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Safety Officer Health

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
June 13, 2018

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Occupational Health & Safety Officer


Soshanguve, Gauteng • Mobile: +27 [0] 76 984 5338 • Email: z PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

An Occupational Health & Safety Officer with over two years’ professional experience, Makhosazane Nhlapo is currently completing a National Diploma in Safety Management. Solidifying her practical experience as a Safety Officer at local welding company Delberg Engineering (Pty) Ltd, Makhosazane demonstrates Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) management acumen in her supervision of systems and staff for complete company statutory and non-statutory compliance. With strong training proficiency, she actively supports staff in conducting all work on and off site in a manner that fosters an incident-free mandate.

Previously the Health, Safety & Environmental Student at Faurecia Interior Systems, a multi-national company in the automotive industry, Makhosazane was assigned numerous managerial duties, operating swiftly and accurately to secure tenable results.

Adept at cultivating a robust Health & Safety culture within the workplace and with a burgeoning interest in the health and safety industry, Makhosazane seeks a position where her growing experience and new qualifications will be used to the benefit of all stakeholders. Career Objective: Health and Safety Officer/HSE Coordinator AREAS OF EXPERTISE

SHE System & Employee


Policies & Procedures


OHS Record Keeping &


Statutory Legislation

Emergency Procedures

Employee Safety &

Training Measures

Contingency Planning

Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Research & Analysis

Hazard Assessement

Quality Evaluation & Control

OHS Practice Monitoring &


Rules & Regulations

Compliance Enforcement

Contractor Compliance

People Coordination

Stakeholder Liaison


National Diploma in Safety Management [NDSMN]; U nisa, Current [ graduating in 2019] ISO 19011:2011; S HEQ National CERT (Pty) Ltd, 2018 ISO 9001:2015; S HEQ National CERT (Pty) Ltd, 2018 ISO 14001:2015, S HEQ National CERT (Pty) Ltd, 2018 ISO 45001: 2018, S HEQ National CERT (Pty) Ltd, 2018 SAMTRAC Occupational Risk Management; NOSA Occupational Health & Safety, 2013 Upgrading of Matriculation Results; Future Home Base, 2013 Senior Certificate / Matric; P retoria Technical High School, 2009 Achievements: Ten Student 2005 - 2008 School Prefect, 2009 Member, Disciplinary Committee, 2009 Youth Secretary, FHM, 2007 - 2010



Delberg Engineering (Pty) Ltd [September 2017 to Date] Safety Officer:

Core Overview:

Responsible for effectively supporting the Senior Specialist on Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Management, with functions including maintenance of SHE management systems, supervision of SHE employees and ensuring compliance to the company’s statutory and non-statutory mandates.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Oversees company and employee compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act and other legislation incorporated into the Act.

Manages and maintains the SHE management systems ensuring all information is up-to-date, complete and available for easy access.

Supervises all SHE appointed staff and representatives. Records and investigates any injuries that occur on or off the worksite, liaising with Health & Safety Management Officials to make necessary adjustments for an incident-free zone. Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Addresses and analyses any deviations found by the Health & Safety Representatives in the responsible area.

Analyses any immediate or potential threats to the health and safety of site on or off the worksite, implementing appropriate corrective actions where. Signs and actions all the inspections of all Health & Safety Representatives, as well as Health & Safety committee minutes.

Gathers information for the complete and detailed compilation of company SHE files. Inculcates a SHE-first approach within the company’s organisational working methodology and training of staff, actively creating continued awareness and enforcement of Health & Safety compliance. Ensures all SHE personnel are trained to ensure continual improvement within the SHE Department. Assists with training and scheduling of training to other staff within the company. PRIOR TENURE

Faurecia Interior Systems (Pty) Ltd [October 2015 to August 2017] Health, Safety & Environmental Student:

Core Overview:

Monitored workplace Health & Safety risks and hazards, advising workers and Managers on how to minimise or eliminate these risks and hazards.

Ascertained the organisations’ statutory obligation in all spheres pertaining to Health & Safety. Examined equipment and completes safety checklists whilst enhancing and assuring Health & Safety policies, systems of work and procedures were abided by and reviewed on a routine basis. Assisted in the company study of Agronomics, ensuring that all results of the study were recorded. SHE Administration:

Supported the accurate completion of legal documentation Ensured SAP Health, Safety & Environmental software was timeously and accurately updated. Coordinated SHE awareness programmes and assisted with SHE training Conducted SHE inductions for new employees.

Assisted with the purchasing and distribution of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Compliance & Documentation:

Was responsible for the implementation of the OHS Act. Held accountability for the Lifting Equipment Register, Fire Fighting Equipment Register, and Risk Assessment Register.

Enforced contractor compliance and issued contractor work permits. Updated PPE Work Instruction.

SHE Meetings & Reports:

Occupational Health & Safety Officer

Assisted in ensuring that SHE Committee meetings were held at planned intervals. Took minutes of the meetings and made these records available to Management. Completed daily, weekly and monthly SHE reports and monthly Health & Safety Representative reports. Supported the collection and analysis of SHE statistics. Risk Assessment / Accident & Incident Recording:

Helped in Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) and reviewed Company Risk Assessments. Assessed risks and takes appropriate action, keeping records of the findings. Assisted in actively promoting Safety Awareness among staff members. Recorded and reported on all workplace accidents and incidents. Emergency Procedures:

Trained staff in correct Evacuation Procedure and assisted in conducting Emergency Drills. Inspected First Aid Kits, ensuring they were stocked as per the minimum legal requirements. Warranted that the company’s Fire Fighting Equipment was inspected as per planned intervals. PERSONAL DETAILS

Date of Birth, Nationality 15 July 1990, South African Languages English Afrikaans isiZulu isiSwati Sotho Driver’s License Code 08

Marital Status S ingle

References & Certificates Presented upon request

Availability 1 Month


Training expertise; u ses e xceptional

presentation and facilitation skills to optimise

SHE training for all staff.

Collaborative communication approach;

thrives in diverse teams and in influencing

Health & Safety compliance.

Pro-active decision-making and problem

solving; a nalyses information and evaluates

Strong interpersonal intelligence; i nteracts

confidently across all stakeholder levels.

Receptive to challenges; g rows positively

when faced with new challenges and responds

well to increased leadership responsibilities

deeming as opportunities to learn.

Quick and eager learner; c ommits to

continually develop professional knowledge and

Occupational Health & Safety Officer

results to select best solutions to resolve

interpersonal and task-based issues.

Highly adaptable and resilient; w orks well in

challenging and pressurised work


skills, and can comprehend and quickly

assimilate instructions.

Computer Literacy: M S Office, PowerPoint

SAP Health, Safety & Environmental software

Email Internet

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