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Manager Oracle

Laurel, Maryland, United States
June 13, 2018

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Oracle Database Administrator



An accomplished, certified and seasoned professional Oracle Database Administrator with over 9 years’ experience in database security and user management, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and management, and database performance tuning in heterogeneous system environments including WINDOWS, HPUX, UNIX and LINUX amongst others. An expert in:

transparent data encryption, Oracle Wallet, password complexity to ensure database security

RMAN for backup and recovery; and for cloning of databases Ability to learn new technology (Tech Refresh), methodology, and work routines quickly; excellent in producing the best result under pressure and detail oriented; high personal motivation, self-management, dependable, and enthusiastic; outstanding leadership abilities and great in both team and self-directed settings; strong oral and written communication, organization, and time management. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Lead Oracle Database Administrator October 2015 – Present Environment: Linux Red hat enterprise 6, Windows, RHEL, Oracle 11g, Oracle RAC (11g), Data Guard, Oracle Grid Control, RMAN, ASM, STATSPACK, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL*Plus. Responsibilities:

Implemented Oracle 11g ‘s Transparent Database Encryption; created and used the Oracle Wallet using the Oracle Wallet Manager

Enforced database password complexity measures using the Oracle provided script named utlpwdmg.sql (from $oracle_home/rdbms/admin directory) to create password verification function called verify_function_11g.

Performed physical backup and recovery using RMAN; also used RMAN to clone databases.

Carried out logical backups using full/ partial export/import and Data Pump.

Instituted disaster recovery measures to ensure continuity of operations; used Data Guard to create standby databases

Worked on 24 /7 environments, responsible for monitoring, upgrading, configuring, managing and troubling shooting over 300 oracle 10g and 11g databases with sizes from 300g to 5TB. ATANGA B. MATHIAS Page 2

Performed performance tuning tasks like generating the AWR report; analysis of ADDM snapshots; and the explain plan to query database issues

Installation and configuration of Oracle RAC (Real Application Server) on different nodes with ASM (automatic storage management)

General database administration tasks like installation of Oracle 11g and 12c; creation of users and roles, table spaces; ensuring database functionality

Department of Health

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator June 2011– October 2015 Environment: Oracle, HP-UX 11, Sun Solaris 10.0, RAC, Oracle Streams, RMAN, Data Pump, SQL TRACE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.


Performed monthly and annual performance reports for trend analysis and capacity planning.

Successfully installed and configured Oracle

Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid Control.

Assist in SQL tuning and providing consultation such as creating Materialized views, adding indices, dropping unnecessary indices, using hints wherever possible, amongst others.

Successful in applying RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases.

Extensively used AWR, ADDM and explain plan for periodic performance tuning.

Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning using OEM

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC with ASM file system on Sun Solaris platform.

Involved in converting a single instance database to Oracle 11g, 10g RAC databases. ATANGA B. MATHIAS Page 3

Holy Health care. MD.

Role: Oracle Database Administrator February 2009 – June 2011 Responsibilities:

Installed oracle database software and using oracle universal installer on development, test and production servers in IBM AIX 5.3 environment.

Installed OEM grid control that includes oracle agent, management repository and management service on VMware Red Hat Linux virtual machine.

Upgraded software and databases on development; test and production databases on AIX database servers.

Applied patch set to upgrade software and use database upgrade assistant, export/ import and manual scripts to upgrade databases.

Performed migration of full databases, schemas from Linux environment into AIX, database environment using export/import and data pump utility.

Created development, test and production databases using database configuration assistant- DBCA, manual scripts and sqlplus using Automatic storage management- ASM.

Scheduled cronjob for daily night hot/online backup of production databases on tape using RMAN scripts.

Created physical standby database on remote server to provide high availability. Tender Health Care Inc. MD

Role: Medical Coding / Billing. May 2007 – February 2009. Responsibilites

Extensive knowledge of medical terminology across a broad range of medical practice.

Excellent data entry skills.

Mastered multi-tasking abilities.

Strong understanding of ICD-9-CM, CPT, HCPCS Level II guidelines.

Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to function as a team member.

Experience with fast-paced medical care environments. TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Red Hat Linux RHEL 7.3 and Windows XP RDBMS: Oracle 10g/11g and 12c

LANGUAGES: SQL, PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripting, Ksh, bash and Perl Scripting SOFTWARE/ APPLICATI


DBCA, DBUA, Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Enterprise Manager

(OEM), OEM Grid Control, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Management Se rvice (OMS), Agents, Real Application Clusters (RAC), ASM, Sql Devel oper, TOAD, Exp/Imp, DataPump (expdp/impdp),SRVCTL,SQL*Plus, R ecovery catalog, Autosys, Crontab, HP Manager, My Services, OTG et c




Certified Oracle DBA

Security+, CompTIA

BSC Chemistry (2001)

University of Dortmund, Germany

Diploma Health Information System. (2005)

Computer Career Institute /John Hopkins University. LANGUAGES: French, English, German.

• References upon request.

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