weekly reports for site closures and rain/snow out for weather conditions.


Administrative Mgr

Brown and Root Industrial Services

2600 CitiPlace Drive Suite 500

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

February 21, 2017 – Present

Responsible for all aspects of daily running of the office, Payroll, hiring in of new employees, Human Resources on site, handle all termination, PTO payout, billing, approving AP invoices in Tungsten, compiling the billing for the client, verifying billing rate against the contract, pulling over the employees from SAP to PCTS to Hollier. Supervising of 2 clerical positions, training the clerical for their positions, working closely with the client to provide the necessary information needed, daily force report, employee matrix, tracking per diem and allowance.

Payroll Administrator Tilson Technology Foley, AL

Sept 2016 - Present

Payroll Administrator - Responsible for all aspects of payroll, Processing, importing time from different software used within the company to track time, reporting FSA Payment s and 401K contributions. Keeping all employee information up to date in all systems. Handle all hourly and salary employees. Employee Burden cost reports, Month end accruals, Payroll Journal Entries to clearing account, setup WC accounts, garnishments, tracking PTO time, Concur approver and maintain data base for any changes.

Payroll Manager/Proiect Accountant 4 Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Plant Tooopah,AZ

July 2012 - April 2016

Payroll Manager duties are to supervise 2 timekeepers plus during outage, process payroll onsite, interim checks on site also. Handle all HR documents, per diem, tax changes, rates, etc. Enter all Field Non-Manuel time on site. Maintain a per diem upload file that is uploaded weekly.

Handle all billing, Labor, sub-contractor s and expenses. Labor billing is reconciled against the client's system (People Fluent). Track in and out money for travelers and returnee bonus for all craft that qualify. Process final checks for separations and meet the Arizona guideline of 72 work hours to mail check out of office. Weekly audits of timesheets and cost codes that are entered by timekeepers. Make sure all corrections are entered into both systems (IDE and People Fluent). Make sure payments are posted correctly to AR. Run all payroll reports for auditing purposes. Handle day to day issues on site also.

Accounting Manager

Grand Gulf Nuclear Site - EPU Project Port Gibson, MS

August 8, 2011 -July 2012

Accounting Manager over payroll, Fatigue Management and Adm. in Assistance. Supervised 9 timekeepers on day shift and did a turnover to night shift. Supervise the daily operation of payroll on site, fatigue management and AP' s and Billing. We did all on site hiring process through the JWalk system and terminating. Audit time entry on a weekly basis to validate that the correct cost codes are being use d. All time is entered into Entergy' s LECC system then uploaded into JOE - Shaw's payroll System. If Per Diem is approved for this site, I will be

responsible for tracking. Ordered and setup the clock system that was used on site to balance timesheets to punches.

Payroll Manager Dominion - VCHEC St. Paul, VA

June 8, 2009 - July 29, 2011

Payroll Manager for site, responsible for supervising 2 Project Accountant Clerks, Payroll for 1600 plus employees, Maintaining ADI Clock System for all Shaw employees and all Subcontractors, Auditing time entry against cost codes on a weekly basis, maintaining Per Diem upload spreadsheet, closing out payroll each week, producing daily attendance reports for Shaw employees, sending out a weekly roster and timesheet checklist, Tracking safety incentive bonus and creating incentive upload on a monthly basis, maintaining the clock system when problems arise, supervise and train for the badge system for new hires at HR office. Making sure we have all supplies for payroll and ADI. Print and sort all payroll checks on site and print salary employees also. Run weekly reports on salary employees and contact employees for corrections and copy of approved timesheet, keeping JDE and ADI updated with terminations and new hires, backup for payroll entry, working with Project Controls on cost codes on timesheets and producing weekly reports for them. Responsible for payroll deductions for tool room purchases, badge replacements and training and testing cost, maintaining payroll records for audit purposes and Iron Mountain. Work with Supt and foreman to get timesheets submitted on a timely basis and sent to Project Controls before payroll entry, dealing with employees with paycheck discrepancies and submitting request for interim checks. Work with HR on new hires, per diem approvals and terminations.

Site Administrative Manager Rubicon

Geismar, LA

February 2, 2009 - June 2009

Administrative Manager for site, responsible for approving AP Invoices, Payroll, ADI Clock System and Maintaining data base for CMS Payroll system. Responsible for making sure all billings are done and invoiced in a timely matter. Responsible for scan cards for all Shaw employees and all Subcontractors working directly for us. Balancing timesheets to ADI on a daily basis and entering time into CMS and doing a weekly upload into JDE. Terming all employees and submitting paperwork into the exit portal. Tracking per diem and incentive on a weekly basis.

Maintaining an active employee file and termination file. Responsible for tracking completion bonuses for all transfers or Reduction of force employees.

Proiect Account

AEP- John Amos Plant Winfield, WV

November 2008- January 2008

Union Payroll Site - To assist payroll dept. on nightshift. Duties included processing interims checks, setting up new hires in Jwalk and terminating employees, verify correctio ns again s t brass logs and JSA, supervising night shift timekeepers, Assisting in verifying backup to billing invoices, sorting checks for nightshift employees and handling day to day issues.

Proiect Accountant - Office Manager Oneok Refinery

Baytown, TX

August 2008- November 2008

Turnaround for LaPorte, TX Office. Payroll for 350 plus employee, per die m, Daily force reports, maintaining a Microsoft Access data base for the entire project - hourly and salary employees, responsible for auditing timesheets for cost codes, tracking time for all staff employees,

submi tting daily timesheets to the client for approval, tracking approved time off, Salary staff expense reports. Submitting all paperwork for backup for Billing to the LaPort, TX office.

Proiect Accountant Shaw Corporate Baton Rouge, LA

July 2008-August 2008

Working with Project Accountant Director for the Construction and Maintenance Division helping to do Audits, certified in Union Payroll Processing, trained in Billing Module in JOE, URL Training, trained for access in JWalk to setup newhires and rehires on Union projects. Will be working Maintenance Outage in Baytown, TX for the next few weeks.

Proiect Accountant Shaw Constructors

Alon Refinery - Big Springs, TX

March 2008 - July 2008

Payroll for 350 plus employees, per diem, Daily force reports, maintaining a Microsoft Access data base for the entire project - hourly and salary employee, responsible for auditing timesheets for cost codes, tracking time for all staff employees, submitting daily timesheets to the

client for approval, tracking approved time off, Salary staff expense reports.

Office Manager/Payroll Shaw Constructors

Shintech VCM - Plaquemine, LA

May 2006 to March 2008

Office Manager, Payroll for 1600 plus employees, tracking weekly incentive, per diem, Daily force reports, maintaining a Microsoft Access data base for the entire project - hourly and salary employees, supervising 4 employees in the payroll Dept., responsible for auditing timesheets for cost codes, tracking time for all staff employees, closing out payroll, uploading per diem, working with Project Controls producing weekly reports. Maintaining personnel files on employees for per diem and terminations. Supervising Brass Alley - our tracking system for payroll time.

Office Manager/Payroll Shaw Constructors

Conoco-Phillips- Ponca City, OK

October 31, 2005 to May, 2006

Payroll, setup employee data base in Microsoft Access, New Hire Vision sheets, tracking incentive, Salary timesheets, Auditing timesheets for correct cost codes, training employees in JD E payroll.


Turner Industries Group, LLC Chemtura- Geismar, LA

December 15, 2004 to October 30, 2005

Duties include entering and balancing time in JD Edwards and approving and releasing payroll, tracking vacation, tracking safety training, all

billings, monthly client reports, tracking cost in all areas of plant, time cards, entering salary employees time, layoffs and new hire s. Assist in training of new employees. Tracking all safety hour s for client s.


Turner Industries Group, LLC Worked turnarounds

February 16, 2004-December 15, 2004

Duties included entering and balancing time in JD Edwards,

Monitoring gate logs and whatever system was use d to track

hours worked, setting up employees in payroll system, tracking cost for client s, tracking hours for safety checks and incentive bonus, tracking cost for

billing and tracking by cost centers and work orders numbers, responsible for entering all data into SAP.


Turner St. Croix - USVI Hovensa Refinery

September 15, 2002 - January 31, 2004

Duties include setting up payroll department, hiring, entering time and balancing to trutrak clock system. Entering time into SAP. Payroll averaged about 500 people per week. Supervised employees and trained. Worked with Supervisors on overtime authorizations and confirmation numbers. Responsible for all back up data for billings.


International Maintenance Corp. Honeywell-Geismar, Louisiana

July 2000-September 2002

Duties included daily running of office, payroll, sap, maps and monthly reports, balancing time in JD Edwards and SAP. Manpower averaged about I 00 people, Supervision of 5 employees during turnarounds, responsible for layoffs and ran interims for final payroll checks un ion employees.


Turner Industries Group, LLC Turnarounds

August 1999, July 2000

Duties included daily running of office, supervising employees, timekeeper, entering cost into client’s system, tracking cost for clients, spread sheets to accompany billings, balancing payroll with client’s system, balancing time to gate logs and payroll system, layoffs and new hires.


Herb's Trailers, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA

August 18, 1997 -August 1, 1997

Duties included daily running of company, balancing daily cash sheets y, trailer sales, trailer rentals, NP, NR, sales tax reports, payroll, bank deposit s and reconciliation, closing out each month and submitting paperwork to CPA, notarizing all trailer sales. Working with customers quoting prices on phone and writing sales and service tickets for the

service department, ordering merchandise and supervising 2 admin clerks.

References available upon request.

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