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Scientist Chemist Technial Writer Tribologist Lubricant Electrochemist

Levittown, Pennsylvania, United States
June 12, 2018

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Mary Moon, PhD

Scientist or Technical Manager – Lubricants – Specialty Chemicals

Chemist with 10+ years hands-on experience formulating, commercializing and providing technical support for lubricants, greases, metalworking fluids, cleaners, conversion coatings, organic coatings, polymers and other specialty chemical additives. Plans and performs experimental studies using tribology, electrochemistry, rheology, analytical and standard methods to develop products, quality control tests and solutions to applications and manufacturing issues.

Metalworking experience includes rolling oils, coolants and other processing fluids, conversion coatings and lacquers for can stock, organic coatings for architectural and aviation applications on aluminum and steel. Lubricant experience includes formulation, testing and production of gear oils, hydraulic fluids, food grade and biodegradable products, lithium greases and additive dispersions.

Experienced technical writer and editor. Clearly presents complex technical concepts and makes connections to real world applications. Builds trustworthy relationships with customers.


LNG Publishing Co., Fox Church, VA, Contractor, technical writer, Lubes'N'Greases monthly magazine and Lube Report weekly online newsletters 06/2015-Present

• Researches and writes feature stories and press releases about additives, metalworking fluids, lubricants, base stocks, engineering applications and regulatory matters.

Educational Testing Services, Princeton, NJ, Contractor, analyst 09/2011-Present

Presque Isle Innovations LLC, Morrisville, PA, Lubricant consultant 03/2011-Present

• Carries out laboratory and technical writing projects

Shamrock Technology, Newark, NJ, Scientist 04/2013-06/2015

• Developed patentable PTFE additive packages for lubricants, greases and oilfield fluids. Measured wear, friction and temperature reduction and other performance benefits.

• Met with customers to develop lithium grease specifications. Developed formulations and blending and milling procedures. Demonstrated compliance with specifications.

• Developed new friction and wear tribology test methods.

• Scaled up products, participated in plant batches, and prepared production and QC SOPs.

• Used DOE and regression analyses to perform formulation and tech service studies.

• Wrote and presented technical papers at conferences and trade shows.

Fluitec International, Bayonne, NJ, Chief Scientist 01/2012-12/2012

• Analyzed in-service lubricants and diagnosed issues with manufacturing equipment .

• Tested and validated new lubricant test instruments and wrote user manuals.

• Prepared marketing analyses and business development proposals and presentatios.

Bel-Ray Company, Inc., Farmingdale, NJ, R&D Chemist 08/2005-09/2009

• Formulated and commercialized gear oils and hydraulic fluids. Develop manufacturing methods, QC tests, production databases, marketing presentations and technical publications.

• Set up and operated a bearing test device. Measured effects of formulations on friction, energy consumption, temperature, vibrations, wear, etc.

• Provided technical service for food grade lubes, biodegradable hydraulic fluids and lubes and greases for general industrial and mining applications.

• Developed valuable working relationships with distributors: resolved customer issues, provided

training and collaborated on marketing projects, presentations and papers.

• Supported field trials by analyzing samples from packaging plants and mines. Analyzed wear data, proved compliance, identified biases and proposed cost-saving tactics.

• Served as a go-to resource for statistics, technical writing and translations.

• Supported supply chain by compiling and analyzing base stock costs.

Elf Atochem North America, Inc., Research Scientist 01/1998-09/2004

Technical Polymers Division, King of Prussia, PA

• Developed new polymer resins. Formulated paints for aluminum and steel substrates. Carried out tests for packaging, architectural and military specifications. Organized team and external partners to commercialize resin and compiled stage-gate packages.

• Modeled manufacturing costs and break-even points.

• Researched coatings markets and compared competitive technologies

• Developed an SQL database of formulations and test data that improved Lab efficiency.

• Supervised a student who formulated coatings for architectural applications.

Metals & Aviation Division, (Acquired By Henkel) Cornwells Heights, PA

• Solved performance issues with metalworking fluids (D&I, cupping, rolling, etc.), cleaners, aviation chemicals and lubricants. Designed lab-scale equipment to model field applications such as rolling mills, hydraulic presses and cleaner baths.

• Developed electrochemical tests to diagnose corrosion issues and formulate products for aluminum tubing, AA 2024-T3 and 6065-T7, titanium steel and architectural alloys.

• Formulated, tested and wrote technical service reports for cleaners, conversion coatings, hydraulic and metalworking fluids, aviation/aerospace products, lubricants, etc.

BetzDearborn Metals Process Group, Trevose, PA, Scientist 1996-1997

• Formulated and tested metalworking fluids for cleaning, rolling, D&I, cupping and cooling aluminum alloys used in food and beverage containers, architectural moldings and other applications. Processed and tested lacquers and coatings on treated metal test specimens.

• Developed novel acrylic polymers and formulated chrome-free conversion coatings for AA 6063-T52 and compared their performance with chrome-based control formulations.

• Purchased instruments and set up an electrochemical test lab. Developed tests to screen formulations, measure corrosion resistance for conversion and organic coatings on aluminum, compare corrosion rates of cleaners, identify onset of pitting, measure rates of general corrosion, etc.

• Supervised a laboratory technician who formulated and tested metalworking fluids.


MBA, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ with Distinction

Certificate, French language, CAVILAM, Vichy, France

PhD Chemistry, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

BS Chemistry and BA Physics, Lafayette College, Easton, PA with Honors

Languages: English (fluent, primary language), French (intermediate) and German (basic)


Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers Philadelphia Section Chair, Tribology Transactions referee, National Lubricating Grease Institute Spokesman Technical Editor, Tribology and Lubrication Technology Technical Editor


2018 Clarence E. Earle Memorial Award from National Lubricating Grease Institute for outstanding contribution to the technical literature, Roon Award and Corrosion Committee Technical Paper Award from the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology

Patentable Inventions

1.Non-chrome conversion coatings for aluminum alloys.

2.Surfactant-based lubricating additives for oilfield (fracking) and grease applications

3.Copolymer surfactants for oil-based dispersions of sub-micron polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powders for use as additive packages for food grade lubricants

4.Crosslinked resin system for corrosion-resistant industrial maintenance coatings

Scientific Publications

Moon, M, Lubricating Behavior of a Superior PTFE Powder in Lithium Grease, Paper #1515, NLGI Annual Meeting, Coeur D'Alene, ID, June, 2015 .and The Spokesman, 2016.

Moon, M, A Superior PTFE Powder for Lubricating Grease, Extended Abstract, STLE National Meeting, Dallas, TX, 2015.

Moon, M and Turner, D, Fifty Q'n'As about Grease for the National Lubricating Grease Institute website, 2015.

Moon, M and Turner, D, Glossary of Grease Terms for the NLGI Lubricating Grease Guide, 6th Edition, 2015.

Moon, M, PTFE for Lubricating Greases, Paper #1408, NLGI Annual Meeting, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, June, 2014 and The Spokesman, 2015.

Moon, M, PTFE for Lubricating Greases, Extended Abstract, STLE National Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, FL, May, 2014.

Steenard, P., Bowmer, I., Mets, T., Joosten, F., Mistry, A., van der Vlugt, R., and Moon, M., Production of H1 Registered Lubricants – Guidelines on Food Grade Lubricants, EHDEG (European Hygienic Design & Engineering Group), 2009.

Moon, M., Taking Lubricant Cleanliness to the Next Level, Gear Solutions Magazine, June, 2009.

Moon, M. and Bowmer, I., The Value of Starting with Clean Lubricants, Proceedings of LubMat ’08, San Sebastian, Spain, 2008.

Moon, M., Hall, S., and Fagan, G., Protect your equipment by STARTING with clean lubricants, Proceedings of Lean, Reliable, and Lubed 2008; Nashville, TN. Tulsa, OK, Noria Corporation, 2008.

Moon, M., Fagan, G., and Hall, S., The Value of Starting with Clean Lubricants, Extended Abstract, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers national meeting, Cleveland, OH, May, 2008.

Moon, M., Taking Lubricant Cleanliness to the Next Level, Machinery Lubrication Magazine, January, 2008.

Moon, M., Food Grade Lubricants – Are They Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly?, New Food, Issue 2, 2007.

Moon, M., How Clean Are Your Lubricants?, Trends in Food Science and Technology, 18 (supplement 1 – EHEDG Yearbook), S74-S79, 2007.


Moon, M, Lubricating Behavior of a Superior PTFE Powder in Lithium Grease, NLGI Annual Meeting Paper #1515, NLGI 82nd Annual Meeting, Coeur d’Alene, ID USA, June 6-9, 2015.

Moon, M, Four-Ball Friction and Wear Tests with Load Ramps for Lubricating Greases, STLE National Meeting, Dallas, TX USA, May 17-21, 2015 (Grease Session II, May 21, 2015).

Moon, M, PTFE for Lubricating Greases, NLGI Annual Meeting Paper #1408, National Lubricating Grease Institute Annual Meeting, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, June 17, 2014.

Technical Writing

Moon, M, Will Varnish Vanish?, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 23, Issue 6, June, 2018.

Moon, M, New Ideas for Novel Base Stocks, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 23, Issue 3, March, 2018.

Moon, M, Molybdenum to the Rescue, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 23, Issue 2, February, 2018.

Moon, M, Picture Perfect, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 23, Issue 1, January, 2018.

Moon, M, New Twists on Metalworking Fluids, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 12, December, 2017.

Moon, M, Liquid Engineering for Gear Boxes, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 11, November, 2017.

Moon, M, Busting Bubbles, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 10, October, 2017.

Moon, M, Water Where?, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 9, September, 2017.

Moon, M, Molding New Metalworking Fluids, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 7, July, 2017.

Moon, M, Meeting Stern Regulations, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 6, June, 2017.

Moon, M, Testing New Frontiers, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 22, Issue 2, February, 2017.

Moon, M, Plastic Pulls Double Duty, Lubes'n'Greases, Vol. 23, Issue 1, January, 2017.

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