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Currently - Warehouse/Forklift Operator

Sacramento, California, United States
May 31, 2018

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Darrin W oll, J r. (916-*-**-****

*** * ****** * ***., R io L inda, C alifornia 9 5673 Objective

To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my skills and strengths in mathematics, organization, communication, and p roject m anagement.

Skills & Q ualifications

● Outstanding c ommunication a nd l eadership s kills

● Computer s avvy a nd q uick t o l earn n ew p rograms

● Excellent w ork e thic a nd a ttendance r ecord

● E xceptional r elationships w ith c o-workers a nd

c lients

● Extremely o rganized a nd w ell p repared f or g iven tasks

● Self-starter, a mbitious, m otivated, a nd i ntuitive Education

University o f t he P acific

Stockton, C A

Bachelor o f S cience, A pplied M athematics, M ay 2 016 Dean’s H onor R oll: F all 2 011 a nd F all 2 014 Awards a nd A ccomplishments

2011 – 2 015

2011 – 2 014



2007 – 2 011


2008 – 2 011

2008 – 2 011

2009 – 2 011


2010 - 2 012

● Sacramento C ounty A cademic S cholarship R ecipient

● University o f t he P acific R egents S cholarship R ecipient

● Terry R ay S cholar A thlete o f t he Y ear a nd A cademic S cholarship

● UC D avis L eadership C onference P articipant

● Four Y ear S cholar A thlete – G PA a bove 4 .0

● Rio L inda H igh S chool S alutatorian – G PA 4 .37

● Rio L inda H igh S chool L eadership C lass

● Rio L inda H igh S chool C lass O fficer - T reasurer

● Rio L inda H igh S chool V arsity W restling – T eam C aptain

● Skills U SA C A R egion G old M edalist – M anual A rchitectural D rafting

● Sacramento S usan G . K omen R ace F or t he C are – V olunteer Work E xperience

July 2 017 - p resent

Edges E lectrical G roup

Sacramento, C A

Warehouse / Forklift Operator: Duties include using RF gun system to fill customer orders and store transfers. Drives forklift to move pallets and other material necessary for inventory management and order filling. Replenishes stock by frequently moving material from i nventory t o p rimary l ocations.

May 2 015 - J uly 2 017

RCI P lumbing & G eneral


Rio L inda, C A

Assistant Project Manager : Duties included filing and maintaining records of previous and present projects. Estimating and calculating projected need for materials, fixtures and hours needed for given projects. Compiling and maintaining work order forms. Managing incoming inquiries and direct customers to the proper department. Took initiative to learn many a spects o f t he p lumbing a nd c ontracting b usiness. June 2 013 - A pril 2 016

Big 5 S porting G oods

Stockton, C A

Sales Associate: Duties included answering all customer inquiries, analyzing needs and directing customers to the items they seek, and helping to load large items into vehicles. Worked directly with management to unload trucks, stock merchandise, rearrange items on the s tore f loor, a nd k eep t he s tockroom o rganized, c lean a nd s afe. June 2 013 - J anuary 2 014

Togo’s S andwiches

Stockton, C A

Sales Associate: Duties included assisting customers with orders and preparing all food items. T ook i nitiative t o s trive f or s afety a nd c leanliness i n t he w orkspace. October 2 011 A pril


University o f t he P acific

Stockton, C A

Educational Resource Center Tutorial Manager : Managed the College Tutorial Center. Duties included scheduling appointments, assisting faculty and students as needed, providing t utorial s ervices. R esponsible f or t raining a nd d evelopment o f a ll n ew s taff. References A vailable U pon R equest

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