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Mechanical Engineer Quality

Detroit, Michigan, United States
May 31, 2018

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Forward thinking Mechanical Engineer with experience in product design & development and quality assurance. Demonstrated skills that optimize collaboration between departments to produce high-quality industrial machines and equipment.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified with experience in Quality & Manufacturing.

Strong knowledge of Six Sigma, Project Management, Lean Manufacturing, Optimization and Production System and skilled in APQP, PPAP, FMEA, GD&T, Gauge R&R, DOE, SPC, 5 Whys, 5S, 8D, DMAIC, PDCA machining, brazing, soldering, and welding with a strong understanding of engineering mechanics, principles and materials.

Excellent verbal and written skills, positive attitude, and ability to assist cross functional team. EDUCATION

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering : Wayne State University, MI GPA 3.2 May 2018 B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering : Dharamsinh Desai University, India GPA 3.3 June 2016 Area of Concentration: Thermal Sciences, Internal Combustion Engines & Quality Engineering SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES

Technical Skills: CNCs, CMM, mills, lathes, arc welders, grinders, shears, drill presses, FMEA, DMAIC, Gauge R&R, 5S, Fishbone Diagram, PDCA, Whys, 5S, 8D, GD&T, Kaizen, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), APQP, PPAP, Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing) Software Skills: AutoCAD, MATLAB, Solidworks, DriveWorks, MS Office Suite, GT-Power, Minitab, ChemKin, Photoshop, Creo(3D), Mathematica

Key Competencies: Critical Problem Solver & Creative, Perfection Striven, Strong Communication skills, Multi-tasker. WORK EXPERIENCE

Quality Engineer : Sakar Industries Limited, Gujarat, India Jan 2016 – June 2016

Defined QMS with procedures, recorded and monitored the procedures and applied DMAIC methodology for continuous improvement for production of the products.

Conducted Wet Lab / Spectro Analysis to determine the quality of Aluminum ingots.

Implemented and understood the significance of 5S in the organization to improve performance in quality, productivity and evaluate business measure.

Used Kaizen methodology to improve manufacturing process, prepared reports on detected Non-Conformance (NCR) in process, helped applying permanent corrective actions (PCA’s) pertaining to internal and external quality of products.

Used Value Stream Mapping for efficient flow of material and process to improve throughput.

Used 8D problem solving approach and performed root cause analysis using 5 Whys for the rejected pieces by the customers.

Used Cause and Effect diagram and Pareto analysis to identify the problems in the rejected pieces of aluminum alloy ingots.

Worked on PFMEA to identify risks as a part of APQP process for process design and development.

Used GD&T to make sure that all customer specification requirements are being met.

Used Statistical Process Control (SPC) to produce Conforming Product by using Control charts and Cause & Effect diagrams for different machine rejects and to improve performance of the machine for good quality of the product.

Developed Control plan and performed Gauge R&R (MSA) on measurement equipment used during assembly and quality control checks as a part of PPAP documentation requirements.

Been part of 'How to maintain safety standards' workshops conducted by lead technicians of Quality department. Mechanical Engineer : Sharp Engineers (Ahmedabad, India) May 2015 - Dec 2015 Major Projects - Gearless Elevator machines with varying RPM according to customer needs.

Been part of Quality control, inspection and testing department.

Learnt significance and application PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and Process Flow Mapping. HET POPTANI

Detroit, MI 313-***-**** Het LinkedIn Profile Het Poptani's Profile

Het Poptani's Profile

Used vernier caliper and micrometer to measure internal and external diameters of elevator parts.

Carried inspection of different components of elevator machines using CMM.

Provided technical support to prepare and coordinate designs for orders and carried out different types of testings such as Generator, rotor testing.

Interpreted designs and schematics to change orders and calculate estimates.

Performed RCA (Root Cause Analysis) to detect and rectify possible problems.

Designed and Manufactured machine parts as per the requirements of customer.

Handled welding assignments that involved installing, repairing and fabricating materials (sheet metal, steel, tools, parts, doors, gates and more). Became adept at reading blueprints/drawings and fulfilling work orders.

Demonstrated advanced skills in operating equipment and machines including CNC machines, mills, lathes, cutting machines and hydraulic presses for the fabrication of mechanical components. Intern at Hi-Tech Solutions (Ahmedabad, India) Jan 2015 - April 2015

Converted product drawings into 3D drawings using AutoCAD & Solidworks and 2D CAD fabrication drafts.

Detailed assembly drawings with Bill of materials (BOM)

Used design principles and technologies to reduce design cycle time, in order to bring products to market early even for the most complex machinery and equipment.

Transformed conceptual ideas into manufacturing ready drawings which meet shop floor requirements and engineering understanding.

Determined original design intent, design information for parts through reverse engineering services for complex mechanical parts using 3D scanning and CMM methodology.

Learnt Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) under experts which helps manufacturers in improving product development processes.


Modeled Nox and Soot Formation from an engine - CHEMKIN Software (Winter 2017)

Started with a goal to find a region where the engine operates with least possible emissions to give the best results.

Created a contour of NOx, Soot, Carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons with minimum emissions. Engine Modeling and Simulation - GT Power Software (Fall 2016)

Designed and Simulated an exhaust system for SI engine using GT Power with 90% reduction in pressure waves compared to actual model.

Jib crane Modeling and Assembling (Winter 2015)

Performed Equipment and System Calculations.

Converted Basic Design Information and Requirements Into Working Drawings.

Performed thermal analysis using SolidWorks.

Provided Cost Estimates for Materials, Equipment, and/or Labor.

Read and Interpreted Drawings and Specifications.

Prepared Designs using Creo and Estimates.

Modeled Jib Crane using Creo and carried out design and stress calculations.

Did Failure Analysis & Feasibility Analysis for the design.

Assembled the main parts of jib crane in university workshop and carried out demonstration of the jib crane of 100kg capacity.


Active member of PETA - NGO for ethical treatment of animals.

Actively participated in University technical and cultural activities.

Volunteered in various blood donation camps.

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