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Electrical Engineering Project Manager

Sugar Land, Texas, United States
June 13, 2018

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Jack Lin **** Monet Dr. Sugarland, TX 77479



Motivated, disciplined B.S in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering candidate with technical design and entrepreneurial experience. Willing to travel and relocate. Available July 2018


Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering Graduated: May 2018

Minor in Electrical Engineering GPA: 3.20

Advanced Engineering Coursework

Probability and Statistics Quantitative Physiology Quantitative Methods in Systems Bio

Sensors and Actuators Data Structures and Algorithms Physics of the Heart

Engineering Experience

Center for Experiential Learning: Entrepreneur Consultant St. Louis, MO

Consultant For: SentiAR Jan. 2018 – May 2018

Created a governance matrix involving SentiAR’s internal responsibilities that can be used on an ongoing basis to reduce potential and future risks.

Complied a risk reduction model focused on time-sensitive requirements, comprehensive subjective overview of risk areas and data ownership issues.

Reviewed tech transfer agreements and made risk reduction recommendations.

Conducted market research on FDA approvals and reimbursement strategies.

Researched different pricing options and recommended the use of a conservative approach.

Senior Capstone Design St. Louis, MO

Student Aug. 2017 – May 2018

Project Scope: Proposed to deliver a device that will use physiological data to accurately predict an impending seizure and alert the user and emergency medical services within a short time.

Designed a website through weebly, where all meeting notes, reports and user manuals are recorded and stored.

Converted real patient physiological data from EDF format into a readable form in MATLAB.

Simulated up to 1000 ECG waveforms that are each randomized in heart rate and heart rate variability for the preictal, ictal and seizure phases using MATLAB.

Created Pugh Charts for our design and conducted verification and validation testing on our prototype.

Generated a software flow diagram, User Manual and Design Safe of our prototype.

Feed simulated ECG data into a decision tree algorithm in order to predict a seizure within 2-3 min of occurrence.

Developed an application by using Eclipse IDE for Java EE and stored analytic data in oracle express database.

Hongkong Polytechnic U. Exchange Kowloon, Hong Kong

Service Volunteer May 2017 – June 2017

Partnered with students in the Prosthetics and Orthotics program from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Traveled to a clinic in Zhuhai, China to diagnose and perform shaping measurements on 53 children with various forms of cerebral palsy in the Guangdong Providence.

Casted and fabricated the orthotic devices back at Hongkong Polytechnic University.

Fitted the children to their new orthotics and educated their family on physical therapy exercises to help reduce spasticity and muscle tightness due to cerebral palsy.

Skandalaris Patent Challenge St. Louis, MO

Participant Aug. 2016 – April 2017

Interviewed Dr. Jenny Lodge, about her research on Cryptococcus and her ideas on her patent’s marketability.

Using rich media and Power Point animations, presented a patent on Vaccination against Cryptococcus in a clear and easy to understand way.

Identified 3 needs, people with HIV infection, preventive purposes, organ transplant operations on the market for a Cryptococcus vaccination.

Compiled a list of successful ventures that have made profits off of vaccinations similar to the patents as a proof of concept.

Researched funding sources such as DNDi, SBIR, STTR and Priority Review Voucher for each step of the FDA process in order to make a profitable vaccination.

Dr. Maccotta’s Lab St. Louis, MO

Student Researcher May 2016 – Aug. 2016

Project Goal: Tie behavioral measures to connectivity in patients with TLE and find any neuropsychological features that track connectivity changes in the group.

Based on a paper by Bassalaare, outlined the steps necessary for the project goal.

1.Generate voxel wise functional connectivity maps for each node.

2.Compute the correlation across patient subjects between the maps and behavioral scores.

3.Determine which and whether these voxel functional connectivity and behavioral maps are consistent across all nodes by conducting a Principal Component Analysis.

4.Select the most representative nodes and networks.

5.Display the average functional connectivity and behavioral maps from the most representative nodes.

Using a Functional Image Viewer, analyzed a number of correlation seeds and determined their relationship with behavioral tests.

Washington University Popular Science (WuPopSci) St. Louis, MO

Founder/Editor/Writer Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2017

WuPopSci finds distills, refines and delivers the latest Washington University research and technology.

Emailed and set up meeting times with WashU professors to interview them about their research.

Created flyers for club member recruitment and interviewed 10 potential candidates to join our team.

Monitored and managed the new writer’s progress in order to meet magazine deadlines.

Created a style guide for article writers as a template for WuPopSci articles.

Wrote and edited articles for our website and magazine and eventually posted a e-magazine composed of 7 articles over a wide variety of topics.

Engineering World Health St. Louis, MO

Design Team Project Manager Sept. 2014 – April 2015

Worked on a design that proposes a way to filter out coal particles in attempt to decrease the prevalence of the black lung disease

Created a Gantt chart, set up weekly meeting times and assigned project tasks.

Conducted market research and analyzed consumer needs by contacting China coal miners

Technical Skills

Software: AutoCad(SolidWorks), MATLAB, Java, Eclipse IDE, MYSQL, MS Office, MS Windows, MS Excel,

Language: Mandarin

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