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Director of Engineering/Program Manager

Temecula, California, United States
June 12, 2018

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Elliott (Kip) Dodge



A top-performing and versatile Director of Engineering and Program Manager with extensive technical leadership experience in systems electrical-hardware design engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, test, integration operations on over 70 successful space missions. An experienced R&D professional directing emerging technologies developed for science and defense missions accomplished thru effective technical business management, and critical customer engagement; providing essential support to international aerospace, defense, and electronics industries. A dynamic, and accomplished leader; with demonstrated success at creating, leading and motivating top teams; to meet and exceed technical goals and achieve budget cost objectives. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Engineering and Program Management ● Product Design, Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, Test & Integration Operations; Building Efficient Critical Organizations ● Certified in Cost, Budget, P&L, Scheduling and Execution Planning ● Earned Value

(EV), Performance Measurement ● ISO Compliance ● Continuous Process Improvement ● Risk Analysis Mitigation ● Problem Failure Analysis ● Space EV Qualification, Verification and Validation Testing ● NASA/Mil Std. Reqmts/ITAR/FAR Compliance PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

DECISION SCIENCES CORP – NUCLEAR THREAT DETECTION - HOMELAND SECURITY SOLUTIONS, Poway, CA Sept 2016 Director of Engineering - Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, M&P, Test and Deployment Engineering Reporting to the Sr. VP of Operations: provide critical leadership, focus and direction in a high-paced environment working a multi-disciplined organization of engineers and scientists; working with physics, which spans the breadth and depth of the organization; engineering and developing a complex new detector system for the national defense and security industry. Implementing and directing high technology science physics projects based on proven engineering processes and procedures; creating program ‘charters’ for defining scope, objectives, performance and expected outcomes; including developing cost, schedules, work plans, and allocation of resources. Maintain critical communications with agencies, international customers and suppliers. Provide reporting of progress, performance, problems and issues being worked; creating plans for resolution and completion, all the while demonstrating a high degree of personal integrity, commitment and personal effectiveness. Engineering Manager – Mechanical-Electrical Systems Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Test and Installations Reporting directly to company President/CEO; previous Technical Consultant for Product and Manufacturing Development implementing Production and Organizational Improvements: providing experienced senior level management and critical leadership direction to develop the necessary elements for a successful new product line startup. Focus critical turn-around efforts to significantly improve the overall manufacturing capability. Work special executive project assignments; be a catalyst for change to influence critical solutions aimed toward helping evolve an emerging technology company into a mature manufacturing organization. Having such experience as to know; what success looks like and demonstrate how to achieve it. Organize production efforts for the Multi-Mode Passive Detection Systems (MMPDS) developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory utilized for scanning ship cargo containers; protecting seaports, borders and critical infrastructure from nuclear, explosives, weapon threats and assorted contraband. Customers: US Army CTTSO, CBP Nogales, Singapore, UAE, Afghanistan. Initiated significant trans-formative differences, implementing advancements in critical manufacturing processes and procedures; while directing renewed engineering efforts for productivity analysis, initiated critical failure analysis and corrective actions related to concerns of laser weld failures, drift tube leak detection and sources of gas contamination. MAGELLAN AEROSPACE - SATELLITE PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONTRACT, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Feb-Aug 2016 Deputy Project Manager for RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Mfg. Operations

Provided Project Management tasking support for a primary MDA/Canadian Space Agency (CSA) contract; leading critical program elements for crucial Avionics and Telemetry subsystems include Control and Data Handling (C&DH), Power Control Units (PCU), Flight SW and Ground Support Equipment (GSE)/Flight Harnessing by coordination of key scheduling, tracking, reviewing, and reporting to meet performance execution goals under challenging circumstances. MISSION SYSTEMS ADVISORY – NASA PROGRAMS TECHNICAL & BUSINESS CONSULTANT, Washington, DC Metro 2014-15 Space and Defense Government Business and Small 8a Contracts Support; developing alliances for proposals and contracts: Program Manager: Zantech Contract - NASA Goddard Information Technology Integration & Support Services (GITISS) Project Management: METI, Inc. Contract – NASA and NAVAIR IT System Services IDIQ Task Orders (on PASS Contract) Elliott G. Dodge Resume, Page 2

TASC, Inc. – NASA - CIVIL SPACE SYSTEMS SECTOR, Chantilly, VA, Greenbelt, MD and Washington, DC Metro Area 2014 Program Development Management - Customer Executive – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Account Lead

Business Development and Capture Management for delivering 8a partnering team initiatives on NASA, NOAA and Fed. Government contract opportunities regarding specific solicitations for Technology Development, Space Systems Engineering, Analytics, Space Flight Missions: Ground Systems, Electrical Hardware & Software Integration Contracts. UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (UTC), Goodrich IRS Aerospace Systems, Albuquerque, NM 2013 Program Manager, Launch Vehicle Flight Avionics Program - Contract Management/DOD Support Services Contracts

Program management for technical review and business support to ULA U.S. Air Force Delta/Atlas Heavy Launch Vehicles flight designs, development build and test of first time CODAS Common Avionics, VME and embedded Ethernet.

Directed the Integrated Product Team (IPT) comprised of Sr. Electrical Staff, Software, Test, Supply Chain (SAP) Parts Procurement and Manufacturing Engineers. Developed and directed kick-off of complex schedules, budget forecasts, resource planning, cost models for initial prototype unit hardware-software design, test and manufacturing builds. EMCORE/SOLAERO, Solar Photovoltaics, Semiconductors, Electronics Design and Manufacturing, Albuquerque, NM 2006-12 SATELLITE POWER SYSTEMS: ELECTRO-MECHANICAL COMPONENTS & UNIT ASSEMBLY HARDWARE DEVELOPMENT Senior Program Manager – Multiple Programs Lead: Design Engineering, QA, Manufacturing and Qualification Testing

Provided leadership and direction for product design, manufacturing, quality teams for successful NASA Goddard, JPL, DOD, Fed Government and International Space mission programs, special projects by excellence in contract execution

Directed life-cycle concepts and design thru technical reviews and manufacturing phases. Oversaw programs to ensure contract requirements, deliverables, performance goals, profit and loss expectations were fully met and exceeded.

Coordinated PDR/CDR Design Reviews, Manufacturing & Test Readiness Reviews (MRR/TRR), CCB and MRB Reviews.

Executed multiple parallel technical, business and manufacturing contract budgets, meeting milestones thru critical detail schedule planning, prioritizing critical resource allocations, detail technical progress and financial reporting.

Facilitated electronic PWB mechanical chassis assembly, unit test verification activities throughout final assembly.

Directed range of environmental thermal vacuum, shock, acoustic vibration, qualification, verification/validation tests.

Provided material and process certifications for vehicle and payload integration at Cape Canaveral launch facilities. Key Contributions: Led design and build of over 20 successful space missions including: NASAs Gamma-Ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST), Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), Global Participation Monitor (GRP), and International: Magellan- Bristol Cassiope and RadarSat Proposal (Canada), COTS (Holland), ISRO SATs (India), KOMSATs (Korea), etc. valued at over $45 million. Led breakthrough new first time space technology innovations in space power, space materials and process solutions. JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (JPL), NASA, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA 2000–06 ADVANCED SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES – SPACE AVIONICS, POWER, and SENSOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING GROUP Sr. Mission Systems Engineer – Nuclear - Radioisotope Thermal Generators, Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Mission

Directed coordination and reporting of key portions of $198M budget for Radioisotope Thermal Generator (RTG) nuclear power hardware development; under the DOE direction for supporting Boeing and Lockheed subcontracts. Principle Electrical Power Systems Engineer - Mission Systems: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) Mission

Coordinated MRO Program Mission interests with Lockheed Aerospace, initiated design solutions and built consensus between principle spacecraft architects solving major spacecraft electronic systems grounding problems and issues. Sr. Program Systems Staff Engineer - Flight Mission Management: Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Missions

Managed development and coordination for cruise flight phase and surface robotic Rovers operational vehicle power system functional and performance mission requirements, operational planning, hardware and SW specifications. Key Contributions: Principle Systems Lead for design, development and build of 3 successful Mars Rover Missions. While at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) designated as: ‘Laboratory Key Critical Personnel’ and ‘Permanent Technical Consultant’ INNOVATIVE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT (IEM) – Threat Risk Analysis and Mitigation Division, Abington, MD 2000 Joint Military Services - U.S. Army Ordnance, Military Defense Research and Development, Aberdeen Proving Grounds Advanced Technology Development Manager - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) - Threat Remote Sensing Section

Participated in providing active research, evaluation and development efforts for modeling and imaging software for battlefield electronic warfare, with special operations tactical communications equipment, military/civilian emergency crisis situational awareness, defense security operations and consequence management decision making systems.

Developed nuclear, biological, chemical agent threat sensing systems based on stand-off helicopter and drone radar, RF, Lidar and sensor detector instrumentation hardware equipment and software, communications via interactive warning network communications for use by man portable, mobile vehicle, shipboard, aircraft, and fixed basing facilities.

Prepared technical and strategy white papers, policy and briefing presentation materials for command decision officers. Elliott G. Dodge Resume, Page 3

LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION, Librascope - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Warfare, Glendale, CA 1999–2000 NAVAL WARFARE ELECTRONICS, C3, NBC RECONNAISANCE and SURVEILLANCE INSTRUMENTATION SENSOR SYSTEMS Senior Division Manager - Hardware Systems Engineering, Design, Test and Integrated Logistics Support Group

Turn-around reorganization and management of multi-disciplined engineering teams to recover technical and program development schedule; staff comprised of Systems Engineers, Stress Analysts, Electrical Mechanical Designers, Test Personnel, Manufacturing, Quality & Integration Specialists for developing military fixed and mobile equipment designed, built, tested to meet required military standards; harsh environmental requirements including MIL-STD-810. HONEYWELL / ALLIED SIGNAL AEROSPACE – AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING DIVISON, Torrance, CA 1998 NASA - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS), CREW SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT - SPACE ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS Senior Manager for Requirements and Specifications Development, Verification and Validation (Contractor)

Design, Development and Manufacture of Space Station Crew Environmental Line-Replaceable Units (LRUs).

Supervised, directed and trained specification technical writers and systems verification engineers during critical product final flight hardware acceptance verification testing, certification procedures and documentation sign-off. Critical Contributions: Reorganized limited existing resources to recover hardware and software Functional and Physical Configuration Audits (FCA/PCA) HW certification schedule for unit delivery to Boeing for final ISS systems integration. TRW/ NORTHROP GRUMMAN – SPACE AVIONICS and ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, Redondo Beach, CA 1987-97 Senior Section Manager - Product Design Engineering Section – Space Systems Design, Analysis and Test Group Managed over 90 Mechanical, Electrical, Product Design Engineers, Stress Thermal Analysts, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Test and Integration specialists for satellite space missions and space technology programs throughout full design and manufacturing cycles; until final test and integration of spacecraft subsystems, electronic components, on-board instruments, solar arrays, batteries, black box avionics, power control and distribution unit systems, spacecraft instruments, composite solar array panels and structures, actuators and mechanisms, harnessing, ground support equipment; check-out diagnostics testing. Key Contributions: Managed the design and build of over 50 successful NASA, DOD and International Space Systems, including DSP 12/13, TDRSS, FleetSatCom, GRO, OMV, TRIMM, STEP II, EOS AM/PM, RocSat-1, KomSat-1 and multiple Classified Missions. As Contract Technical Manager: trained & directed partner design and mfg. engineers to build ground-up solar assembly facility. U.S. AIR FORCE - TRW BALLISTIC MISSILE DIVISION, Sr. Advisor Technical Liaison – Norton Air Force Base, CA 1982-87 Provide support to Peacekeeper Missile Systems Launch Control, Depot Level Repair Facilities supporting Ground Systems Communications Integration Test Diagnostics for ground based missile silos, rail garrison and mobile truck transport systems. U.S. AIR FORCE/NASA –LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION, Sr. Staff Operations Analyst – Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA Developed Military Version Space Shuttle Main Engines and Fuel Tank facilities for flight preparation and return flight refurbishment, installation processes and procedures to mirror NASA Shuttle Operations, tailored for military launch mission polar orbit insertions. Produced Operations and Test Procedures volumes, which translated into building launch pad facilities. Other Associations: Ford Motor Company, Toyota America, Datsun Nissan - South Africa, Delta Manganese SA, BP and Shell Refineries SA, Plessey Tele-Communications SA, Demi-Driesbach, Magnavox Defense Systems & MCR Automotive Technologies EDUCATION

Bachelor’s Degree: BA - Industrial Design and Technical Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL Engineering, Design and Project Operations Management, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE Technology Management Certification, California State University, Dominquez Hills, CA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and CERTIFICATIONS

Certified Corporate Level Trainer and Auditor: ISO 9000/AS9100 • Design • Manufacturing • QA Process Specialist Contract Technical Management (CTM): Cost, Planning, Scheduling, Estimating and Performance Management Assembly, Test, Launch and Operations (ATLO), JPL NASA Space Facilities Access Certification, Pasadena, CA Earned Value Management System (EVMS), Performance Analysis, Management and Reporting (PMAR) Academy for Program and Project Leadership: at NASA HQ, Edwards AFB and Goddard Space Flight Center Government Contract Management: Contract Technical and Business Administration • NM Business Cert. Cost Schedule Control System (CSCS), Project Management and Information Systems (PMS/PMIS) Project Management Certification: Diploma #276-***-****, Alison International Education Institute Validation Verification Test Certifications, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL Prior DOD Security Clearances, including NASA Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Access

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