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Engineer Design

Warsaw, IN
June 09, 2018

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*** * ******* **, ******, IN *****, 618-***-****

Actively Seeking Full-time/contract based position as an Entry Level Mechanical engineer


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL Dec. 2017

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, India May 2015

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical engineering


Advance fluid mechanics (ANSYS FLUENT & CFX), Fracture mechanics & plasticity, Control engineering, Continuum mechanics (MATLAB Simulink), Engineering numerical analysis (MATLAB), Computational fluid dynamics (CFD ANSYS), Microelectromechanical system, Micro/Nano fluid (COMSOL Multiphysics), Analysis of Multi-Physics Engineering Problems (ANSYS Mechanical APDL), Heat and Mass Transfer, Engineering Thermodynamics

Core Qualification

Excellent command on CAD software packages such as AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo, SW PDM

Advanced Working experience of simulation softwares such as ANSYS Workbench, COMSOL Multiphysics

Experience in 3D Modeling, Drafting, Assembly, Simulation, Surfacing

CAD Certification course: AutoCAD (1IDIXS2435), and Creo parametric (PTC274-0318)

Softwares: MATLAB, Ansys, Ansys Mechanical APDL, COMSOL Multiphysics

Possess working knowledge of Sheet Metal Designing and Manufacturing along with use of electrical principles

Proficient using Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio) and ERP

With excellent multitasking & interpersonal skills developed through working in a fast-paced environment


Contract Manufacturing Engineer

Zimmer Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana

March 2018 to May 2018

Responsible for providing technical support in engineering in design of product, process, tooling and/or equipment in assigned project

Developed product and process verification and validation procedure, technical justification, test procedure and reports in compliance using IQS software

Execute installation, performance and operational qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) as per ISO 13485 and FDA standard

Troubleshoot production machining processes to identify root cause of part defect and implement process changes that improve the overall quality, and/or improve through put

Worked on product non-conformance, manufacturing router update and redirecting the product to appropriate work center to rework parts

Success in cutting down the NCR’s with implementation of new steps to the manufacturing order and process improvements

Coordinate with value stream teams and analyze problems and ensured continuous development process of network and ensured all the project complete within time limit

Responsible for to maintain controlled document such as prints, procedures, bill of materials (BOM) and router

Maintained SOP, Work Instruction (WI), Process Flow Diagram and studied sequence operation cycle times, timing and operator utilizing by machine

Mechanical Design Engineer

Jai Auto Industries, Gujarat, India

June 2014 to Sep 2015

Responsible for design/modify existing parts as per customer requirements.

Developed and modify Dry and wet cylinder liners, Valve and piston pins, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft and bearing for Automotive, Carth moving and Agriculture industries.

Design using solidworks and Pro/E with FEA as per requirement

Developed different engine components for C-152, C-164-C-169, C-175 engines

Used AutoCAD for 2D presentation of various parts using GD&T

Design parts by considering components capability assessment and cost reduction factor.

Generated Title block and BOM for manufacturing department

Involved with quality department to verify and troubleshoot physical dimension of parts

Mechanical Design Engineer Intern

R_CAD Solutions, Gujarat, India

June 2013 to June 2014

Responsible for development and modification of engine components such as Crankshaft, Bearing, Piston, Rings

Designed solid models of parts and complete assemblies with drawing using Solidworks and Creo parametric

Prepared 2D drawing with manufacturing consideration and GD&T principle using AutoCAD by maintaining ASME Y14.5 standard

Developed and modified the crankshaft and bearing of C-175, C-164, C-169 engine as per customer requirement.

Designed and created, including bills of materials (BOM) and detail drawings, for different mechanical components

Worked on multiple project at same time.

Carried out duties as a team member as well as an independent individual with no or minimum supervision

Academic Experience

CFD Analysis of Impingement Jet Cooling on The Leading Edge of a Turbine Blade by Using RSM Turbulence Model Fall 2017

The effect of jet diameter on the local heat transfer from an impingement jet cooling on a concave surface simulating the leading edge of a turbine blade internal cooling was analyzed numerically using ANSYS Workbench.

The study examined the flow pattern and local heat transfer distribution along the concave surface at leading edge with different jet diameter at a fixed Reynolds number.

A finite volume-based solution scheme used for solving governing continuity, momentum, and turbulence model equations. The SST k- and Reynolds Stress turbulence model approach are used to improve accuracy.

Different Ansys Fluent model is used increase accuracy of simulation results.

The total reduction in overall error was achieved by 4%

Convective Heat Transfer between Two Concentric Cylinder and Octagonal Spring 2017

Performed CFD analysis using ANSYS CFX and FLUENT including assigning model properties, parameter, selecting appropriate CFD solver, setting up the initial and boundary condition.

Conservation equation were applied to flow of water between two concentric cylinder and octagonal bodies. The bodied are made of a Fe material. Water is used as heat transfer fluid. It is assumed that the outer surface of the outer body is well insulted. The surface of the inner body act as a heat source with a heat transfer rate of 3W (constant surface heat flux).

Obtained velocity, pressure and temperature distribution along the channel using both numerical method and ANSYS Fluent. Performed analysis for three flow rates 0.5L/min, 1 L/min and 2 L/min

Hydrodynamic and Thermal Behavior of Fluids Over a heated Inclined Surface Fall 2016

Found the velocity and temperature distribution of the water over in heated plate analytically.

Developed numerical model using ANSYS and Performed the simulation by using ANSYS Fluent

Velocity and temperature contour of water shown the behavior of water over heated inclined surface

Noticed that the temperature of water is increasing as move downward. But here the maximum temperature of the water is less than the temperature of heated plate. CFD results shows that velocity of the water is maximum at the center of free surface of the water and velocity profile is constant over heated plate.

Numerical simulation of Droplet formation process in Drop-on-demand Inkjet Printer Fall 2017

Numerical simulation of parameters affecting the droplet generation process in DOD type inkjet printer is investigated by using COMSOL Multiphysics software and shown the effect of this different parameters on droplet formation in inkjet system.

General procedure of droplet generation and droplet impingement on wetted surface of glycerol/water ink in inkjet printer is shown using CFD tool and Conclude that, through appropriate control of these parameters, it is possible to achieve higher printing speed and quality.

Heat Transfer in Circular Duct with thin Wall Spring 2016

Examined heat transferred in duct when the different flow with different velocity and temperature contour were applied using the ANSYS software.

Analysis of Automobile Radiator using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Fall 2015

This project deals with the comparison of normal straight tube radiator with modified one. Compared the straight tube radiator wit helical tube radiator

Analysis of the radiator is done through CFD using ANSYS Fluent software. The temperature distribution and the fluid flow inside the radiator is analyzed and various plot are plotted.

Applied the inlet and outlet boundary condition to 3D model and aluminum is selected as radiator material for both the models by keeping same length, width and height (Straight tube radiator and Helical Tube Radiator).

Numerical results show that the temperature drop is higher for helical tube model than a straight tube model

Heat transfer rate is higher for helical tube model and its effectiveness gets increased to 13% more than straight tube model and It is not suitable to increase or decrease the pitch of helical tubes which will affect efficiency

Design, Calculation and Fabrication of Comb Drive Actuators. Spring 2017

Designed the surface micromachined resonator and bulk micromachined actuator for given range of frequency.

Used trial and error method using MATLAB to get accurate dimensions of different part of the actuators.

Used AUTOCAD for two-dimensional drawing of designed model of actuators.

Used PolyMUMPs guideline to fabricate the micromachined resonator.

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