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Engineer Test

San Jose, California, United States
May 31, 2018

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Andrea Bonamini

** ******** *****, *** ****, CA *5116



Obtain a challenging position within a solid organization where I can be a valued asset to the team.


-A Software test engineer with over 12 years of Software QA experience

-A multilingual computer professional with emphasis on Software Automation

-A networking professional with emphasis on routing and switching

-Electronic Engineer background, an expert in lab tools and measurement instruments

Operating Systems Used: UNIX/Linux, MS-DOS, MS Windows, Mac OS, Cisco IOS®

Programming Skills: UNIX/Linux Shell, Python, Cython, Expect/TCL, HTML5, JavaScript, SQL, XML, SNMP

Software Used: MatLab, Mathematica, Visual Basic, ACME, Cisco proprietary software tools, (ATS_EASY), virtualization (QEMU), Clear Case, CVS, Fanfare iTest, Jtest, Junit, MS Office, PSpice

Languages Spoken: Italian (native), English, French, and Spanish

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Audio Consultant – Audio Software Developer Jan 2015 – Present

-Developing a prototype of Wi-Fi master/slave low latency connection chain for audio purposes using ADC converter, raspberry PI3, and jackd as a backbone. Exploring different types of Codecs (OPUS, PCM, lame) on a send-receive chain of multiple raspberry PIs, experimenting with FFmpeg/ffplay and Python to invoke the OPUS C libraries. This prototype has a very high potential for applications like PA systems in the field where the portability is a must.

-Leveraged on Python Nose for testing the whole project.

-Designing a very high-efficiency loudspeakers system to be driven by a battery operated class D amplifier for the PA system prototype

-Performed frequency response and impedance measurements for a new speaker prototype implemented by Ogeeg (

Sonic Scientific - Technical Consultant June 2012 – Mar 2017

-Designed and realized a pair of back loaded horn speakers using the full range loudspeaker Fostex FE126, paired with the Sonic Scientific amplifier for the best listening experience. Demos of the ensemble have been displayed @SITRI demo&pitch 2016 (Belmont CA) and Shenzhen Valley Venture

-Displayed the audio setup on Nov 2016 @Burning Amp (San Francisco): single ended MOSFET amplifier, 3 pairs of back loaded horn systems and a prototype of low inductance audio speakers cables, collecting very positive reviews from the public.

-Setup an electronic laboratory and built a complete system, including a preamplifier, final stage in class A and horn speakers all based on personal design.

-The design of speakers and amplifiers has been finalized using PSpice and other simulation software, partially available as open source and partially written in Python. Used Python scripts to organize data collections from audio measurement cards (frequency response, impedance, pulse response) and Python Nose to test the software tools.

Cisco Systems, San Jose (California) - Senior Software Test Engineer Oct 2000 – Apr 2012

-Scored 11 Individual Achievement Awards on test projects success

-Led the end-to-end test process for testing features of Cisco IOS®

-Led the effort to integrate the new automation feature sets into the existing regression and finally move the full regression sets across different teams and geo-locations

-Led several teams in executing feature tests on the earliest first run to discover the maximum number of bugs

-Set up the network lab equipment (switches, routers, and servers) used for the automation test script execution

-Mentored junior engineers on testing tasks and lab setup

-Defined test strategies based on test requirements and functional specs, interacting with Dev team to define the test areas

-Developed Test Plans for feature testing (positive & negative, boundaries, performance, stress, memory leak, corner test cases)

-Designed and developed automation test scripts to validate the new IOS® features using ATS_EASY (Cisco proprietary testing software environment based on TCL/Expect), Python and Perl.

-Tested IOS on Linux using Cisco routers. This project (COMET) provided a fully integrated programmatic interface keeping the clients (HTTP/WEB, CLI, XML, SNMP) completely independent, each of them talking to the core (provider) through a double layer interface. Metadata was extensively used to fully test this implementation. Test cases were automated with NOSE (Python test harness) and Junit.

-Tested IOS on Linux using Linux servers using the virtual platform QEMU. Multiple QEMU instances were used to emulate a network of real routers, depending on the features under test. Automated the whole process by starting the instances, configuring the virtual networks, running the feature tests, un-configuring the virtual networks and finally stopping all the instances, returning the server to the initial state. Automation was a mix of shell and Expect scripts.

-Designed performance and stress automation test harnesses to collect %CPU and memory usage for each feature tested. Majority of the tools used to trigger CPU load was implemented using Linux boxes connected to the UUT and loaded with JMeter or JUnit (Example: establishing hundreds of HTTP connection using JUnit)

-Thoroughly tested all the Cisco IOS command lines (CLIs) of the components assigned to our team with all the combinations of programmatic options (i.e. dynamic tree structure) via HTTP, SNMP, XML interfaces

-Implemented SNMP automated tests to query the new MIBs, using Linux client to start the queries to the Cisco IOS SNMP server

-Designed and implemented the Compliance Sanity tool, a reduced set of test cases used to validate the quality of the nightly builds

-Designed dedicated test tools in TCL/Perl for Linux/Solaris platform to cover corner cases, stress condition, and memory leak detection

-Very familiar with both waterfall and Agile/SCRUM processes

Italian Navy - System Operations Officer July 1992 – Oct 2000

-Developed a web site using HTML for the Italian Naval Guns & Arms Division

-Developed Java applets for tracking the navy arms systems

-Implemented an Excel chart to measure the artillery and radar precision

-Supervised 23 technical petty officers

-Training received: Communication & Leadership, Naval history, Artillery, Telecommunications, Radar Theory, Sonar Theory, Computer Languages, and Personnel Management System.

-Maintained the departmental database system using SQL

-Achieved overall highest score in the Naval Academy out of forty-four officers

-Maintained the VMS LAN for the Italian Naval in Taranto (Italy)

University of Pisa (Italy) – Post-graduated program Dec 1991- Apr 1992

-Analyzed current distribution phenomena to massive conductors

-Developed a simulation software using Fortran to resolve a current distribution problem founded on Finite Element Network (FEN) study

-Using Mathematica software to resolve physical equations and statistics analysis


-CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate (May 2002)

-MCSE - Microsoft Certified Engineer (Feb 2000)

-Naval Academy post-graduate training, Livorno (Italy), 1992 - 1993

-Electronic Automation Engineer Graduate, University of PISA, 1984-1991

-Robotics Stage, Normal Superior Institute S. Anna (University of Pisa) (1990)

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