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Project Manager Information

Ashburn, Virginia, United States
$6,5000. per month.
June 14, 2018

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Kabby Githaiga.


B.A Mass Communications and Public Relations.

Masters: Information Processing Systems.

**** ** *******.

GITH Data, Research, Finances Budget Analysis, Audit, Accountability, Transparency & Discrepancies Management, Time Stamp Time Management, Public Relations Management, Technical Writing Supervisor - IT Requirements, IT System Designs, Policy, Guidelines & Procedure Flows, Information & Documents Processing.


Project Manager.

Organization’s Business Information Policies, Procedure Flows, Security, Audit and Transparency, Time Stamp Accountability Guidelines, IT Infrastructure Requirements & IT Software Design Requirements for Office Systems. Administrative Levels Organization Structure Description, Project Management, Research, Data, Reporting, Budget Analysis, Information and Documentation Analyst.

Project Manager in a Organization Business Policy Development IQ department responsible for auditing current systems for discrepancy management and transparency, real information and documents finding, designed new documentation for new procedure and process flows, technical writing - wrote requirements for IT projects systems to enhance current office systems, designed and documented administration procedures, policy and processes in organizations to help sustain the advancement of organization's business and meet the immediate public needs . Documented and strategized relevant productive systems, provided IT data to elevate and provide relevant current world IT Industry standards infrastructure. Worked on reaching the main objective to improve the maximization of organizations core business public policy and procedure models in transparency, productivity, effectiveness, success and their individual objectives.


Responsibilities and Work Description.

• Worked with the business experts and business organization leaders to acquire a solid understanding of the domain, current state of business, and the strategic direction guiding future efforts, goals and objectives. Audited and restructured current systems, documents and policies procedures for full transparency, time stamps, handprints and accountability. Also designed procedures to ensure time management, time effectiveness for deadline accountability and erase inflated budget excess after financial cost and need analysis.

• Conducted user interviews with stakeholders and end users to determine business requirements and immediate needs.

• Organized requirements sessions with business internal clients and representatives to gather requirements for the needed new applications and business processes marketing enhancements to the current applications and systems.

• Worked with the senior managers to schedule the tasks/iterations, scope and deadline for each task.

• Participated in requirements review meetings with key departments and status meetings with business leads and other team members. Performed extensive research to support new procedures and policies. Conducted GAP analysis and restructured current business process models to increase operational efficiency and alignment, for better understanding while documenting new data information.

• Sat in meetings with the client staff, senior managers and developers who were to automate, upgrade or expand applications according to the project scope to meet new needs.

• Assessed the risk of exposure of confidential external client data through weakness in communication platforms. Accessed procedures and forms of access to the organization's systems and briefed on the data contained in them with information from the programmers.

• Involved in planning and documenting security measures to protect client data, transparency, handprints, time stamps and accountability Designed time guidelines to ensure better timely productivity. Hired cyber security developers to produce cyber safe organization crime safe websites and office working software.

• Participated in the definition of both functional and non-functional requirements of a system and defined the delivery strategy, standards, and support tools.

• Involved in documenting Functional Requirements in Functional Requirements Definition Documents (FRD) for, Appraisal review.

• Depicted User Requirements, Change Management, and Dependencies between other assignments within the project as well as other information systems interacting with the assigned application and other possible risks.

• Human resources Management. Documented people man power business requirements. Wrote requirements for human work force requirements for needed job positions. Recruited management, administrative and technical employees for the New Business Flow Functionality system.

• Overhauled budgets with new restructured budgets after extreme financial analysis on past organization business history after reviewing cost, production, delivery and actual legitimate need.. Product Development process used for designing the Information system application. That included making Use Cases & Use Case Diagrams Involved in creating and analyzing current state flow diagrams of processes, showing effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

• Set up review meetings for external end users and internal client staff to communicate real actual user needs and user documentation. Wrote review conclusive reports from all agencies involved.

• Organized and categorized information to ensure clear, effective communication in user manuals.

• Documented and administered procedures to identify information. .

• Developed work sheets and work books.

• Involved in reviewing Test Procedures before whole grow up sign off. Organized Training for involved groups for all levels.

• Maintained monthly information status reports for issues, discrepancies and progress.

• Designed and conducted quarterly surveys for different market end users, for internal and external.

• Identified project scope, develop phase plans and schedules to assure high quality and on time project delivery with clear definition of goals.

• Conducted interviews with the public and business users to collect high level need requirements and business process information using JAD sessions, and individual interviews.

• Designed measures to ensure the re-engineering and restructuring followed existing organizations legal guidelines.

• Tracking and prioritizing documentation defects or untruths to eradicate unfounded data or information after base selecting the needed requirements to erase unfounded information.

• Facilitated (JAD) Joint Application Development sessions to resolve issues relating to discrepancies, untruths, un proven information between business requirements,actual business needs and technical office structure support.

• Lightly used Agile Business Modeling process as a guideline for and as it related to Business Modeling, relevant public, policy and business Needs and Requirements per the majority end user’s needs.

• Served as a liaison between the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and the CEOs organizations project team project managers to define strategy frameworks new policy and work systems for successful business development goals in a functioning, transparent, effective, productive legal, accountable system meeting the public end users’ needs.

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