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Software Developer

North Andover, Massachusetts, United States
June 13, 2018

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**R William Street Cell: 908-***-****

Andover, MA 01810


Seeking a challenging research and development career in wireless/communications/networking areas including 5G network transformation and new RAT.


Sasken Technologies Limited

2015-Present: Senior Engineer, E R and D Practice

Evaluated and wrote study papers from overview to detailed coverage on LTE NAS protocol.

Came up with MSCs for call flow scenarios that include NAS protocol.

Wrote white papers on LTE Cat-0 UE, Cat-m1 and Cat-m2, 5G, V2V communications and public safety.

Wrote multiple study documents covering MTC features Pre Release 13, 5G and Vehicular Technologies.

Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ

2005-2014: MTS, Bell Labs, Networking and Networks/Wireless Research

Joint Scheduler: Defined the architecture and design based on a novel concept - traffic aware DL joint scheduler for LTE Advanced HetNet. The joint scheduler provides higher bandwidth to the end user using radio resource aggregation technique. Also the joint scheduler increases the capacity of the network.

Programmable-RAN based on Cell Virtualization: Researched and analyzed and came up with the platform design. Specifically a new software adaptation layer is created on top of a multi core processor which could serve as software defined RAN (BS/RNC or eNB/MME). Also selected a SDR for the platform.

Analyzed LTE Direct protocol to determine the feasibility of the peer to peer protocol for public safety communications and discovery mode.

Researched and analyzed SDN and related OpenFlow architecture and developed familiarity of the architecture.

Celnet Xplorer:

Key contributor in the design and development of Celnet Xplorer, a non-intrusive network monitoring and diagnostic tool for both EVDO and LTE products.

Implemented Celnet Xplorer from start (requirements) to finish (product).

Designed and developed software interface decoders in LTE Celnet Xplorer for EPC components – MME and SGW, multithreaded processes. The software was developed in C/C++/Linux environment.

Designed and developed the database for LTE Celnet Xplorer.

Experience with LTE, EVDO protocols, network/TCP/IP programming

Experience using MySQL

Experience using Perl, ksh, awk scripts

Took an active part in the field installation of the tool.

Data Analytics - Researched, designed and developed advanced reports for EVDO version of Celnet Xplorer using statistical and graphics language R.

Data Analytics - Researched, designed and developed advanced reports for LTE version of Celnet Xplorer using Jaspersoft. For eg. attach, connection fail, detach, HO reports

Data Mining - Analysis and study of the data collected by Celnet Xplorer. For eg http, ping pong HO, connection stability

Researched and analyzed data for an unusual problem of high dropped call rate, failed call rate in customer market deployment.

Researched and analyzed to determine if eNodeB/MME PCMD can be utilized by Celnet Xplorer.

Researched and developed a comprehensive set of unit/integration test scripts and tests for Celnet Xplorer. Was a test consultant for testers.

Gave a talk/tutorial on LTE overview for the Celnet Xplorer team.

Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ

2004-2005: MTS, Bell Labs STC

Developed and conducted a course on Security Testing for Mobility Business Unit. The course covered network security, vulnerabilities, X.805, security threats, testing guidelines, security testing techniques, tools

Worked on a pilot project to deploy DCA in Mobility products.

Was part of the team involved in the deployment of SCA tools across Mobility. Was the developer in charge of defect citing and defect analysis.

Did comparative study of tools, Klocwork, Orion and Coverity. Did defect analysis for RNCOam, trillium projects.

Developed scripts to process report text data. Was responsible for coming up with the options for flexelint deployment across mobility. Helped two groups install, debug and run flexelint.

Lucent Technologies, Whippany, NJ:

1998- 2004: Member of Technical Staff, Mobility Solutions:

2004: Lead developer in charge of design and development of the BCP3000 ASIC Vector Level Platform low level software. VxWorks real time SW environment for ppc 603e is used. The software was developed in C/Unix environment.

Strong familiarity with VxWorks, Tornado tools, BCP2.0/BCP3000 ASIC SIM, interrupt driven SW, low level driver like SW, pci driver utilization and programming with the HP Logic Analyzer.


Design, develop, debug and test System(software) Model(SM) for WCDMA OneChip ASIC PHY channels. The SM model is used both for algorithm development and hardware verification. The software was developed in object oriented C++/Unix environment.

Was the lead developer for developing the SM for the UeRx miscellaneous channels. These channels are PICH, AICH, AP-AICH, CD-CAICH, CSICH, DlDCCH, CDICH,


The SW handled despreading, derotation and decoding the Rx data. These SW channels handled STTD as well. The channels handled TSFN and Tcell delays. Xml was used to input parameters. The Channels were integration tested with BtsTx and Channel.

Designed and developed the PI macros for the HIF. These macros include call setup, call tear down, writing buffers and initialization.

Integration tested SM test cases in both DL and UL.

Tested DPCH in DL environment. Identified and helped resolve bugs.

Tested downlink end to end PCH, BCH channels.

Integration tested the miscellaneous UeRx Channels.

1998-2000: Was the lead developer in charge of card level platform for CDMA Orange ASIC. Developed test software and scripts. PSOS environment was used. I960 processor was used. MWX_ICE was used to develop the low level test software. The software was developed in C/Unix environment. Also tested Orange1.1 chip.


M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University, NJ

B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Madras, Chennai, India

Computers, Os’s and Prog. Lang. Used

Workstations, PCs, ECU-3V, MDS systems

OS’s: Linux, Unix, Windows, VxWorks, Psos

SCA/DCA Tools: Klocwork, flexelint, Coverity, PureCoverage

Prog. Langs: C++, C, R, Jaspersoft, MySQL, Wireshark, STL, Tornado tools, XML, Perl, Java, awk, Kshell scripts, Xmotif, intel 8086/8085/8748/8031 assembly, Cospan, Conversant script, Fortran and Basic

Published Papers

Co-author of the following papers:

Self optimization of LTE Networks utilizing Celnet Xplorer, Bell Labs Technical Journal 2010

ALU internal technical document (ITD-11-53000J) - Ping Pong Handover Study in a Commercial LTE Network using Celnet Xplorer

Cacheability Analysis of HTTP traffic in Operational LTE Network. Wireless Telecom. Symposium (WTS), Phoenix, April 2013

Author of the following white paper:

LTE Category-0 UE. Sasken Coummunication, September 2015

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