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Software Quality Analyst/Test Engineer

Belmont, California, United States
May 31, 2018

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• 3+ years of experience in software testing.

• Python, Bash, SQL; JSON, XML; SDLC, Scrum, Agile; Jira, Confluence Wiki, TestRail; Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android; Charles Proxy; Selenium.

• Effective at defining and solving problems.

• Passionate learner, quick to master new techniques and approaches.

• Skillful technical writer, creates and maintains high quality documentation.

• Emphasis on establishing and adhering to protocols and procedures, attention to detail.

• Experienced in experiment planning and data.

• Committed team player, good at coordinating cross-team efforts and transferring knowledge.

• Highly knowledgeable in general physics and mathematics.

• 10+ years in experimental research of physics of ultrathin films.

• English, Russian, and German languages.


Software Quality Engineer Conviva, Inc., Foster City, CA Precision and Algorithms Group at Conviva April 2015 – October 2016 Owner of the verification process for Precision Client – a sensor integrated into customer online video players – Mac, Win, iOS

• Developed test plans and verification strategies.

• Performed feature, pre-integration, and pre-release verifications.

• Discovered, troubleshot, and documented regressions.

• Supported and coordinated regular and hotfix releases. Test automation

• Maintained existing tests.

• Developed automated tests.

• Reviewed test code.

Cross-team coordination

• Coordinated with product and support teams to resolve customer concerns.

• Collaborated with developers for debugging.

• Contributed to sprint planning at scrum meetings Algorithm quality assurance and A/B tests

• Designed, documented, and set up A/B tests.

• Analyzed test data and interpreted test results.

• Identified potentials and made recommendations for further improvements. Documentation

• Reviewed and created documentation: product, features, and integrations.

• Provided reports of test results for internal use and for customer support. Quality Assurance Group at Conviva July 2013 – March 2015 Manual tests

• Executed test runs based on test plans.

• Revealed and troubleshot bugs.

Documentation and cross-team coordination

• Worked with developers and product to ensure adequate documentation.

• Rectified/documented steps to reproduce bugs, developed test plans, transferred knowledge. Page 2 of 2


Physics Researcher University of Minnesota

Laboratory for Ozone-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy 2000 – 2013

• Fabricated, characterized, and investigated complex oxide thin films and interfaces.

• Presented results at meetings, reviews, and conferences, and in journal publications.

• Developed, operated, and maintained a state-of-the-art thin film deposition system.

• Improved control and performance, serviced and repaired, communicated with vendors.

• Supervised and trained new members of the research team. Projects and results

Application of the field-effect approach to novel correlated oxide systems.

• Investigated superconductor-insulator transition in electrostatically doped lanthanum cuprate thin films in a novel Electronic Double Layer Transistor configuration employing ionic liquid.

• Explored continuous phase diagram of La2CuO4+δ, including the miscibility gap regions inaccessible using strain or chemical doping.

• Developed and tuned MBE deposition process for fabrication of high quality ultrathin oxide heterostructures with atomically sharp interfaces and superconducting thin films.

• Added differential pumping capability to RHEED system. Upgraded the ozone distillation- collection system and achieved a four-time reduction in the duration of ozone distillation- collection process.

Investigation of exchange bias in epitaxial complex oxide bilayers.

• Achieved a very high-quality of ferromagnet(F)-antiferromagnet(AF) bilayers with chemically sharp and virtually defect-free interfaces between the F and AF layers.

• Investigated the dependence of the exchange bias (EB) on the thickness of the AF layer.

• Determined the lower/upper AF thickness limits, at which the EB effect vanishes/saturates.

• Estimated the interfacial exchange energy and the anisotropy of the AF layer material. Effects of magnetic and electrostatic fields in ultrathin La0.8Ca0.2MnO3 films at low temperature.

• Carried out film growths and magnetic characterization.

• Enabled the success of this team project by providing high-quality samples. MATERIALS ENGINEERING BACKGROUND

Experienced in thin film deposition, microfabrication, material characterization, magnetic and electric measurements, cryogenic techniques, high vacuum operation, handling hazardous gases, and lab safety.


Ph.D. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics August 2007 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

M.S. magna cum laude in Applied Physics and Mathematics June 1995 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Russia PUBLICATIONS

• Six peer-reviewed articles in leading journals with over 180 citations.

• Several invited talks and presentations.

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