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Medical Management

New York City, New York, United States
June 13, 2018

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Voorhees, NJ 08043



Highly experienced and published in the medical communications field, encompassing all facets of medical communication strategies in MedEd agency, research-intensive pharmaceutical environment, and independent consultant. Facilitated publication of clinical papers over a broad range of therapeutic areas; produced medical content for accredited and non-accredited educational programs, speakers’ bureau, scientific affidavits, commercial intel., message mapping. Supervisory experience. Functional Experience

Editorial Management: Highly experienced in the research and development of publication materials and placement of scientific publications in journals and coordination with clients, authors, and publishers. Project Management: Experienced in the overall development, implementation and supervision of medical writing and scientific communications projects in both research- intensive pharmaceutical and medical communications agency environments. Communication Management: Experienced in the development and integration of scientific communication strategies to support new product and in-line marketing plans. Experienced in the utilization of internet resources to support the development of client proposals and publication materials.

Medical Writing Activity

ANESTHESIOLOGY: surgical muscle relaxants (Raplon; Zemuron) CARDIOVASCULAR: (Lopressor; Tenormin; Trasicor; Nebivolol; Lisinopril; Hydrodiuril; Tenoretic; Apresoline)

COAGULATION DISORDERS: veinous thromboembolism and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (Lovenox; Orgaran); sepsis (Xigris) CONTRACEPTION: (Mircette)

COPD (Perforomist; Seretide; Organidin)


CNS: depression/anxiety (Remeron); sleep disorders (Ambien; Doral) DERMATOLOGY: rosacea (Finacea); onychomycosis (Lamisil); candidiasis (Zimycan) DYSLIPIDEMIA (Mevacor)

ENDOCRINE: diabetes mellitus (Glucovance)

FUNGAL: onychomycosis (Lamisil); candidiasis (Zimycan) G.I: NERD/GERD: (PPIs)


INFECTIOUS: otitis media and sinusitis (Cefzil);

NEUROLOGY: alzheimer (Reminyl); epilepsy (Felbamate); multiple sclerosis (Rebif, Betaseron; ACTH Gel)

ONCOLOGY: GIST/CML (Gleevec), breast cancer (carboplatin/cisplatin); thrombocytopenia (Neumega); ALL leukemia (Clolar); multiple myeloma (Emplciti; Velcade); investigational MAb (matuzumab); breast cancer (Sutent); non-small cell lung cancer (PF-3512676; Tasigna); hematologic/solid tumor (Selinexor); non-hodgkin lymphoma (Opdivo)

CINV: (Aloxi)


OPTHALMOLOGY: age-related macular degeneration (Aflibercept) PAIN: OROS hydromorphone

RARE DISEASES: Acute promyelocytic leukemia; Fabry Disease; Factor XIII; Gaucher; Hypophosphatasia; Indolent NHL; Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome; Morquio A Syndrome Noonan Syndrome; Pompe Disease; Transthyretin Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy RESPIRATORY: allergic rhinitis (Astelin); asthma (Singular); bronchitis (Organidin); RHEUMATIC/INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS: RA (Humira; Cimzia); OA/Pain Management (Vioxx; Arcoxia); Gout (Febuxostat)

DUPUYTREN”S Disease (Xiaflex)


VACCINES: pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (Prevenar; Synflorix); human papilloma virus (Gardasil)

WOMEN’S HEALTH: osteoporosis (Fosamax)

WOUND CARE: diabetic foot ulcer (Apligraf)

Vindico Medical Education: Contractor, October 01, 2017 to December 31, 2017

• Scientific consultant working under 90-day contract in support of the development of accredited medical education

o Chair faculty kick off calls for CME events

o Liaison with faculty to ensure alignment of content with learning objectives and gap analyses consistent with needs assessments for educational grants

o Conduct scientific review of presentation materials (multiple therapeutic categories) of accredited live and simu-live educational online programs o Revise content of enduring materials as needed to address copyright issues

o Identify and provide educational resources for participants in accredited CME activities.

o Conduct scientific review of accredited program materials selected for 3

posting to

McCann Medical: Principal Medical Writer, 2016-2017

• Lead junior writers in the development of nonpromotional scientific communications

• Scientific lead in publication planning and development of journal and conference analyses

• Prepare discussion guides and lead discussion with authors

• Support client with scientific communications strategic and tactical initiatives

• Ensure completion of deliverables on time and within budget Jobson Health Care: Associate Director of Medical Writing, 2012-2016

• Spearhead the development of scientific platform for client approval

• Conduct publication analyses

• Lead junior writers in the development of abstracts and posters

• Produce publication gap analyses

• Create needs assessments

• Mentor junior associates postgraduate fellowship training

• Participate in development of RFAs and capabilities presentations Euro RSCG: Associate Director of Medical Writing, 2008-2012

• Write and coordinate peer review publication of manuscripts

• Responsible for P2P non-accredited continuing education content for managed markets venues

• Develop accredited medical education proposals

• Spearhead onsite commercial intelligence

• Conduct publication gap analyses

Parexel MMS: Principal Medical Writer, 2006-2008

• Wrote and coordinated placement of peer review publication of manuscripts

• Developed agenda to support KOL engagement activities

• Influence mapping

• Develop strategic communication proposals for Product Management

• Develop or supervise ad hoc content-related scientific communication projects New World Health: Division of Publicis Medical Education Group: Director, Scientific Communications, 2001-2006

• Supervised development of peer review scientific communications consistent with Good Publication Practices

• Supervised development of presentation content for non-accredited medical education programs

• Developed Advisory Board agendas in concert with strategic marketing; liaison with faculty in the development of presentation materials for Advisory Board, Consultant, and Investigator meetings

• Contributed to preparation and presentation of RFPs 4

• Serve as scientific lead in capabilities presentations Education

Rutgers Graduate School of Management (MBA)

Rutgers College of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Pharmacy Registration: New Jersey (RI 14954) and California (PA 031797) Memberships

International Society of Medical Publication Planning: Certified Medical Publication Planner (2015)


1. Beebe F. Advocacy Development: A Quantifiable Approach to the Selection of Key Opinion Leaders. Product Management Today, September 2005;16(9):46-49. 2. Beebe F. The ABCs of Strategic Publication Planning: A Primer for Product Managers. Product Management Today 2005;16(7):28-30. 3. Beebe FA, Barkin RL, Barkin S. A clinical and pharmacologic review of skeletal muscle relaxants for musculoskeletal conditions. Am J Ther 2005; 12(2):151-171. 4. Beebe FA. Publication planning. Medical Marketing & Media 2004;39(7):41-45. References available on request

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