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NVH, Controls, Vehicle dynamics modeling

Houghton, Michigan, United States
June 13, 2018

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Vatsal Bajpai


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Houghton, Michigan, 49931


MS Mechanical Engineering student with skills in data acquisition & signal analysis on MATLAB, vehicle dynamic modelling & control system design, vibration testing and NVH analysis using LMS.Test.Lab. Currently looking for full time opportunity in field of automotive engineering starting June 2018.


Michigan Technological University Houghton, MI

MS Mechanical Engineering GPA 3.6 Expected May 2018 Relevant Coursework –Dynamic measurement & signal analysis, Vehicle dynamics Automotive controls systems, Vibro-acoustics, Experimental modal analysis Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, India

Bachelor of Engineering Completed 2014

Academic projects

Vehicle dynamics simulations

• Simulated the trajectory of vehicle undergoing user defined steering input by using 2-DOF bicycle model of vehicle and investigated the rollover, stability, understeer/oversteer behaviour of vehicle through modelling on Simulink.

• Designed brake systems for passenger car to meet braking requirements in varied road conditions and under different loading.

• Carried out sizing of conventional powertrain and sizing of electric powertrain & battery to meet the performance requirements and simulated the drive cycle using full vehicle model to investigate energy consumption efficiency using engine fuel consumption map and motor efficiency map.

• Performed Single Lane-Change test, Double Lane-Change test and Steady State Corning analysis using ADAMS Car for a front drive sedan.

Model based automotive controls design

• Optimal engine idle speed controller - Developed a PI controller for maintaining air-fuel ratio at stoichiometric in the fuel injection system of engine combining feed-forward transient fuel control and smith predictor to compensate for sensor time delay.

• Developed a state space based optimal double integral linear quadratic regulator controller for idle speed control in engine using spark timing and throttle angle as control input while ensuring return of spark input at -20 degree from MBT.

• Designed active suspension system in a quarter car model using LQR based optimal controller and an observer to estimate the states of the system.

• Used simulink to design an intelligent cruise controller combining PI based velocity control and LQR based double integral headway control. Developed a stateflow based strategy based on velocity and headway input to switch between two controllers. Vibration and shaker testing

• Performed modal analysis of wooden truss structure in free-free boundary conditions using LMS. Test lab to determine the mode shapes and natural frequency in range 0-200 Hz. Correlated the experimental modal data with data from modal analysis of truss structure in ANSYS.

• Simulated transportation for a hard drive in car and helicopter by designing a shock wave test and sine-on-random test on hydraulic shaker.

• Currently working on a project to determine cause of fatigue in chassis of caterpillar motor grader using ODS analysis and also to identify path for noise issue at operating frequencies using TPA. Sound and vibration control

Vibration isolation and balancing of electric motor

• Determined order cuts of top three amplitude orders using order tracking methods (FFT based and TVDFT) in MATLAB.

• Calculated the vibration transmissibility at its operating frequency and selected appropriate isolation mount to reduce vibration transfer to floor.

• Carried out balancing of motor by using the accelerometer data to find optimum angle and weight of balancing mass. Noise reduction in cloud chamber machine

• Developed a test plan to determine sound power of cloud chamber machine using intensity probe method and processed the data on MATLAB to determine problem frequencies.

• Designed a reactive and absorptive muffler for intake of cloud chamber machine and brought reduction in SPL values by 10dBA. Software Skills

LMS Test.Lab






MSC Adams



Work history

Manufacturing/Industrial Intern Mahindra Swaraj (Farm Tractor Manufacturer), Mohali, India Jan – May 2013

• Applied line balancing method to reduce cycle time and worker count on gear and axle assembly line. Assistant Manager (Operations Supply Chain) Bundl Technologies (Ecommerce), Gurgaon, India August 2015 – July 2016

• Managed team of operations executives and delivery executives to ensure efficient delivery to customers.

• Analyzed the key operations related parameters using RCA to improve upon the process. Extra-curricular / interests

• Worked as residence counselor in organizing group for Summer Youth Program – Michigan Tech.

• Running Badminton Soccer Cricket Reading Newspaper

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