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Internet Searching, Mailing, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, So

Kandahar, Kandahar, Afghanistan
June 12, 2018

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Ezatullah Zaki


Web:- +937********


Afghan Freelancer, Blogger, Writer, Journalist, Webmaster, Translator, Teacher and IT Professional. CAREER OBJECTIVE

Freelance Journalism, Information Technology, Administration and Internet Remote Jobs. SKILLS

IT Basic Skills

Hardware and Software Installation, Windows 98, XP, 7, 8, 10 and 11 Other Skills

Versions Installing and Using, PC and Mac Using, English, Arabic Pashto and Farsi Speed Typing, Microsoft Office, Basic Video/Audio Editing, Basic Graphic Designing, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw, Adobe Audition, Adobe Première, Power Director, PC System Administrating, Internet Searching, Mailing, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Social Media Management, Internet Marketing, Facebook Ads Management, Google Ad-Words, Twitter Advertising, YouTube Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Online Data Entering, Professional Resume/CV Writing and Designing, Professional Business Cards Designing, Newspaper Designing, Magazine Designing, Brochure Designing, Advertisement Designing, Website Product Management, Audio Transcription, Online Teaching an Instructing, Blogs and Websites Contents Writing, Wordpress and Joomla Theme Developing, Administering and Editing. Creative Thinking, Financing, Accounting, Primary and Emergency Medicinal Assistance, Writing, Editing, Reporting, Analyzing, Designing, Instructing, Developing, Coordinating, Teaching, Translating, Interpreting, Managing, Driving, Good Management, Communication, Interpersonal Knowledge, Leadership and Leading, Time Management, Interviewing, Basic counseling, Team Building, Presentation Teaching, Effective listening, Supervising and Problems solving skills.


Jan-2002 - Jan-2006

Esmat Arman Construction, Road and Supplying Company

Graphics Designer

Webmaster Graphics Designing and Website Developing and Updating. Aug-2006 - Aug-2010 Tatobay Online Shopping Bazar

Web- Administrator

Product Manager

Online Shopping Product Managing With Administrating and Developing of (

Aug-2006 - Aug-2008 Afghan Youths Health Services Organization

Cultural Advisor Collecting Cultural Information and Advising. Apr-2006 - Apr-2008 Tatobay Media Group

Content Writer

Scriptwriter/ Editor Contents Scriptwriting and Editing. Feb-2006 - Feb-2010 Esmat Arman Construction, Road and Supplying Company

Finance Manager

Supervisor Supervising and Managing of Construction and Supply Projects. May-2008 - May-2010 Afghan Youths Health Services Organization

Project Manager

Coordinator Magazine Project Managing and Staff Leading. May-2008 - Apr-2012

Tatobay Media Group


Graphics Designer

Administrating and Developing of ( and Designing of Weekly Newspaper.

May-2010 - May-2014 Esmat Arman Construction, Road and Supplying Company


Interpreter Translating of Pashto, Farsi and English Documents and Interpreting of Communications.

Apr-2012 - Apr-2014 Afghan Youths Health Services Organization



Reporting and Coordinating of Health Situation Reports With Developing and Updating the Website.

April-2012 - Jul-2015 Tatobay Media Group


Webmaster Collecting Information and Analyzing For Surveys with Breaking News and Reports Writing For Publishing.

Jul-2014 - Jul-2017 Esmat Arman Construction, Road and Supplying Company

Administrator Administrating The Office and Leading Work Staff With Managing

Logistics Officer Logistics Department.

Jun-2014 - Jun-2017 Afghan Youths Health Services Organization Social Services Protector

Social Media Specialist Promoting of Villagers Handicrafts and Mobilizing and Protecting. Aug-2015 - Feb-2018 Tatobay Media Group

Editor-in-Chief Managing Newspaper Administration and Leading The Media/Press Work Staff With Publishing of Weekly Newspaper. EDUCATION


Institute/ Subjects Percentage/

College Board CGPA Year of Passing

Afghan Canadian


Diploma Community Technology 99% % 2010


Afghan Canadian


Diploma Community Language 95% % 2008


Hewad English


Diploma and Computer Technology 99% % 2008


12th Class

Ahmad Shah

Different High

Diploma BaBa High School Subjects 70% % 2010


Hewad English


Diploma and Computer Language Basics 95% % 2007



Certificate of

NAI and USAID Journalism Course


Certificate of Uruzgan Provincial Council as TMG (Editor-in-Chief) Appreciation


Internet, Writings, Poetry, Sports, Walking, Studying, Searching, Watching, Traveling, Thinking PERSONAL DETAILS


Aino Mina

Kandahar, Afghanistan, 0093

Passport detail 01578726

Date of Birth 1992/Jan/5th

Gender Male

Nationality Afghan

Marital Status Married

Languages Known English, Pashto, Dari


Dr. Esmatullah (Arman)

President Esmat Arman Construction, Road and Supplying Company 070*******

Ahmadullah (Yasin)

Assistant Afghan Youths Health Services Organization 070*******

Eng. Mukhtar Ahmad (Wasiq)

President Al-Madina Wasiq Transportation Company


Mohammad Aslam (Hashimi)

Branch Manager Islamic Investment and Finance Cooperatives Group 079*******

Mohammad Nazar (Nazari)

Journalist Tatobay Weekly Newspaper and 070*******

Muhibullah (Fanna)

Director Aloko Neka High School (Kandahar, AF)

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