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Fresh Graduate

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
2500 - 3000
June 13, 2018

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Name : Sandra Raafat Azmy Nakhla


Phone: 011********

Date of Birth: 17/10/1995

Address: *** ** ****** *, *** settlement, new Cairo, Cairo


A counselor and a team leader working with the staff and leadership team as a volunteer, through a 6 or 7 days sports camp at Beit el Wadi without any means of technology. Helping and guiding kids and teens aging from 10 to 16 to explore and developed themselves into better versions of themselves through games, challenges, sessions, group discussions called “ignite time” and personal talks

-Encouraging and supporting campers through challenging experiences like high rope course, zipline and low ropes

-Leading a daily discussion with the campers and try to get as many of them engaged in it, embedding values of good citizenship of a group of 12 girls with the help of another counselor, helping them to know themselves better, to know how to deal with society better, honesty, etc.

-Talking with them on personal level about their problems, listening, advising and guiding them, trying to solve any problem between them. we have to fix it or give them a way to do it themselves.

-Leading a team with a male counselor for the games and sports for 15-20 kids, go through the game or station together as a team helping them come up with a strategy always emphasizing the importance of teamwork and motivate them if they’re losing

-Attend 1 training per year To know all the topics of the ignite talks to be able to explain and represent the ideas clearly, to be ready for any questions or personal talks and to make sure that the value is clear enough for each camper. To understand all the games rules to be a able to help the campers play fairly, and memorizing the new dance moves which is kind of an icebreaker with the camper


Workshop, camp, and sports leader, working with animation team to establish curricula for children ages 4 – 12 across multiple formats, hosting up to 8 workshops per day in various disciplines, and leading teams of up to 6 children through a broad range of sports and activities.

oEstablished curriculum for all DIY and arts and crafts workshops, creating samples, training 1-4 other animators, and teaching up to 20 kids per 1-hour workshop

oHosted up to 8 hour-long workshops per day on everything from arts and crafts to science experiments and carpentry.

oEmbedded principles of teamwork, Honesty and integrity in the children while teaching them practical skills.

oTaught gymnastics to more than 40 children during school sports days, teaching them new skills and how to safely practice the basics of gymnastics.

oLed a team of up to 6 kids through various sports and activity stations, encouraging them to work together to take on new challenges.

oCreated teachable moments out of problems that arise between children, teaching them problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills.

*Hourly workshops at Mountainview and la vista in sahel

okids come to the store they host hour-long workshops that kids come to cooking, arts and crafts, science experiments, carpentry, games, DIY

oteaches the kid what to do

otrain new staff

osometimes up to 60 kids and only 3-4 animators

oin charge of arts and crafts and DIYs

set the curriculum / workshops for DIY

created all the samples

taught all the arts and crafts and DIY

ohelped come up with the curriculum for the rest

o8 – 12 hours; each hour they do a different workshop

o4 classes – carpentry, arts and crafts, cooking, science then repeat 2-3 times

odid up to 8 workshops per day at 1 hour per workshop.

oThe duration is usually two weeks at a time during the summer.

oThese games and cooking were about teamwork (for the kids)

oa lot of operations management, delegating work

ohave more insight than other leaders so tend to guide other leaders

oorganized curricula for camps.

oReally good at arts and crafts – can lead arts and crafts

oKnows how to facilitate well

*Also did one-day events at compounds

oWould do 8 hours – 1 workshop per hour

o5-6 kids per class

omakes a sample, leads the workshop with the kids

okids from 4 – 12

*sports days at schools

odifferent sports stations that the kids rotate around

odid gymnastics

olead the gymnastics course to make sure the kids go through the established program safely

oteach them new skills: how to jump high, how to walk on a bar, how to do summersaults, etc.

*school seasonal camps

othroughout the summer; two weeks in other seasons. Quarterly

ofixed schedule: two activities per day – varies between the different options; pool time, games, etc.

oages 4 – 12

oled a team of 5-6 kids throughout all the different stations, leading and supporting them through each of the stations and activities.

*overnight camps:

- helps systemize the processes and set up the programs for optimal enjoyment for the kids.

- with them since the day they began

- knows how to problem-solve with kids and teach them how to handle themselves in situations.

Really good at planning helps run the camp with the camp leader

Wellspring – counselor 2014 – 2016

Counselor and team leader working with children and teens between the age of 4 to 15 during school sports days, day camps, overnight camps. Embedding values to enhance there lifestyle through group reflection time or personal talks.

-The highlight of this journey is Access – AUC program for kids in governorates

-responsible for 12 girls aging from 13 to 15 in an overnight camp for 5 days, with no technology.

-leads a team of 15-20 kids through different sports, activities, and workshops throughout the day

-leading a discussion during the “reflection time” reflecting on the games we had during the day and discuss how you can learn things from it in real life.

-most of the girls in my group were from port said and I used to help them and guide them on their problems such as friendship between girls and relationships with boys

-sports days for schools 5 for 5 different schools A one day event in which I lead a team through games, There is also reflection time: to relate games to real life like teamwork, integrity, honesty, strategic thinking

-Day Camps 5-days per week from 8am to 4pm in which i spend them with the same group of 6 kids all the same age through a lot of activities teaching them crafts, dancing, games and sports. Reflection time in a form of a group discussion depending on the age of the group. Trying to get a value or a lesson from all the activates we played during the day problem-solving between the kids while teaching them.

Camp leader at church 2015

Camp director, member of all the working teams, administration work, sports head guiding and making final decisions of the camp. 5 day sports camp without no technology, for adults aging from 17 to 24. Approximately 60 campers and 20 staff

-picked the sports that is proper for such age and represent a challenge for them, either sports leagues ( soccer, volley and dodge) or Big games and even fun game.

-the session topics based on what was needed that time for the youth to hear about

-arranged for speakers

-arranged/liaised with the venue

- managed creative, fundraising, and marketing teams – attended all their meetings and activities to oversee and make executive decisions

-Logistics: divided teams, rooms, daily schedules, games time table, assigning team leaders and the awards of the camp.

-registration and budget management, finance, games, calls, reservations, busses, teams, t-shirts

- ensured execution of schedule on a daily basis, leading all the leaders and managing the scoring boards daily.

-led group of 5 by assigning tasks and following up on their completion

-operations and logistics management and helping them to do there tasks.


-two-day camp for 5th and 6th grade children.

-intention is to make the kids more self-aware before getting into middle school through sessions and games

-arranged the entire program making the schedules of games and sessions

-lead one session about “the five languages of love” for approximately 20 kids

-coordinated with the venue

-operations and logistics management

HR MEMBER TEDX CAIRO UNIVERSITY November 2015 – April 2016

HR member working with the Fundraising team to monitor, help and evaluate their work monthly and during the whole segment. Fixing any problem that occur in the team. Finding ways to improve the entity as a whole and working on the bonds between the various teams of Tedx Cairo university.

oDealing with all kinds of problem wither between the team members and the team leader or the team members together.

oEvaluating each team member monthly and make a performance appraisal

oFollow up on people’s performance and task completion

oKeeping account of everyone’s work for final evaluation,

oMaking trainings for the team

oInteracting with the team members to get out the most of them together with the team leader


An interviewee and a facilitator for those who wants to go on an program outside Egypt my role is to help them and guide them during the journey.

-Interviewing over 70 college students, evaluating them on many aspects to see if they are qualified enough to join a volunteering program and represent Egypt in another country

-Managing the booth duty on camps rearranging the interviews and marketing processes

-Marketing on campus for the student who do not know about Aiesec opportunities

-Helping other team members to improve their interviewing skills and shadowing their interviews to guide them

-Calling and scheduling orientation meeting to facilitate the processes for the applicants

-Trained to give orientation meetings and facilitating them

-Following up the processes with the accepted applicant, finding them the perfect matching program, connecting with the hosting company and getting them a contract.

-Keep up with the applicant even after they traveled and come back to have a review over their experience


Talent Manager member working with the team to improve the members of the whole entity, by making self awareness tests, member evaluations, traings and outings

-Organizing events for all the teams together to improve their relations.

-Preparing trainings for the teams which needs help.

-Preparing tests that might help fixing the problems of the teams.

-Making self awareness tests to help the teams function better.




Generation Next Course Dale Carnegie Training 2015

Learned the concepts introduced by Dale Carnegie in his books, including how to manage stress, how to deal with people, self-betterment, and how to know new people and keep them

Attended the first Generation Next Course in Egypt, 3 days for 6 hours,

HR Training TedX Cairo University 2015 – 2016

how to do an evaluation, how to do an appraisal, what to do long and short term, how to help the team we’re involved in. what role does an HR member play in the middle of a team.

Bachelors of Archaeology in Greco-Roman Archaeology

Expected 2018

Cairo University

Ramses College for Girls 2014


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