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Manager Customer Service

New Delhi, Delhi, India
June 14, 2018

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AAbbhhiisshheekk GGuuppttaa

E-Mail: Contact: +919*********

Contact address: ***, **** *****, ***** ****, Saharanpur (UP)-247001 Profile Summary

Performance-driven Professional with 12 years of experience in

~ Network infrastructure management

~ Team Management and account management

~ Service Delivery and operation management

~ IPLC, Global and MPLS domestic operations

~ Technical training and certifications to team and daily effective session management

Presently associated with NTT communications Noida (senior manager –Operations) Fault management NOC (Service assurance).

Demonstrated excellence by continually improving cross functional processes to reduce costs and gain operational efficiencies.

Skilled in monitoring overall functioning of processes and identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximize CSAT.

Skilled in coordinating with internal /external customers for running successful operations and experience of implementing and service standard for business excellence.

Proficient in creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that motivates the high performance amongst team members

Strong interpersonal and analytical skills. Expert ability to accurately determine needs, understand risk tolerances, offer alternatives to current situations, develop action plans, and cultivate longstanding/profitable client relationships



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Meetings with organizational goal,business KPI,Churn management,services credit reductions, partners governance

Staffing and resources planning and staff has sufficient knowledge of process,skills,tools to drive SOP and services with in defined TAT/SLA agreed with customer at appropriate level .

People succession planning, coaching,mentoring

Managing service operations for rendering and achieving quality services providing end to end customer support by answering queries, resolving their issues on time and ensuring minimum TAT.

Leading a team of HFR, Last mile change /off net to on net and vice versa.

Coordination, escalations for those services having high fault rate and degraded services and SIP actionable.

End to end tickets closure with proper RFO/RCA with permanent fix.

Ensuring team KPI to met

Integration of new POP provisioning.

Meeting with end customer for good services always and way to improve services if applicable WORK EXPERIENCE

SSiinnccee AAuugg’’1166 wwiitthh NNTTTT ccoommmmuunniiccaattiioonnss,, NNooiiddaa PPrreesseennttllyy ddeessiiggnnaatteedd aatt sseenniioorr mmaannaaggeerr--NNOOCC ffaauulltt mmaannaaggeemmeenntt GGrroowwtthh PPaatthh::

AAuugg’’1166 ttoo ttiillll ddaattee SSeenniioorr MMaannaaggeerr (OOppeerraattiioonnss)) AAddddiittiioonnaall RReessppoonnssiibbiilliittiieess aanndd RRoolleess EEnnhhaanncceemmeenntt (LLaasstt oonnee yyeeaarr)):

Integration of new POP provisioning

Handling change management,service improvement for domestic and global customers

Handling HFR and escalations manager team

Support for First turn up cases and testing plan to ensure stability

Support for high capacity circuits to be delivered

Partner management for hardware suppliers & cables /RF providers/BTS microwave RReessppoonnssiibbiilliittiieess aass aa SSeenniioorr MMaannaaggeerr ––OOppeerraattiioonnss

Monitoring premium managed and unmanaged enterprise customers (=more than 5000)

Handling reactive base IPLC customer (high capacity –Global customer) = (100)(products /technology involved like P2P/GMPLS/MPLS/IPLC/Clear Channel/RF) and managing CPE and their configurations and reporting size 50+(including TLs/Escalations managers /Shift engineers /L1 and L2 engineers )

Driving Multiple Projects :

Proactive Service improvement site

HFR sites –Reactive sites

Last mile change where BTS infra needs to be changed

Migration project from OFFNET to ONNET and ONNET to OFFNET projects like


Technical training to team on MPLS /SDH /RF technology

Process compliance and governance training, operation certifications to team.

Initiate and deployed program to reduce fault rate per circuit /repeat issues, reduction of churn and penalties due to service instability and due to inefficient work.

Delivered customer delight and committed SLA and KPI

Carried out customer life cycle management for domestic customers Highlights:

Deployed successfully NTT POP at Bangalore and Noida location

Played a stellar role in improving fault rate from 45 % to 30 % and repeat fault from 14% to 9% and network up time from 96.6% to 99.1%

Implemented a fault management life cycle and efficient model followed by other Telco’s PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE

Oct’15 to Aug’16 (9 months) with Bharti Airtel Head office Gurgaon Program manager –IPLC (MEA and APAC region) (Reporting to DGM) Highlights:

Handling fault management L2 team for IPLC and reduce fault rate

Delivery of high capacity circuits from LA to Chikura and support customer for First turn cases

New provisioning for Singapore and London NNI and delivered 500+ customers traffic using it

Technical assistance in trouble shooting to locate fault on transmission and equipment level

Coordination of various global stakeholders for MEA and APAC regions (Colt /Singtel/UBIEZ/China telecom/Telstra/BT/Vodafone etc.)

Reduce credit notes and penalties

July’13 to Aug’15 (2 years) with Accenture, Gurgaon PROJECT LEAD (CFM-IPLC) FOR US/UK/MEA/APAC & EUROPE Highlights:

Handling a big team of more than 25 engineers and shift leaders /Ops manager)

Monitoring day to day operations and ensure to provide end to end resolution with proper RFO/RCA to customer

As an individual, handling critical and high capacity global circuits for all IPLC and global MPLS customers,testing of multiple circuits to identify fault and their rectifications

Technical training to team members to ensure their knowledge updated

Ensuring proper troubleshooting and steps to be followed by team and support to customer timely

Quality analysis of each SLA breach TTs and actioned accordingly

Handling change activity like upgradation /down grade /manage configurations on CPE /PE July’06 to Aug’13 (7 years) with Ericsson, UPW Meerut SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER -

Responsible for IWAN/last mile /RF/WIMAX services to be implemented and their operations within TAT for UP circle.

Handling team of implementation vendors and O&M engineers for integration of IWAN links

Responsible for all operations /up gradation/degradation of services

Handling escalations from customer and internals escalations.

Coordination with transmission and O&M in all respective circle for trouble shooting of outages with in SLA and troubleshooting of networks faults to bring the services up and reduce MTTR.

Monitoring of customers on daily basis through Network Operating Centre(NOC) to drive customer service free from Drops and interference

Troubleshooting of Problems after monitoring of customer either on line or by field team(O&M)

Managing Network operations(BSC/BTS) on daily Basis from G-NOC

Handling customer service from central fault management(CFM) and GNOC

Maintain the service level Agreement(SLA) for our clients

Provide the technical support to our engineers and partners CERTIFICATION

PMP trained

ITIL certified

Pursuing MBA telecom from SCDL Pune

Achieved a certificate from Bharat Electronics LTD GZB in RF Technology in 2005. CERTIFICATION

2002 Bachelor of Science, CCS UNIVERSITY, MEERUT


DDAATTEE OOFF BBIIRRTTHH 0077//1122//11998811


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