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Maintenance Mechanical

Tiruchirappalli, TN, India
June 11, 2018

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Name : K. Liyakath Ali.

Post Applied : Mechanical Supervisor.

Educational Qualification : Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Diploma in Industrial Safety.

Certificate in Institution Of Occupational Safety And Health (IOSH)

Total years of experience : 17 years.


To work in a challenging and conducive environment to bring out the best in me. My strength lies in hard work, sincerity and the ability to work symbiotically in a team.


Good communication skill. Self motivated personality, Resourceful and innovative. Energetic, Co-operative and dedicated as a team player having strong guiding, team building and counseling skill.

Keen determination in taking up any challenging task and the fulfillment of the same within given frame.

Excellent interpersonal Skills, confident and poised in interaction with individuals at all levels readily developing rapport with clients and colleagues.


Good commanding over installation, preventive maintenance, overhauling, trouble shooting and alignment of rotating and all stationary equipments like Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Towers, Heaters, Reactors, All type of valves and Instrument Equipments.

Reading knowledge in pipeline & Instrument diagram, Rotating equipment drawing knowledge in Petro chemical, Oil and Gas field Assisting to Engineer for preparing reports.

Scheduling and executing of shutdowns in plants with in the given bar chart.

Executing the preventive and predictive maintenance of all plant and utility static equipments.

Conduct Toolbox meeting about work safety, health, environment, PPE, tools & tackles etc…

Achievements in my career as a Mechanical Supervisor:

Specialized in Refinery Major Turn Around /Shutdown/preventive maintenance of static equipmentJobs.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded From Equate Petro Chemical Company- KNPC.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded From RMP GRTA SHUTDOWN - M/S.I.S.C.O. KNPC.

Certificate of Appreciation awarded From FCC-MAFP SHUTDOWN – I.S.C.O KNPC.

Aware of safety norms and regulation to be followed during maintenance activities such as works permit procedures, confined space entry, hazards of pyrophoric iron, H2S hazards,

scaffolding safety and actively preached safety practices to subordinates to achieve zero accidents besides identifying unsafe conditions and evolving safe work procedures.




Work Location





M/s.Nass Mechanical Contracting Co. WLL Bahrain

Nass Industrial Service, Bahrain

Mechanical Maintenance Senior Supervisor

Shutdown/ preventive maintenance of rotating & static equipments.



Feb 2017


M/s. Gulf Spic (KNPC) Kuwait.

M/s. Mina Abdulla Refinery.

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

Shutdown/ preventive maintenance of rotating & static equipments.





M/s. Kuwait National Petroleum Company

M/s. Integrated Services Company, (ISCO) Kuwait.

Mechanical Supervisor

Maintenance of rotating & static equipments.





M/s. National Petroleum Company (KNPC).

Mina Al Abdulla Refinery through M/s. Kharafi National, Kuwait.

Mechanical Supervisor

Maintenance of rotating & static equipments.





M/s. Kuwait National Petroleum Company.

Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery (KREMENCO)

Mechanical Supervisor

Maintenance of Static Equipments.





M/s. Tamilnadu News Print & Paper Ltd, (T.N.P.L).

Karur Tamilnadu.


Supervising Engineering Activities





M/s. Gulf Engineers & Construction Pvt.Ltd.



Mechanical Supervisor

Construction, commissioning activities





1.Maintenance of refinery, petrochemical plants


Preventive Maintenance, Overhauling and Trouble Shooting of the following compressors.

Centrifugal Compressors:

Typical work involves, Coupling de couple and couple, Alignments with driving equipment, Radial and thrust bearing clearance checking and their replacement Axial centering of rotor, Labyrinth &floating seal clearance checking and their replacement well know that start up activities.

Reciprocating Compressors:

Typical work involves, Alignment with driver, Crank shaft main bearing & guide bearing clearance checking and their replacement, web deflection checking, connecting rod bearing clearance checking their replacement compressor valve, piston, piston ring Rider ring wiper stuffing box clearance checking and their replacement, clearance of rod deflection, piston to liner, piston head clearance checking and adjustment. Well knows compressor start up activities.

Steam Turbines:

Typical work Involves, Alignment with driver equipment Radial & thrust bearing clearance checking and their replacement, Adjust centering of the rotor carbon & labyrinth seal replacement, Impulse wheel & reaction blade tip clearance remove of turbine top casing and inspection of rotor, diaphragm, interstage labyrinth. Over speed checking and familiar with wood ward hydraulic governors, well knows start up activity & parameters readings.

Typical work involves, Alignment with driving equipment, Radial & thrust bearing clearance checking and their replacement, Axial flow compressor & Turbine bucket tip clearance checking & adjust. Bearing labyrinth seals removing & fixing and hot gas path area inspection job activities Well knowledge of start up and monitoring gas Turbines.

Couplings & Clutches:

Worked as a various type of couplings & Clutches used in process industries. Familiar with hydraulic fit coupling hubs.

• Gear Coupling (Lubricated)

• Flexible vendor diaphragm Coupling

• Shear plate Coupling

• Pin & bush type love joy coupling

• Rigid Coupling.


Well versed with the following methods familiar with cold & hot Alignment.

• Reverse indicator method –Graphical type.

• Rim & Face method

• Knowledge of laser Alignment.

Gas Turbines :

Provide technical assistance to field service personnel during Project Installation

Provide timely communications on significant projects issues or developments

Provide technical coordination for conversions, modifications, and uprates on in-service Gas Turbines, including unit relocations

Provide technical leadership to personnel supporting the assigned project

Develop and monitor engineering project schedules

Provide wing to wing support for proposals and projects from inquiry to remittance (ITR)

Identify technical risks and develop risk mitigation plans

Other Rotating Equipments:

Working experience in gear box, centrifugal blowers, F.D Fan & Fin fans, Explosives Packing Machines, Conveyers,


Experience in complete maintenance in all type of Vesselslike DeSalter, High pressure and Low pressure separators, Product Knock out Drums, Gas Knock out drums, andFlare Knock out drums, Seal pots, and Dearetors.

Scaffolding Erection and dismantling as required

Assist for Steaming, Purging and washing

Blinding&De blinding

Man way opening&Man way box-up

Provide ventilation and Lighting&Assist Gas testing

Internals removal and Internal Cleaning&Reinstall Internals

Assist Inspection&Assist commissioning activity

Experience in Complete Maintenance in all type Heat Exchangers. Floating Head Exchangers, U tube Exchangers, Condensers, Kettle type Reboilers, Fixed TubeExchangers and Breech lock exchangers.

Scaffolding Erection and dismantling as required

Hose connection and assist for Steaming and Purging

Blinding and de blinding

Removal and installation of Exchangers Parts

Removal of Tube bundle and installation withhelp of Trailer Mounted Bundle puller &Arial mountedbundle puller

Cleaning of parts and shell as requirement of inspection

Hydro test of shell, tube, final shell as per inspection

Assist inspection&Assist for commissioning activity.

Experience Complete Maintenance of all type Towers and column. CrudeFractionator, cocker fractionator, Vacuum column, Kerosene, diesel, Naphtha Strippers maintenance.

Scaffolding Erection as required

Hose connection and assist for Steaming, Purging and washing

Blinding & De blinding

Man way opening& boxup

Provide ventilation and Lighting

Assist Gas testing

Removal and reinstallation of tray man ways and complete trays and assembling

Removal and reinstallation of structured packing and Installation of Structural and random(rush ring) packing

Removal of existing trays and new trays installation as per drawing

Chimney Tray replacement and Chimney tray Leak Test

Experience in Heater maintenance. Removal cleaning and fixing of burner Assembly, Both Radiation and convection section tubes return bends cleaning and replacement of return bends and tubes. Hydro testing of heater tubes after replacement or welding. Servicing of dampers.

Experience in Fin fan cooler maintenance. Blinding, Removal of plugs cleaning and Hydro test preparation, De blinding. Assist Removal of fin fan Bank.

Experience in all type of filtersmaintenance. Cartridge type,Johnson’s screen type, Sand Filters, Salt and Carbon filters.

Experience in Pump mechanical seal oil cooler, compressor lube oil and seal oil cooler maintenance

Control valve, Isolation valve dropping and Installation for service maintenance

1.3.Assist and co-ordination with Quality Control:

Conduct Inspection of materials traceability in all receive material by the material controller

Inspection of all incoming material based on the material test certificate

Conduct visual inspection prior to marking, cutting, fit-up and welding

Ensure in material inspection and dimension checking as per the drawing

Ensure in aliment and root gap checking prior to welding

Monitoring on in-progress welding to ensure that correct parameters are to being followed as per WPS

Assist X-Ray of welding joints

Assist of Stress reliving

Planning, supervise and coordinate activities in the site fabrication andInstallation of pipe spools,

PipeSupport structural weldingat running unit.

Ensuring that all site activities are conducted under controlled conditionsas per shop drawings

Method statements, specification and work plan.

Plan and Monitor Shutdown preparation and activities.

Assist for preparation methodStatements for tie-in activity.

Monitor the shop and site labor force through supervisors and foremen Monitor the work ofSub-contractors to complete the work as per Client satisfaction.

Involved Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities with client.

1.4.Equipment Demolition and Erection:

Study of drawing

Assist preparation of method statement for demolition of existing Equipment’s and

Erection of new Equipment erection

Area preparation for equipment demolition

Equipment demolish and transport as per method statement

Checking equipment erection foundation as per drawing

Area preparation for equipment erection

Monitoring of erection preparation and activity as per method statement.

Equipment leveling

Assist with civil for equipment foundation grouting


Works permit procedures and Authorization

Confined space entry

Hazards of pyrophoric iron, Toxic and flammable gases

H2S hazards

Scaffolding safety

BBS Observer


Father’s Name : A.Kamal Basha

Nationality : INDIAN

Date of Birth : 16/09/1975

Marital status : Married

Permanent Address : No-13,Acchukatti Street, Rasipuram, Namakkal District, Tamilnadu-637408,India

India Contact number : 91-996******* / 91-861*******

E-mail :


Passport No. : R4421828

Date of issue : 08/09/2017

Date of Expiry : 07/09/2027

Place of Issue : India


Driving License : Bahrain

License No : 750947969

Expiry Date : 25.12.2021


I hereby declare that the above particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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