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Software Engineer Air Force

Lawsonville, North Carolina, 27022, United States
June 13, 2018

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Application developer with ** plus years of experience in mainframe and linux application design, development, testing, implementation and support. Proven abilities in analysis, problem solving and customer support. Dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing the best possible solution. Adept at learning new technologies in order to keep projects up to date and use the best tools available.


Operating Systems:

MVS, IBM Z/OS, Linux, Unix, DOS, Windows


COBOL, Assembler, Easytrieve, JAVA, J2EE, VB6, REXX

Database systems:

SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, DB2


Changeman, SDSF, TSO/ISPF, JCL, CICS, VSAM, FILE-Aid, SQL, FTP, NDM, Connect Direct, XML, Endeavor, CA/7, Autosys, Eclipse, IBM/AFP, CLIST, Mobius (Document Direct), JavaScript, HTML, PC tools such as Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, WebEx, Visio

Vendor Document Composition Packages:

Exstream Dialogue, Custom Statement Formatter (CSF), Caligo, Documerge


TIAA-CREF Senior Software Engineer 2004-2015

Hired to supporting CSF applications.

The company used 5 different software packages to produce statements for the entire company, including CSF, Documerge, Caligo and REXX. Decision was made to transition all 5 to a new product called Exstream Dialogue. I was tasked with writing a stand-alone Job Control server to centralize processing of all files. Server was initially written in VB6 and soon thereafter converted to Java. Server received work files via NDM, pre-processed input files, scheduled jobs, interfaced with the Exstream run engine, received print ready files back, delivered files to external print vendor via Connect Direct.

Built VB6 application to allow viewing jobs on the Job Control Server and to allow maintenance of processing parameters for the Job Control Server.

Built Java application to provide God-view of the Job Control Server. It monitored job completion and all aspects of processing, provided automated email delivery to support team when problems detected. Served as a “host” where custom error detection programs could be stored. When a specific problem was discovered in production, code could be built to proactively look for the same error again and email the support team in real-time.

Supported Quarterly Statement processing which ran 3.5 million statements in 18 hours. Five production runs encountered data errors during the run. I had to quickly write ad-hoc programs to analyze the data, find accounts in error and provide results to the analysts so that they could remediate the problems.

The Documerge application which was converted to Exstream was based on a large list of conditional IF-THEN blocks controlling text layout, message layout and form usage. This required building an embedded dynamic code generation/run facility inside the Job Control Server.

Wachovia Bank Software Engineer 2002-2003

Supported changes to CSF modules.

We ran several versions of CSF simultaneously, so had to work on upgrading CSF modules at routine intervals.

Supported on-boarding and consolidation of processes during merger of Wachovia and First Union.

Performed maintenance on job run parms.

Worked on maintaining StreamWeaver files.

Maintained CA7 schedule by adding new jobs or adjusting existing jobs as needed.

Created a job that ran daily producing statistics for jobs run the previous night.

Performed Disaster Recovery processes.

Total System Services Software Engineer 1995-2002

Company provided processing / statementing services for bank credit card companies using Assembler programs to run individual banks.

Initially brought on board to support Assembler programs.

Company decided to convert from Assembler to CSF (Custom Statement Formatter). I designed and built the Cobol and Assembler programs that performed file handling, CSF calls and output processing. Went from dozens of Assembler programs to one Cobol stream for all banks.

Banks desired to modify messages in their CSF modules on a regular basis which was costly, inefficient and time consuming. The process took a month to gather new message requirements, code, test and implement changes. So I developed a VB6 front end product called StrateCom (Strategic Communications) that allowed operators to load message text and triggers to a SQL Sequel database. The process allowed operators to enter changes on the same day as the production run. The Sequel database was dumped and used as input to the Cobol stream. During the run Cobol programs took the trigger data from the file and created blocks of dynamic Assembler code. Accounts were run through the dynamic code blocks and results were used to assign message blocks per account. Then used a feature of CSF called Output Exit that allowed me to access the raw IBM/AFP stream coming out of CSF, determine the location of message blocks inside the stream and insert the new messages into the IBM/AFP seamlessly.

Provided Year2000 support for all systems.

Lexis/Nexis Software Engineer 1989-1995

Supported Lexis/Nexis Legal Search engine.

Worked mainly on user interface support written in Assembler.

Developed new user interface for project called Freestyle. Provided better search term enhancement features using real-time on-line thesaurus, saved search feature and cost estimate of search run. Continued to support after implementation.

Swiss Colony Software Engineer 1987-1989

Supported in-house developed catalogue order entry system called ODE II (Online Data Entry).

Written in assembler and built to run native or through CICS.

Provided maintenance and enhancement support.

U.S. Air Force Programming Engineer 1983-1987

Supported Air Force’s Air Traffic Control Simulator system. First Generation computer using Paper Tape, Donut Core memory and Assembler language. Designed to be air lifted and dropped on-site, it provided air traffic control simulations to train operators.

I supported the utility programs which allowed operators to run simulations, analyze results and modify run parameters.

One year in I was tasked with training new recruits in Assembler language.

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