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Engineer Software

Burlingame, California, United States
June 13, 2018

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Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris

Languages: Shell(bash, ksh), C, Python, Perl, Java Education: M.S. Computer Science, Kiev National Economic University, Ukraine


2010-2017 Sr. Software Engineer, Oracle Corp., Santa Clara, CA.

• Designed and implemented(as a Project Lead) portable VM provision system based on Oracle VM server for SPARC(LDom) and x86(XEN).

• As a Project Lead created hardware configuration specification for the development build, sustaining build and automated test environment based on Oracle VM server technology.

• Deployed Hudson/Jenkins build engine for continuous build of Oracle Developer Studio for development and sustaining under Mercurial SCM.

• Managed build and worldwide release deliveries process for Oracle Developer Studio and patches, both for Solaris and GNU/Linux.

• As a Gatekeeper maintained process of build and distribution of IPS packages into gates for Solaris builds based on Open Stack cloud infrastructure.

2000-2010 Sr.Software Engineer, Sun Microsystems Inc., Menlo Park, CA.

• As a Project Lead improving build tools, deploying changes for Sun Studio build infrastructure, creating build hardware specification and consolidating hardware with goal of improving build performance.

• As a Team Lead managed process of build and release Sun Studio(assembling Sun Studio DVDs media for worldwide distribution).

• Designed, deployed and maintained(as member of Sun Studio Customer Support and Sustaining Team) process of build and release Sun Studio patches to Sun’s customers for worldwide distribution. 1997-2000 Configuration Control Engineer, AMDOCS Inc., San Francisco, CA.

• Managed versions of source code for multiply releases of Yellow Pages and billing applications.

• Improved Infrastructure and builds tools for development, test, training and production application environment under DEC OpenVMS, Fortran, Cobol and DCL.

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