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QC welding & painting Inspector

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
10000 AED
June 14, 2018

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Job Objective

Sound experience in the construction of welding and painting inspections for Project Quality Control Monitoring Systems (PQMS) in the Middle East. During the past career have been worked with leading Construction and manufacturing companies for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Plants equipment’s such as piping, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and structures as per ASME, Client standards and international codes.

Professional Synopsis

A Competent professional with more than 6 years of qualitative experience as inspection of welding, painting and piping QA/QC activities

Visual Inspections of welds, Corrosion resistance, and risk based Inspections for Vessels, Tanks and Pipes. Perform failure –root causes analysis and witness to Line check of pipelines and conducting Pressure test including preparation of tests Packages.

Performed Inspection as per Testing Plan, QC procedures for fabrications, Welding, Coating, NDT including test Packages and Standards.

Competent skill level supervision/inspection problems solving all QA/QC including technical problems, interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to listen and understand co-worker, customer /client issues.

Committed to being professional in work displaying in integrity at all times.


Diploma in Mechanical Engneering-2009


●CSWIP3.1 { 67143}( Expires in 2022) -TWI (UK)

●BGAS-CSWIP GRADE 2 { 96328} ( Expires in 2020)-TWI(UK)

●Diploma in QA/QC Piping Inspector ASME B31.3.-2009

●ASNT NDT Level -- II

a. Dye-Penetrate Testing

b.Magnetic Particle Testing

c.Radiographic Testing

d.Ultrasonic Testing

e.Basic offshore safety Induction & emergency (BOSIT) & H2S


Operating System: Microsoft Office, AUTO Cad

Knowledge of International Codes & Standards:

●ASME section B 31.1 for power piping

●ASME section B 31.3 for process piping

●ASME section B 31.4 for Piping Transportation for liquids and hydrocarbon

●ASME section B 31.8 Gas transmission and distributing of Piping

●ASME section V for NDT

●ASME section VIII for pressure vessel

●ASME Section D1.1 for structural steel fabrication.

●ASME section IX for Welder Qualification & Procedures.

●American Petroleum Institute’s Codes (API 570, 620 and 650)

●Company Recommended Standards, Procedures & Specifications

Career Highlights

SGS gulf limited, Abu Dhabi (2012-2018)

Worked with : Intecsa, Abu Dhabi, UAE ( 2015-2018)

Client : TAKREER, ABU DHABI, Ruwais, UAE

Position : QA/QC Welding and Painting Inspector

Project : Handling, Treatment & Disposal Project at BeAAT

Worked with : Worley Person, Saudi (6 Months)

Client : Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia.

Position : QA/QC Welding Inspector

Project : PP-13, 14 Power Generation Building and Utility Rack Project.

Worked with : MCDERMOTT, DUBAI, UAE( 3 Months)


Position : QC Inspector (Material)

Project : SAFANIYA OFFSHORE PROJECT(D6376, D6221, D6290)

Worked with : GSME. Abu Dhabi, UAE (3 Months)

Client : National Iranian Oil Company.

Position : QC welding & Painting Inspector

Project : South Pars Gas Field Development Project.

Worked with : SK E&C, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2012-2013)

Client : TAKREER. Ruwais, Abu Dhabi. UAE

Position : QC welding Inspector

Project : R.R.E. Ruwais Refinery Expansion project.

HARSH Engineering Co., INDIA ( 2011-2012)

Duration : August 2011 to September 2012

Company : HARSH Engg LLC, Mumbai, India

Client : ONGC

Position : QC welding Inspector

Project : ONGC Offshore Platform maintenance at South pars Project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

As Material Inspector:

Verify check list description for size/quality, grade, heat number, recording, dimension, visual and documentation with reference to Purchas Order (P.O), code, and client specification.

Verify MTN Material traceability number No# (Heat No# Tag No#) on check list with material.

Ensure cutting material transfer MTN along with material and certificates.

Inspected the materials and equipment for dimension, quantity, specification compliance, as per purchase order requirement.

Ensure correlate material certificate and release notes with material and equipment tag identification numbers and i.e. heat, cast, serial, tag, etc..,

Visually verified materials and equipment all are free from physical damages, corroded, painting defects, etc…,

During visual inspection of material and equipment found unacceptable due to physical damage, wrong dimension, out of tolerance, out of specification, insufficient document, etc.., should be reported.

Conducted JEIT (Conducted Joint Engineering Inspection Team) inspection JEIT that is a multi-discipline inspection team. Conform any punch list items received with the inspection release note from the vendor or those punch list items noted by the JEIT inspection and informed QC supervisor.

Review check list with the MTN (or Tag #) allocate and marked on material upon physically verification by warehouse and written on the checklist the material status after verification of material and certificate compliance to P.O specification and code, indicating Accepted/Rejected or Hold

Ensure quarantine label should be put on all hold material for clearly identified until such issues are arising from there.

Reject material should be clearly marked reject and identified as quarantined in a manner fit to avoid issue.

Ensure physical condition assessment of project surplus material/ consignee stock will be done as and when requested by warehouse supervisor

As Welding Inspector:

Monitoring and controlling the quality execution of welding, piping and NDT activities related to the work are fully in conformance with the codes, standards and technical specifications specified in the approved Contract documents.

To follow QCP and ITP during surveillance and inspections.

Control of proper calibration of all measuring Instruments, welding equipments, electrode, Baking/Holding/Quiver ovens, PWHT machines/recorders, pressure gauges and safety relief valves etc.

Provide technical guidance for preparation of Welding Procedure Specification(WPS),

Qualification & witnessing of mechanical testing of new welding procedure (PQR).

Preparation & review of method statements and technical work instruction related

Various welding jobs.

Check for welder qualification before Initial of the joint welding for different materials,

Thickness and diameter.

Check fit-up, availability and suitability of the filler materials and preheating with


Weld inspection (surveillance checks before, during and after welding).

Controls welding parameters and consumables, welders at all stages of welding


Carrying out stage Inspections as per ITP’S, Quality control procedures, Method statements and site Instructions.

Undertake analysis of high weld repairs and giving guidance for improvements

To reduce the repair rate.

Monitoring NDE % line wise and welder wise.

Monitor PWHT operation, review charts and reports.

Ensure hardness after PWHT to confirm the adequacy of PWHT.

Determination of positive alloy material investigation to find the chemical


Conducting all NDT, Mechanical, QC inspections and creating inspection

Records and getting signed from all relevant Parties and sending properly to document or record control department.

Carry out line check inspection, issue punch list to production crew, witness for punch items, offer the line check to Client, witness clients punch items.

Witnessing/Preparing the pre/final punch lists and clearing the same for hydro/pneumatic testing.

Issues/control the relevant Quality Records such as Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and Corrective Action Request (CAR).

Collection of all documents and reports, pass the document package on to higher authority for final inspection, approval and storages

As Piping Inspector:

Make sure that activities should be done in accordance with standard codes of practice, drawings, applicable job specification QCP and ITP at job site.

Strict follow of the implementation of approved ITP.

Assist in preparing quality and test procedures.

Performing inspection for piping materials storage and handling for visible damages for conformity to specification.

(Sizes, scheduling, ratings, markings, color code requirements)

Mill certificates, packing list material identification and traceability according material types .(Pipes,elbows, tees, reducers, weldolets etc)

Prepare weld mapping of isometric drawings and dimension check of completed spool.

Reviewing piping isometrics drawings and details for weld sizes, profile and locations.

Verify heat numbers, inspection during fabrication and erection such as pipe cut length, edge preparation, fit-ups, branch connections, bending and forming, washers, gaskets, bolts, nuts, tolerances cleaning requirements.

Check installed piping components as per PID.

Coordinate all NDE and PMI activities with Third party contractors.

Maintain and archive all documentation related to quality.

Maintain documentation and traceability of materials.

Clearing of Punch list and inspection release note.

Preparation and client approval of Pressure test packages.

Witness of tests pressure of Piping, Valves as required along with Client Inspector.

Coordinate with construction, testing group, and QC department in the preparation of the requirement of each test packages.

As Painting Inspector:

Painting / coating inspection of steel structural works, pipeline, pressure vessels, offshore vessels, tanks, new building & repairing ships and in service maintenance of Plants.

Responsible for stage wise painting / coating inspection.

Prepare Method Statements, Job Safety analysis, Inspection test plans for specific project / company requirements/ surface preparation and painting / coating procedure

Execute Painting / coating inspection work as per company / project inspection test plan.

Co-ordinate with the paint manufacturer technical representative on daily basis

Before Painting application (check: surface preparation, cleanliness degree, surface roughness, blasting grade, salt contamination measurement, surface defects, blasting abrasives) as per Procedures and client specifications

During Painting application (check: weathering conditions, Steel temperature, WFT, multi component mixing ratio, painting tools, thinning, application technique) as per Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Visual Inspection after each coat (verify correct shade, degree of gloss, free from tackiness, cracks, pinholes, run, sags, wrinkles, patches, brush marks or other defects that may deleterious to the quality of coating.)

Witness destructive tests as applicable in accordance with project specifications(Adhesion testing, cathode disbandment testing, thickness of coating on steel body, voids exposing bare metal)

After Painting application (check: DFT, adhesion, holidays, drying, and paint defects,) as per client standards and specifications

Responsible for painting works and inspection of surface preparation, damage & defects of steel and follow up all relevant painting stages.

Check the repair & touch up and marking the defect as per Procedures and inform to Engineer for testing.

To check and monitor all painting / coating related works and ensure all final products meet in accordance with company procedure, client requirement and international codes.

Prepare all necessary QA / QC painting / coating documents and handed over to clients review

HSS Coating

Visually witnessed HSS coating (Hot Shrink Sleeve) and repair of HSS coating of pipe joint and elbows as per the standard codes, specification and ITP.

Strictly followed the stage wise HSS coating / repair coating inspection.

Ensure all the measuring and testing equipment are calibrated within the required time.

Conducted material receiving inspection and reviewed manufactures details according to approved MAR and cross checked the batch number and test certificates with material receiving reports.

Conducted surface preparation inspection like surface profile, salt contamination test and dust level test.

Checked initial joint preheat and ensured material temperature is followed as per standard code and client specification.

Visually witnessed application of liquid epoxy “E” and WFT.(Wet Film Thickness )

Visually ensured GTS-80 HSS coating application and conformed free from surface defects, detriment to the coting overlaps maintained minimum overlaps on body and weld areas.

Ensured the surface preparation of damaged areas like abraded and chamfered

Witnessed application of liquied epoxy type “E”. Then applications of PE melt stick and finally CRP 80repair patch.

Conducted all test like Peel test between adhesive and sleeve, Impact resistance and holiday testing.

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 21th January, 1987

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Married

Visa Status : Assistant Engineer

Languages known : English, Malayalam, Hindi

Driving License : Valid Indian & UAE License & Indian License.

Passport Details:

Passport Number : H5554881

Place of issue : Malappuram

Date of Issue : 24/08/2009

Date of Expiry : 23/08/2019

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