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Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
June 13, 2018

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15+ years of total experience in software development that includes Java,J2EE, Python and Nodejs stack technologies and 5 years experience in aws amazon cloud technology

Experienced in all areas of SDLC including software design, development, testing, defect tracking, team lead, strategic planning, mentoring, project planning, risk analysis, scheduling, management, and reporting

Experienced in implementing Agile scrum methodology; Leading and implementing software development, devops & QA automation projects &teams; Experienced in developing strategies, frameworks, tools, processes, best practices;

Extensively worked on Java/J2EE technologies including core Java 1.6, J2ee architecture, Java aws sdk, EJB, JMS, Ant,TestNG, maven, Apache Tomcat,

Experienced in Python, boto3, Theano, Tensor Flow, Django, Nose, Heroku, Paver, Numpy, Pytest, PyPi, Matplotlib, Plotly, Scipy, Pydub,

Worked in javascript based technologies like nodejs, typescript, reactjs, angular.js, webdriverjs, phantomjs, protractor, karma, chai, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman

Experience in automation technologies like, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, fitness, Bamboo, Selenium Grid/RC/Webdriver, Maven, Ant, TestNG, Gatling, Jmeter, Blazemeter, Browserstack, SauceLabs, Scala, Groovy, Gradle, Github,

Worker with cloud computing technologies like Amazon EC2, ECS, Fargate, S3, EBS,ELB, VPC,EFS, Glacier, Cloudfront, Cloud formation, Cloudwatch, Codedeploy, Codepipeline,

Strong background in the area of Cloud computing, Robotics AI, Sound Engineering, Digital media, Medical Insurance, Health Information Systems and Financial Services.

Have international work experience, worked with geographically dispersed organizations (US; India; Japan; UK, Poland, Spain, Ukraine).


Master of Business Administration

University of North Alabama

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)

University of Pune, India

Bachelor of Technology (Computing)

Thompson Rivers University, Canada


Language : Java 6, Python 3.6/ 2.7.10, Javascript,

Scripting : Ant, Maven,Junit 3.x/4.x, Nodejs, Angularjs, qt

Databases : Oracle RDS, Sql Server 2005, Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra,

App Servers : Apache Tomcat 7, JBoss, Ngix, Ateos, Apache Httpd

Frameworks: : Ant,Maven,TestNG,Grunt,Make, Spring, Spring boot 2

Testing Tool : Nose, Pytest, Jmeter, Gatling, Cucumber, Jasmine, Chai, Karma, Protractor, Selenium webdriver, Blazemeter, SauceLab, Appium, Browserstack, SoapUI, JIRA, Winrunner 9. Loadrunner 9, QTP

Cloud Technology: AWS amazon, Openstack, Docker,

CM tools: Ansible, Puppet, Chef

OS : RHEL,IOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows

Version Control : Subversion, CVS, Git, Accurev,

Automation tools: Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Rundeck, Saltstack, Ansible, Python boto3

Artifact repository: Nexus, PyPi, JFrog,Yarn, NPM, Archiva,Capistrano

Logging/monitoring tools: LogicMonitor, Nagios,New Relic, Kibana Appneta, Splunk, Logstash,Zabbix

CR &Bug Tracking tools: Jira, Quality Center, Rally


Jibo Inc., Boston MA

Software Automation Architect and Tech Lead at Jibo Robotics: June 2017 - current

Lead the team responsible for redesigning and improving Jibo’s overall performance and user experience. Lead a team of 4 developers,2 Devops engineers, 3 QAs and 2 Co-ops

Instituted coordinated efforts with Development, Release management, Product team and SQA leads to set release targets and milestones. Prepare detailed action plan, provide technical direction, set up CI/CD process to hit milestones for cloud deployment, and release to manufacturing.

Lead the team at Jibo that redesigned top of stack platform services to interact with aws cloud. Architected and implemented solutions to test and benchmark performance of deployed services to aws cloud. Built CI/CD deployment of containerized/dockerized services deployed on environments like dev, stage, pre-prod & prod.

Designed solution to migrate Jibo’s robotics AI platform services like ASR (audio speech recognition), TTS(text to speech), NLU( natural language usage, LPS(local space perception), robot body service

Developed & lead various performance improvement solutions for Jibo’s audio compression, wifi robustness, secure websocket communications,

Implement AWS version4 signature protocol using Python boto3 via http and websocket for secure communication between robot and Jibo’s aws vpc (virtual private cloud).

Developed a webservice audio interface to Jibo in JAVA using JAX-RS that stream audio data in raw, pcm and opus format to Jibo cloud

Implement AWS version4 signature protocol via http and websocket for secure communication between robot and Jibo’s aws vpc (virtual private cloud).

Implement blue green deployment and delivery process for multi environment, multi stack cloud deployments. Preparing cost estimates for aws cloud usage and external services like google asr, bing,

Architected solution for testing security, scalability & robustness of websocket connections, practice of dockerizing individual microservices, profiling of micro-services for cpu and memory optimization, setting up autoscale policies for service containers,

Homesite Insurance, Boston MA

Senior Software Engineer September 2016 – May 2017

Designed and implemented CI/CD infrastructure and processes. Managed Jenkins jobs for builds, deployments and running regression tests on DEV, QA and UAT servers on a daily basis.

Wrote regression test libraries and suites in Groovy and JAVA (REST ASSURED) along with Spring boot framework, for the testing of REST API application. Used tools like Jmeter, Gatling, Swagger, Postman for REST API testing.

Created/configured REST API performance test suits using distributed Jmeter clusters (master-slave configuration) running on Jenkins. Used Ansible to spin up & spin down jmeter clusters to execute heavy load tests.

Deployed application on Amazon cloud EC2 instances and executed suite of tests against load balancers and individual silos running on cloud EC2 instances. Spun up jmeter slaves on cloud EC2 instances & executed load test against the application running on the cloud.

Wrote scripts in Java, Scala and Groovy to perform various operation like data extraction, feeding input data, writing output results, logs, generating reports etc, feeding results to HP ALM. Wrote Powershell and Batch scripts to run jobs on Jenkins, Used Jira and HP QC for defect tracking.

Setup Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana to generate performance and time series graphs to analyze application performance. Setup AppNeta and NewRelic for resource monitoring and performance analysis.

Created and assigned tasks to QA resources, lead AGILE SCRUM sprints to accomplish milestones. Tracked and managed tasks, ERs and defect on Jira board. Generated end of sprint reports for upper management.

Fidelity Investments, Boston MA

Independent Contractor March 2016 – July 2016

Wrote fixtures in Java for Slim Fitnesse test automation for FIX Engine Gateway project. Wrote fixtures for the common fixtures library and wrote test suites in Slim Fitnesse.

Wrote fixtures in Java for REST services and built platforms to execute performance test for FIX engine gateway and capture metrics.

Wrote test libraries for equity trading IOIx and ERs. Wrote fixtures to test optimizer plugins, in memory dbs like KDB and Timesten.

Worked with autosys for application deployment on QA and ITF servers. Wrote Jenkins jobs for nightly build, dploy and batch run of fitnesse test suites.

Wrote Terse client plugin that runs with Fitnesse to push test results and lab runs to HP Quality Center via HP ALM.

State Street, Boston MA

Senior SDET Engineer October 2015 – February 2016

Worked as J2EE software QA developer, worke d with FXFOUNDUS1 architecture team to build message bus test client adapter.

Used JMS, ActiveMQ and IBMMQ along with Apache Service mix, Kafka, Apache camel, apache karaf

Rewrote the test harness into Java, J2EE from UTF/ VB script

Cengage Learning, Boston MA

Lead Automation Engineer DevOps/Cloud Ops April 2015 – October 2015

Built and architected testing tools that benchmarked application platforms with different configuration on AWS cloud. Created dashboard that captured max load size for different application configuration against instance sizes.

Built a performance test tool using ansible that can spin up jmeter/gatling clusters on AWS cloud and generate large load agents (close to 100,000 users) for heavy performance test on application.

Worked with DevOps and Cloud Ops team to test delivery pipelines and platform configuration on aws cloud. Used Beaker-Rspec to test puppet modules for integration and acceptance test.

Built a performance test tool using ansible that can spin up jmeter/gatling clusters on AWS cloud and generate large load agents (close to 100,000 users) for heavy performance test on application.

Deployed test applications on the cloud with different platform configurations and used Blazemeter and in house ansible tool to run standard performance tests to benchmark that configuration.

Worked with DevOps to create use cases for various application deployment scenarios. Lead Chaos Events for marathon performance test on applications.

Dell, Nashua NH

Test Engineer January 2015 – April 2015

Dell Compellent Storage

Worked as a Test Automation engineer for Compellent SC8000, Mirage, Yanjing storage devices.

Wrote Platform programs in Java to automate manual test cases, wrote automated test for bmc controller resets, ioverify, volume creation for ISCSI & Fiber Channel, Multi Tier file write, failure recovery, port rebalance, I/O speed benchmark

Wrote API libraries in Java that provide infrastructure support for hardware operations, execute cli commands, captures response & handles exceptions.

Enernoc, Boston MA

Contractor May 2014 – December2014

HTML5 portal &Blackbird

Worked as a senior automation framework architect. Designed test framework to meet the end-to-end testing needs of Enernoc HTML5 portal application

Built javascript based test framework using cucumberjs, webdriverio, node.js, angular.js

Implemented step-definitions, page object model in Javascript (Node.js and angular.js), implement cukerunner to execute cucumber feature-set in parallel on chrome,ie,firefox browser

Used javascript libraries like karma, chai, jasmine, protractor, along with selenium wedriverjs for UI test execution & assertions

wrote utilities in nodejs to caputure test results, reports, log messages, stacktraces,timestamps,user inputs and browser screenshots

wrote reportgenerator utils in that generates json, txt and html formats that can be consumed by jenkins cucumber plugins to display results, Wrote shell sripts to set up & configure Jenkins jobs,

wrote Vagrant script to create VM environment in Virtual Box

wrote grunt tasks to set up selenium grid connection on AWS or VCAC box, deploy test environments, connect to Oracle db server,read excel/json files, load & retrieve shared data from reddis/memcache Mongodb and execute cucumber and protractor tests

Configured jenkins to execute daily batch runs, execute on every push to master, set up Archiva & Capistrano to push artifacts into repository

Used Zabbix to monitor test runs on the grid, set up logstash,kibana,elasticsearch for log management.

Rue La La, Boston MA

SDET Engineer Feb 2014- May 2014

Project: Rue Marketplace

Built cloud based automation framework, using EC2 Amazon cloud VM, Puppet,Rundeck,Jenkins

Wrote Puppet recipes to configure each cloud based virtual machines, Wrote jobs in Rundeck to manage deployment of application on EC2 cloud vms, turn on/off services, spin up the application and monitor the status of the vms.

Configured Jenkins on the cloud vm to pull new code from Git, compile and build artifacts and push into Nexus, send notification emails on build failures or test failures

Built Test Engine in Java/Junit for a RabbitMQ based software architecture. Wrote test engine in java, implemented a java messaging framework to send & receive messages, validate the expected responses,extract & validate JSON parcels.

Implemented in Java, backend connectivity to (cloud based) MongoDB for storage of data parcels used by Test Engine

Implemented Java methods to push all test results into TestRail (Test case management & Tracking tool)

Navinet Inc., Boston MA

Software Engineer in Test April 2013- December 2013

Project: X12 gateway and Navinet Portal

Created Test Plan capturing in detail the entire work flow (round trip) of every EDI formats (electronic data interchange) of medical data via FTP for the X12 gateway project

Created automation suite using Robot framework selenium, java, junit, python, jython and SQL.

Wrote complex queries in SQL server to test back end and embedded those queries within automation test programs.

Managed builds, deployment of the application and automated testing of new builds on QA servers using Cruise Control, Chef and Rundeck

Developed the automation framework to trigger & execute smoke test or complete testsuit execution and browser testing of Navinet portal application using selenium and Robot framework.

Created test cases for Navinet Portal application capturing every single user stories, scenarios and work flow path ways and scripted automation code for every single test cases.

Wrote simulators in Java to mimic certain external processes for test purpose that would work in tandem with the automation framework. Wrote java programs to message data wherever required.

Drove the Agile scrum process for the X12 gateway project to manage overall development and QA operation, used Kanbantool to create task lists, assign/monitor/escalate tasks & issues and monitor overall progress.

Carried out daily morning scrum standup meetings and updated the Kanbantool project dashboard to reflect the daily progress

Trained and mentored offshore testing teams on use of Robot framework, selenium scripting and also maintaining & troubleshooting the automation infrastructure.

Vecna Technologies, Cambridge MA

Software programmer in QA: September 2012 April 2013

Project: QCP Pathfinder/ Advance Reporting:

Created test strategy and test plan from scratch for a brand new project,

Worked as a White box test programmer, wrote a suite of functionality tests using java, junit 4, Hibernate 3, maven, developed suite of performance tests using junit benchmark framework to benchmark backend query and report generation process.

Wrote programs in Java, Hibernate 3 to build test data generation framework to produce large volume data, implemented dependency injection,

Implemented data profiling scripts to massage/validate data and determine edge case combinations

Build selenium grid2 framework to run recorded selenium RC/Webdriver test script on Firefox and IE in an automated environment. Built entire test library in Selenium Webdriver

Implemented Page Object Model in Selenium to decouple test scripts from directly referencing UI elements. Wrote java Selenium extention to test JQueryUI Tab widgets

Implemented Jmeter, BrowserMob proxy and HttpWatch along with Selenium to capture UI level performance metrics.

Used Jmeter extensive to carry out both performance test and functional test.

Set up Jenkins server to configure and schedule regular builds, automated junit unit test executions and selenium test, monitor project builds and analyze test results

Provided mentoring and technical training to QA and developer team on how to use selenium, record/modify test and run them on the grid.

Tested QCP path finder program, wrote clinical test cases. Boundary/edge cases, analyzed results, test code blocks, analyze performance issues, report bugs

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Boston MA Feb 2012 -- July 2012

Business Quality Analyst

Project: BQi New Business Enrollments and Renewals

Created Business Use Cases and Test Plans for Testing BCBSMA's BQi New Business Enrollment and Renewals

Used HP Quality Center to write/manage Test Plans, enter/track defects, generate test sets, monitor testruns, requirement coverage, execution status, defect per user and generate reports

Created and managed regression suite, wrote scripts and queries to test backend, created traceability matrix to analyze coverage

Executed automated test, manual tests, performed ad hoc testing, reported issues and incidents

Worked with external vendors like IBM and Connecture for Systems Integration testing and UAT

Wrote defects, change requests and enhancement requests on Spira Team and Quality Center for external vendors like IBM and Connecture

Proposed solutions for automation enhancements, used VB scripts and QTP to automate regression test sets, used JIRA for coding integrating and customer work flows, used SoapUI for deployment, functional testing, load testing of web application,

Followed Agile scrum methodologies sprint based development and delivery

Pitney Bowes, Danbury CT Dec 2010 till Dec 2011

Systems Test Engineer

Project: Document Mail Workflow, Document LifeCycle Tracking

Tested, debugged, troubleshot and wrote fixes for different applications and components written in core Java by the development team. Debugged and wrote fixes for PL/SQL queries and procedures.

Performed extensive White box testing to test internal workings of the programs. Wrote programs in Java /Junit for unit testing and integration testing. Built test suite that would perform regression test, system, installation validation and integrity checks each time there is a code modification

Devised automated testing of Intelligent Mailing and Barcoding system using Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Junit and SoapUI, Used TestNG, Maven and Hudson for automated regression testing and smok testing

Used Selenium, Jmeter, Winrunner and Loadrunner to automate performance and load testing. Used tools such as HP/Mercury QTP, Quality Center, Test Director and Test Partner

Documented test cases and identified/performed use cases to test the data collection, production management, automation and reporting components of the Postage Accounting and Funds Management; Document Lifecycle Tracking, Intelligent Mailing Bar Coding and Postal manifesting for the DFWorks product suite.

Performed tests on win 2003, win 2008 platforms and Linux RHEL.

Developed test strategy and test plan for Intelligent Mailing and Barcoding module, reviewed business requirements and and also wrote test requirements, technical documentation and installation and configuration manual.

Carried out backend testing using PL/SQL and data validation tests for data migration from 9i to 11g, developed migration strategy, planned, scheduled and lead QA team for migration from oracle 9i to 11G

Performed export, import testing, testing backend installation, migration testing and data validation

Troubleshoot and reported bugs for Intelligent Mailing Barcoding module and Postage Module and DFwork installation. Used QTP for web based application testing.

Built and maintained servers to mimic actual customer environment and built infrastructure for live product demo

Handled technical support related requests from various customers such as Verizon, Citigroup, Liberty etc.

Served as a Tech Lead, coordinated team effort and mentored for offshore teams from France and Poland. Provided on call technical support to customers like Citi Group, Verizon, Liberty mutual, Regulus group

Conducted scrum meetings and followed agile methodology, lead test teams for dfworks projects

3M Health Information Systems, Wallingford CT Mar’08-Nov’10

QA Analyst and Infrastructure Automation Engineer

Project: 3M APR-DRG based Suit of Inpatient Products for CMS, Medicaid and TriCare

All Patient Refined –Diagnosis Related Grouping (APR-DRG) are a patient classification scheme which provides a means of relating the type of patients a hospital treats (i.e., its case mix) to the costs incurred by the hospital. The suite of products and their extensions are used for determining costs by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)’s hospital reimbursement system for hospital payment for Medicare beneficiaries.

Re-engineered groupers and components from legacy languages like AWK, Domain into core Java for testing purposes and documentation purposes. Wrote several new grouper components in core Java language.

Developed programs and tool in core Java to build test harness, automated generation of test data, wrote test suite programs in Junit to test components, created GUI based analysis tool, wrote programs in Java to analyze test coverage of all clinical combinations and pathways.

Wrote programs in Java, Junit, Jmeter to generate data for automated data driven testing. Used Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid to generate automation test suite

Wrote a test suites for unit testing and integration testing in Java/Junit for testing the internal code of components. Also developed frameworks that would trigger the execution of entire test suite for automation

Used Continuous Integration (CI box) Cruise Control with Ant to automate batch testing of large volumes of test cases. Used testing tools like QTP along with descriptive programming for automated executing of test suite and Quality Center for writing test plans and defect tracking

Analyzed business, functional requirements, reviewed clinical specification, change requests and determined testing requirements

Lead Agile scrum meetings, Created test schedule for the testing team according to Agile scrum methodology, Architected and implemented agile testing practices. Created test plans, test cases/ test data, executed tests and analyzed results

Configured test environment and create strategy for product development and certification. Generated test data, schedule automated/manual tests. Approve results, documentation and tracking systems updates. Tracked and reported defects on IBM Rational Change.

Involved in the complete lifecycle of the project, from designing architecture, development, unit testing, bug fixing to providing support for successful production deployment.

Environment: Windows XP, JDK1.6.0, Eclipse 3.0, Icefaces facelets 3.6,JSF 2.0, JUnit, Ant, Swing, IBM Rational Synergy, IBM Rational Change, IBM Rational Doors, Wiki, MS Sharepoint

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