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Petroleum Engineer Engineering

Bakersfield, California, United States
June 06, 2018

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Global Exploration / Reservoir / Production / Drilling Engineering and Operations

(IOR/EOR Reservoir & Field Development Plans – Reservoir Characterization – Project Mang.) Accomplished technically and operationally diverse Petroleum Engineering professional and Texas A & M graduate with strong Reservoir / Production Engineering, Project Management, and Production / Drilling Operational experience. Leads companies towards creating and executing successful evaluations and analysis of exploration prospects / plays; conventional / unconventional reservoir development plans

(IOR / EOR: Water-flood, CO2 Flood & Steam-flood); and strategic operation & new technology implementation activities. Have currently received training in Development of Unconventional Shale Reservoirs. Has working knowledge of the chemistry needed for well remedial treatment, especially on IOR / EOR projects; as well as with production well testing (e.g. MDT, DST, Surface Well Testing, Sampling, etc.) and general core / fluid laboratory analysis. Everything done while effectively maximizing operational & engineering teams under inclusive environment with culturally diverse employees. Worked with industry leading companies such as Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, BP, etc. Multilingual, possess wide-ranging domestic and international expertise and known for innovatively creating engineering solutions in stressful, complex, and time stringent circumstances. Documents complex processes in easy-to-understand manner for quick implementation. Handles multiple projects simultaneously and mentors less experienced technical staff.

Conceptual Exploration Oilfield Development.

(Argentina, Trinidad – Tobago, Colombia,

Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Venezuela)

Exploration / Development Reservoir &

Field Planning & Execution (California,

Permian Basin, Venezuelan Heavy Oil Belt,


Production / Reservoir Monitoring &

Surveillance (OFM / DSS)

Pressure Transient Analysis (Kappa –

Saphir & FEKETE)

Integrated Production Modelling (IPM).

Resource and Economic Anal. & Evaluations

(e.g., Excel / PEEP)

Pressure / Fluid & Production Well Testing &

Analysis (e.g., MDT, DST, PVT-EOS, etc.)

Geology / Reservoir Characterization

(i.e. “Sequence Stratigraphy”)

Recently Trained in Unconventional

Shale Reservoir Development.

Hydrocarbon Reserves and Resource

Booking and Reporting

Knowledgeable Modeling & Numerical

Simulation Process.

Formation Damage Evaluation &

Chemical Treatment Formulation

(Waterflood, CO2 Flood, Steamflood)

Support Artificial Lift Sel.and Design

Project Mng. (Chevron, ExxonMobil, &

Lean Six Sigma).

Offshore Deep-water Production OP’s

Drilling / Completion Engineering and

Operations (Shallow & Deep Wells)

Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E)

HAZOP & First Aid Certified.

Multilingual: Eng., Span & Portuguese





Cell : 832-***-****



INNOVATERRA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, LLC, Bakersfield, CA 2016 – Present Self Employed

• Created and managed technology placement company for representing state-of-the-art technological firms, thus supporting their strategic growth within the Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Water Management, and Agriculture industry sectors.

• Products range from Electro-Seismic Subsurface Tomography, Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery Bio-Surfactants, Neutral Environmentally Friendly Acids, etc.

• Created technical-economic feasibility study for decision – making process in Ghana, Africa on possible business venture (Oil & Gas Offshore Exploration / Production Field

/ Block), thus performing the following activities:

- Inspected physical and operational readiness of offshore production platform;

- Defined all essential tasks with timeline to initiate offshore operations;

- Constructed economic model to evaluate various investment and development scenarios, generating low, medium and high commercial value results;

- Created description of hypothetical Oil & Gas company organizational structure, specifying the essential human resource skills and services needed to operate offshore

FREEPORT MCMORAN OIL AND GAS (FM O&G), Bakersfield, CA 2011 – 2016

(Formerly PXP – Plains Exploration and Production Company) Senior Reservoir Engineer

• Coordinated EOR oilfield development with multidisciplinary team (Continuous and Cyclic Steam Injection – Steam Flooding); and contributed with Reserves and Resource Booking

& Reporting, and Monitoring & Surveillance by utilizing Excel, PEEP & OFM.

• Undertook the creation and implementation of Heat Management Techniques in the well- reservoir system to optimize steam volume distribution and defined the need for subsurface and surface facilities (e.g., Well Producers & Injectors, Steam Generators, Surface Lines, etc.), thus increasing production by 200 – 300 bopd and reserves volumes by 800+ MBO, favorably impacting company’s financial asset base.

• Coordinated / supported dynamic reservoir simulation efforts to be performed by subject matter expert (Reservoir Segment Model), which would define optimal reservoir development scenario.

• Coordinated the creation, planning, and execution of all remedial and completion / drilling programs, which were executed every year for 5 years straight for more than 200+ producers & injectors. Also, our team was totally responsible for getting BOD budgetary approval through a formal presentation of all technical, economic, and regulatory aspects of the development plan.





Cell : 832-***-****


• Analyzed oilfield cost structure and identified potential cost reduction opportunities with operations field personnel, converting negative cash flow (-$500M per month) into positive cash flow (+$300M per month) in 2-month period during our current low oil price environment.

• Was a recognize as key sponsor of new technologies and processes, by promoting innovative ideas in IOR / EOR, like for example: Heat Management, Echometer Pressure Build-ups, Electro-Seismic Subsurface Tomography, Neutral Environmentally Friendly Acids, P & T Well Fiber Optic Technology, Well Completion Steel Seals, Optimal Casing Grade Steel, New Organizational Technical Team Structure & Leadership, New Wireline Behind Casing Logging Tools, etc.

• Created and implemented new engineering metrics and processes for the reservoir / field monitoring and surveillance program, which optimized steam volumes, balanced well patterns, helped redesign steam surface flowlines (Debottlenecking), etc. OILFIELD DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS (ODS), Houston, TX Senior Petroleum / Reservoir Engineer 2010 – 2011

• Conducted reserves certification and production operations modeling validation for light oil integrated offshore fields for client PETROSA (South Africa), which helped them define their strategic development growth plans. Utilized Petroleum Expert’s Integrated Production Manager – IPM (MBal, Prosper, & GAP) and FEKETE’s Petroleum Transient Analysis tools, reaffirming asset worth and improving future business opportunities. OIL AND GAS ENGINEERING CONSULTANT, Houston, TX 2010 Petroleum Engineer Consultant

• Evaluated IOR technology (Compressed Hot Air Injection Project), utilizing basic Darcy’s Law Eq. and Oil Viscosity Correlations to define production potential. CHEVRON EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION 2006 – 2010

Exploration Reservoir Engineer – Latin America Region, Houston, TX 2010

• Reviewed In-House & Commercial Databases and created production models with NExT’s Decline Curve Analysis and Petex’s IPM tools, revealing new exploration opportunities (Prospects / Plays), and increasing company’s resource potential. Intensive interaction between Exploration Geologist & Project Appraiser was essential to properly identify geological analogs for creating the key strategic IPM Field - Reservoir and PEEP economic models. Apart from the technical aspects, also selected opportunities based on geopolitical and environmental factors.

Offshore Production Engineer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2006 – 2010

• Operated Sub-Sea Deep Water Project (FRADE Brazil), where total of 18 individual tie- backs were completed under Daisy Chain configuration ($2.8B) at production levels of 60,000 – 90,000 barrels oil per day. Logistic and EH&S issues were essential duties. Utilized OLGA for dynamic flow modeling for hydrate formation prediction & remediation, and Kappa-Saphir for Pressure Transient Analysis.





Cell : 832-***-****


• Worked in Dubai - United Arab Emirates and Malongo - Angola – Africa to review and understand Chevron’s production operations “Best Practices”. These learnings were later applied in offshore deep-water Brazil’s Frade Project (Floating, Producing, Storage and Offloading - FPSO).

• Attention was placed on production offloading, which considered proper oil volume fiscal metering & reporting (Corporate & Government), fulfilling oil specifications per contract, and appropriate FPSO to Tanker offloading execution.

• Supervised chemical vendor’s water and hydrocarbon chemical treatment & monitoring process, laboratory analysis, and supply & logistical activities for surface, subsea and subsurface needs.

Production / Petroleum Engineer, Midland, TX 2006

• Created and implemented surveillance and monitoring program for EOR CO2 flood with Alternating Water Slugs (WAG), maintaining production levels at 3,000 bopd (Central Vacuum Unit – Hobbs New Mexico, Permian Basin). Also, created and executed operational procedures for workover, drilling / completion, chemical treatment and well testing & stimulation programs; as well as pilot testing with Microbial technology (MIOR / MEOR).

• Planned and budgeted workover and drilling campaigns and executed their AFE economic evaluations. Also, participated in drilling / completion and recompletion well designs. Took part in well candidate ranking meetings to determine wellwork and drilling priorities; as well as monitoring activities and expenditures. Utilized DSS and PEEP for field / well monitoring & surveillance and economic analysis, respectively. SINCOR (TOTAL – STATOIL – PDVSA) 2005 – 2006

Reservoir, G & G and Drilling Planning Lead, Caracas, Venezuela

• Managed planning duties for development of “Orinoco Extra Heavy Oil Belt - ZUATA”, supporting Drilling, Geology and Petroleum Engineering departments for continuous and effective flow of management strategic directives. This contributed towards achieving the planned drilling campaigns, thus attaining the production target of 160,000 bopd.

• Other responsibilities were related to creating and reviewing technical reports / performing presentations, budgeting, and human resource management issues


• Offered technical consulting (or mentoring) on Petroleum Engineering matters to less experience Petroleum and Drilling Engineering team members on a regular basis.

• In various occasions was asked to substitute the Petroleum Engineering Manager, EXXON MOBIL CORP. 1997 – 2005

Reservoir Engineer, Houston – Dallas, TX / Caracas, Venezuela

• Significantly contributed towards creation and execution of Cerro Negro’s Heavy Oil Strategic Reservoir Development Plan (Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt). Utilized OFM and IPM tools. First Oil Date was successfully attained with subsequent production ramp-up to 120,000 bopd. Worked in both Development and Operation EM Companies. ERVING MAYORGA




Cell : 832-***-****


• Participated in the design and execution of exploration & development plans for

“La Ceiba Project” by setting-up MDT, DST, Surface Well Testing / Sampling. Also, validated PVT results utilizing In-House PVT software (EOS) and Black Oil correlations for the purpose of Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) and subsequent simulation data input. Also, oversaw laboratory core and reservoir fluid analysis

(SCAL: Capillary Pressure, Steady & Unsteady State Relative Permeability, Wettability, etc.)

• Assisted Geoscientists and Reservoir Numerical Simulation Experts in creating and running the Reservoir Earth & Dynamic Numerical Simulation Models, which evaluated the effects of “Foamy Oil” on Ultimate Oil Recovery. Also, hydrocarbon PVT Analysis and Reservoir Characterization with Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) was performed with the use of an In-House PVT - EOS Tool and Kappa – Saphir, respectively.

• Was asked to present an In-House technical paper on Pressure Transient Analysis

(PTA) in Horizontal Wells for Heavy Oil Fields. The presentation was given at ExxonMobil’s Reservoir Characterization Global Forum in Galveston, Texas – USA. GEOSERVICES, INC. 1995 – 1997

Integrated Services Asst. Mng. &, Reservoir Eng. Mng. Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela

• Managed a total of 50+ people under Integrated Services (Reservoir Eng., G & G, Drilling. and Administrative Personnel). Worked towards expanding this strategic business concept internationally, especially in Latin America.

• Created and managed an integrated reservoir-operation study group (30 + people) for a period of 2 years. These groups participated in the selection and design of more than thirty (30) horizontal wells for Lagoven S.A - PDVSA (Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela). Highly inclined wells and workovers were also included. ENERGY TECH. SERVICES (CORPOVEN, SA – PDVSA) 1994 – 1995 Drilling Coordinator Punta de Mata, Venezuela

• Managed deep drilling operations on two rigs (North Monagas - Venezuela), which resulted in four light oil wells with depths between 13,000 and 17,000 feet. Assure all drilling chemical and equipment supply, and logistics were successfully performed. O & G CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL Inc. – OGCI (AMOCO) 1994 Drilling Consultant (Planning & Logistics) Houston, TX, USA

• Performed strategic planning and logistics for a hypothetical drilling operation in Venezuela. This effort fortified negotiation and technical capabilities; as well as enhancing the AMOCO’s knowledge base, thus resulting in a better decision-making process and negotiated business terms.





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GEOSERVICES, INC. 1991 – 1994

Base Manager & Reservoir Engineer Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela

• Managed Geoservices’ Western Venezuela production & reservoir services for a period of two years with a staff of 20 people, increasing profits by 100 percent. Also, performed the duties of a Reservoir Engineer, specializing in Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) with Slickline and Echometer. Kappa – Saphir was utilized. MARAVEN, SA (PDVSA) 1980 – 1991

Reservoir Eng./Petroleum Eng./Drilg & WO Supvr. Maracaibo/Lagunillas, Venezuela

• Throughout 11 years with Maraven S.A., worked as Drilling, Completion & Work-over Supervisor and Drilling Engineer for Cyclic Steam and Deep Well projects (2,000 - 18,000 feet). Afterward, joined the Petroleum and Exploitation Engineering departments as an Operations and Reservoir Engineer, respectively.

• Because of good technical standing and work performance, I was assigned to participate in PDVSA’s special Petroleum Engineering Masters Degree program for a period of 2 years. The Masters Thesis dealt with the creation of an Artificial Intelligence

(AI) Expert System for Formation Damage Identification & Remedial Treatment. To accomplish this thesis, I was temporarily assigned to IBM’s AI group, located in Caracas, Venezuela.


Master of Science (MS), Petroleum Engineering,

Zulia University, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Bachelor of Science (BS), Petroleum Engineering,

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Associates in Arts (AA), Engineering,

Miami Dade Community College, Miami, FL





Cell : 832-***-****



Integrated Reservoir Characterization & Dynamic Numerical Simulation Training: 1) Two-week Sequence Stratigraphy Field Trip (US Western Mountain Range Outcrops), 2) 3D PETREL Modeling, and 3) In-House Dynamic Numerical Simulator Modeling

(ExxonMobil) - USA

Characteristics of Shale Reservoirs - Lee, Kun Sang - et al.

(InnovaTerra Technology Solutions, LLC) - USA

Challenges of Reserves Estimate: Tight and Unconventional Reservoirs – PMG – Saad Ibrahim

(InnovaTerra Technology Solutions, LLC) - USA

SPE Unconventional Resources Webinar Series

(InnovaTerra Technology Solutions, LLC) - USA

Fundamentals of Property Acquisition and Finance (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) - USA Fundamentals of Economic Evaluations (Chevron) – USA Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) – Chevron Certified – USA / Brazil Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) – ExxonMobil Certified Houston - USA Capital Stewardship and Operational Certification (Chevron – USA / Brazil) Lean Six Sigma (MSI - White Belt Certified) – USA

MS Project – Resource Scheduling (SINCOR: TOTAL – STATOIL – PDVSA) Production Operations Incident Command & HAZOP Certifications (Chevron & FM O&G) Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management (ExxonMobil & Chevron) – USA Utilization of Hall Plot in Waterflooding (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) - USA Waterflooding Techniques (Chevron, ExxonMobil & PDVSA) – USA & Venezuela Steam Generators Manufacturing & Operations (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) - USA Heat Management & Thermal Dynamics (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) - USA Drilling Engineering and Operations - SHELL “The Hague, Holland” – PDVSA) Onshore Drilling Operations (Goldrus Drilling Company, Louisiana - USA) Offshore Oilfield Project Development & Operations (Chevron – USA / Brazil / Angola) FPSO Turret & Production / Injection Processing Facilities Train (Chevron – Brazil) Production Operations Chemical Treatment (Chevron – USA / Brazil) FPSO Control Room Operations (Chevron – Brazil)

Procurement Processes & Guidelines (Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas) - USA Personal Behavior Enhancement and Public Speaking (Dale Carnegie Institute) Formal 3 Yr. Portuguese Language Training Program (Chevron – Brazil) Social Style & Versatility (TRACOM Group)

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