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Developer Oracle

Centreville, VA
June 07, 2018

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Seeking a position specializing in Oracle Developer, Oracle Java Developer, Software Developer or Programmer.


George Mason University, Fairfax, VA B.S., Computer Science December, 1999


Languages: Turbo C++, C, Pro C, Java, Java Script, JSP, JDeveloper, HTML, Batch Program, Macro Pro, Assembly, Lisp.

Applications: Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Rational Rose, Math-Lab and Electronic Mail Systems.

Databases: PL/SQL Developer, SQL Plus, SQLJ, SQL Loader, RDBMS, SQL-Server 6.5, SQL station 4.1, ORACLE 7.3-11G, ORACLE Developer 2000, ORACLE Form 4.5-11G, ORACLE Report 2.5-11G, Toad 7.6 – 12

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 95-2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7, UNIX

Software Development Project: Using C++, analyzed and designed a Video Store system to help users keep track of their current inventory, upgraded membership records and provided information to the requesters. Applied concepts of software processing and UML create classes, objects, operations and functional models.

Database System Project: Designed and implemented a University database system using ORACLE 8 to assist the user in searching for available items as well as keeping track of the database for the University. Applied relational database concepts and modeling concept of enhanced Entity-relationship as well as business rules.


October, 2007 to Present IAI Fairfax, VA

Sr. Oracle Developer

-Design, implement and build new VA application using Oracle form 11g, Oracle Report 11g and use Toad version

12 software to create CTSPVA database.

-Extra Data, Transform Data, Load Data, Data Modeling, Data Analyst.

-Assist lead to development, analysis and design all VA applications.

-Created and modified Oracle database objects such as Tables, Packages, Procedures, Functions,

database Trigger, database role, Sequences, Indexes and Views.

-Build, maintain, and enhance packages, procedures and functions in PL/SQL using TOAD, SQL*Plus,

SQL Developer and other utilities.

-Develop code using best practices for modularity, error handling, auditing, multi-user and performance.

-Debug PL/SQL programs to fix and maintain existing code.

-Write efficient SQL queries to meet the requirement of client.

May, 2005 to October 2007 Infonetic Washington, DC

Oracle Java Developer

-Created Peer Reviewer Evaluation to show in Admin screen and HTML screen. Administrators log in admin Screen to file out categories, questions, responses and run report of reviewer. Reviewers log in HTML Screen to file out application and submit.

- Modified and added more packages, procedures, functions, tables, triggers, Oracle forms, Oracle Report.

- Added and modified functions in Java, JSP, JavaScript, Include files, SQLJ, HTML.

September, 2000 to April, 2005 Raytheon Silver Spring, MD

Oracle Developer and Programmer

-Created AOMC Data Processing system. Used of SQL Loader, Batch program, and Oracle forms and reports.

Used Quattro Pro software load AOMC ASOS daily metadata change into the MIRS ASOS database. Go through the steps of loading, updating, viewing, and reporting of the updates. Edited the batch and control file scripts to enhance efficiency.

-Created Java Script functions to store in Store Procedure or save in a file. Use HTML, Java Script, PL/SQL, SQL Plus. When user logs in and fills out form, Java Script checks whether input data is valid. If not, message pops up and input is cleared.

-Key development programmer for the National Transition Database (NTD) and Management Information Retrieval System (MIRS) Change Management database conversion task. Assisted leads developer with analysis and design issues. Edited reports and users interfaces per customer requirements.

-Developed forms and wrote programming scripts for the NWS Upper Air program office. These forms are used to load field office logistics and defective equipment data. Converted information from Word Perfect files to Oracle database tables, where the data is converted into reports for NWS managers.

-Assisted with the development of forms, database tables, and reports for the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) program office. Developed NWR site Cost Estimate and Planning Schedule forms, tables and scripts to process field office information for the NWR program manager’s use.

WORK HISTORY (continued)

-Created program to load data in WordPerfect file into main Oracle table. Used SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Batch program and Oracle form. Entered file name in field and hit button. First it would call Macro, then run macro and

collect all data in WordPerfect file and make it one line and saved it to a text file. Second, SQL Loader would load data in the text file into main Oracle table. If it got an error, it would save in template table and we went to fix it and hit SAVE button and it went to main Oracle table. If we want to see data in main Oracle table, template table, log file, and WPD file, we clicked on a single button, and the information would appear that we wanted.

-Created forms and reports, triggers, functions, Store Procedures, Tables, Index tables, Views, new User, Control file.

-Used SQL Loader to loading data in text file into Oracle table, and updated relative information in Oracle.

-Conversion of an old existing system to a new system. Created flow chart detail for new system. Designed new data modeling for new system. Created program, converted and loaded data in text file to Oracle.

June 2000- July 2000 AIIM company Silver Spring, MD

Database Developer

Assisted AIIM with the design of a new system and with converting data in their old system to the new system. Created new tables, made edits to tables, deleted fields in each table, and dumped all data from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 7.0.

June 1998 - May 2000 GMU Fairfax, VA

Software Developer and Database Designer

-Used Microsoft Access or Oracle to create and develop a database. Created tables, forms,

applications, reports, and documentation following client requirements.

-Reviewed database program to come up with E-R /UML modeling

-Used PL/SQL, SQL plus or SEQUEL to create queries, add functions, and to delete, insert, and update

records in database.

-Assisted students with database system project, and with the use of SQL Plus to update, delete, and alter the


-Trained students on how to log in Oracle, and how to design database to apply business rules and convert from E-R

or UML modeling to tables; trained them in the use of a UNIX system.

REFERENCES: Available upon request

STATUS: US Citizen

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