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Engineer Power

Palo Alto, CA
June 10, 2018

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Biographical Sketch: Iouri I. Balachov

**** ** ****** ****, #***, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 650-***-****


US Citizen


Power generation: renewables (wind and solar), fossil, and nuclear.

Energy storage: batteries, flywheels, and compressed air.

Fuel cells.

Electrolyzers for hydrogen generation

Technical and economic analysis of hybrid energy systems.

Trends, problems, and economically viable solutions in energy market.

Cost-benefit analysis in power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Development of high growth and profitability business models.

Managing high-tech national and international projects.

Establishing national and international partnerships for successful, timely, and on budget project completion.

Reviewing technical proposals submitted to Department of Energy.

Preparation of proposals and successful negotiation with funding agencies (Department of Energy and DARPA), industry (Electric Power Research Institute), and Venture Capital firms.

Software: COMSOL, MATLAB, Simulink, design of experiments, optimization, CAD, Sketchup, HOMER, Monte Carlo simulation

Professional Achievements:

Won and led national technical projects funded by Department of Energy ($0.8m on materials for advanced power generation and $2.4m on hydrogen generation) and DARPA ($3.5m on advanced power generation) and international project funded by Department of Energy jointly with Electric Power Research Institute ($2.0m on materials reliability in nuclear reactors).

Founded international energy storage company and obtained $1.16m of venture capital investment.

Project on materials for advanced power generation was ranked by Department of Energy as second best out of eight projects.

New technical approach was developed for clean energy conversion of solid fuel (coal, waste biomass, and municipal waste) in Direct Carbon Fuel Cell.

Conceptually new rechargeable battery technology was developed for stationary energy storage economically viable at remote, renewable, distributed, and centralized electricity generation, transmission, and distribution market segments.

Personal Strengths:

Strong focus on customer needs in product development.

Clear and concise communication of business and technical goals, benefits, and risk factors.

Accessibility in discussion of problems and any technical and business suggestions.

Ability to create productive multi-discipline teams.

Research and Professional Experience:

June 2012 – Present

Principal Engineer, 4D Energetics, Inc., Menlo Park, CA. Development of conceptually new battery for stationary off- and on-grid applications with focus on reducing time to market, technical and business risks and raising venture and government funding.

Market analysis for energy storage technologies.

Selection of target market segments and sale strategy.

Establishing manufacturing and supply partnership and sale channels.

Design and conducting test experiments.

Development of pilot production process.

Organizing independent tests at Sandia National Laboratory (New Mexico)

Preparation of US and foreign patent applications.

June 2009 – Present

Principal Engineer, 4D Power, LLC, Menlo Park, CA. Inventor of 4D Power’s Rapidly Rechargeable (RR) battery and Direct Carbon Fuel Cell (DCFC) technologies. Development of DCFC based on molten carbonates fuel cell technology for distributed power generation with focus on reducing time to market, technical and business risks.

1998 - 2009

Senior Scientist, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA. Development of materials for advanced nuclear reactors, low-cost SOFC technology, hydrogen generation technology, and, later (from 2005), DCFC concept based on solid oxide fuel cell technology. Co-inventor of SRI DCFC technology. During his time at SRI, Dr. Balachov won and led several national and international research projects: “Development In-situ Void Swelling Sensor for Pressurized Water Reactors ($1.1M, funded by DOE and EPRI), “Hydrogen Generation Using Deplarized Electrolysis ($2.4M funded by DOE), “Stability of In-Vessel Materials in Generation-IV Supercritical Water Nuclear Reactors” ($0.9M funded by DOE), and development of DCFC based propulsion technology for special applications($3.5M funded by DARPA). He served for DOE as a reviewer of research proposals on advanced nuclear reactors and as a member of Scientific Review Committee to define scientific directions in nuclear materials research. Dr. Balachov’s DOE project on supercritical water nuclear reactors was ranked second of eight projects by DOE reviewers. Under his leadership, SRI became a leader in DCFC technology.


Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA. A member of the mathematical modeling group responsible for safe restart and operation of commercial nuclear reactors using DORT, TORT, and MCNP 2D- and 3D- neutron and gamma transport calculations. Jointly developed method of life-time estimation of internal components became standard operation procedure for pressurized water reactors.


Research Associate, Center for Advanced Materials, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. Conducting mathematical modeling and high temperature experiments on materials reliability in nuclear reactors. A C++ code for modeling chemical kinetic and electrochemistry of corrosion in nuclear reactors was developed and sold to Siemens (Erlangen, Germany).


Visiting Scholar, Nuclear Engineering Department, Pennsylvania State University State College, PA. Mathematical modeling of materials reliability for commercial light water nuclear reactors


Research Associate, Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia. Commercial and defense fast breeder reactor programs including neutron and gamma transport calculations in biological shielding of liquid metal reactors and conical shielding of space reactors, and large scale optimization problems for nuclear cross sections

Education and Training:

Ph.D., nuclear physics, Faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia (1986)

M.Sc., radiation physics, Department of Radiation Physics, Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia (1983)

B.Sc., radiation physics, Faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia (1980)

Selected Publications (from more than 60):

1.Iouri Balachov, Ron Wolk, Recent Advances and Market Opportunities for SRI DCFC, October 27, 2008, DCFC Workshop Phoenix AZ

2.Balachov, I., Wolk, R., Direct Electricity From Coal, Electric Power 2008, EP08 Session 3E: Alternative and Opportunity Fuels (Joint Session with Distributed Resources), Baltimore, MD, 2008.

3.Balachov, I., Alvarez, E., Suarez,. A., Test and Evaluation of SRI’s Direct Coal Fuel Cell, SRI Final Report, March 5, 2008

4.Balachov, I., Lipilin, A., Hornbostel, M., Dubois, L., Sanjurjo, A., McKubre, M., Tanzella, F., Heydorn., B., and Weaver, R. D., Feasibility of direct coal fuel cells for clean power generation, Electric Power 2005, 05 EP Session 6C Advanced Coal, Chicago, IL, 2005.

5.Independent Assessment of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Components. Final Report SRI Int. Project P12239, Menlo Park, CA 2003.

6.I. Balachov, A. Sanjurjo, M. Hornbostel, P. Jayaweera, D. Rastler, A.S. Lipilin, B.L. Kuzin, V.V. Sevastyanov. Tests of YSZ films produced by TMOC and perspectives of their application in SOFCs. Proc. 2nd Russian Seminar on Fuel Cells and Enegy Systems. Novosibirsk, 2003.

Recent Patent applications

1.Balachov, I., Selman, R., E. Cairns, Wolk, R., Rapidly Rechargeable Battery, U.S. Patent 8,450,000, May 2013.

2.Balachov, I., Selman, R. Wolk, R., Rapidly Rechargeable Battery, U.S. Patent 8,202,640, June 2012.

3.Wolk, R., Balachov, I., Selman, R., Reaction Mechanisms in a Fuel Cell Device, U.S. Patent Application, 2010.

4.Wolk, R., Balachov, I., Selman, R., Scalable Direct Carbon Fuel Cell, U.S. Patent Application, 2010.

5.Wolk, R., Balachov, I., Selman, R., Fuel Cell Stack System Having Multiple Sub-Stacks that are Replaceable Online, U.S. Patent Application, 2010.

6.Balachov, I., Direct Carbon Fuel Cells for Integration in Commercial Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells, U.S. Patent Application, 2009.

7.Lipilin, A. S., Balachov, I. I., McKubre, M. C., Sanjurjo, A., Dubois, L. H., Crouch-Baker, S., Hornbostel, M. D., and Tanzella, F. L., Liquid Anode Electrochemical Cell, U.S. Patent Application, 2004.

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